General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Actually Kill Franco? – How Stone Cold’s Risky Plan Could Go Horribly Wrong

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) may be forced to make a difficult choice. GH fans know Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) presented Jason with the opportunity for the do-over he’s always wanted. Franco insisted he wanted Jason to kill him and explained the whole tumor situation.

Jason was initially worried that Franco was setting him up to take the fall for his murder, but Franco promised this was about protecting Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and the boys.

Franco got reassurance that Jason would do whatever was necessary, so Franco was pleased. He feels like this is a safety net in case he reverts to dark behavior.

Of course, there are a thousand ways this plan could go wrong! As Jason pointed out, he could go down for Franco’s murder if he gets caught. Franco may think Jason can cover it up like he would any mob-related crime, but there are no guarantees.

This is the kind of plot that could land Jason behind bars away from his own family – not to mention Jake Webber (Hudson West) would hate his father for killing his stepfather. There’s also the matter of Jason’s skewed view of Franco in general.

Jason understandably views Franco through the lens of the past – as evidenced by the fact that he thought this was a murder setup in the beginning. Jason argued that Franco was the “same sick bastard” he always was, so he’s not the best judge of whether Franco’s repeating old behaviors or not.

Now that the idea has been planted in Jason’s head, he may see warning signs that aren’t there yet. It’s easy to imagine Jason ultimately planning to kill Franco right as a treatment plan is found.

Franco might beg for his life and bring a dilemma for Jason. There could be some nail-biting moments as Jason tries to figure out if this is the truth or a manipulative game.

If GH writers really want to bring the drama, they might even have Franco get shot and survive. Perhaps someone else could enter the picture with the news of a cure and leave Jason frantic to save Franco – if only for the sake of Liz and the boys.

However, General Hospital spoilers say this storyline is really about uncovering some big Port Charles mystery. It feels more like a way to provide some temporary “Friz” angst and put some revelations about PC history in motion.

With that in mind, it’s doubtful Jason will actually kill Franco – though you never know!

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