Grey’s Anatomy Finale Recap 04/09/20: Season 16 Episode 21 “Put On A Happy Face”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 04/09/20: Season 16 Episode 21 "Put On A Happy Face"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with all-new Thursday, April 9, 2020, season 16 episode 21 finale and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 16 episode 21 called “Put On A Happy Face,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Link tries to persuade Amelia to take it easy; Meredith receives a surprising question from Hayes; Owen discovers something.

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Dr. Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) holding her husband, Dr. Richard Webber’s (James Pickens Jr) hand as he prepares to go in for surgery. Drs Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Amelia Shepherd (Camila Scorsone) are struggling to find a viable way to do the procedure as Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) watches them bicker. Later Bailey is playing cards with Richard, while he zones out. Everyone is working their hardest to make this a successful surgery as Richard clearly fears to die, without saying a word.

Maggie comes to see her father, bringing him food that isn’t hospital food, propping up his pillow and trying to reassure him that everything is going to be okay; whether they all believe it or not. The entire staff is relentless, DeLuca going to charge his tablet as Maggie brings Meredith a permission slip for Zoe’s field trip to the zoo for that week. Maggie wonders if Meredith is okay with DeLuca not sleeping, reminding her about when her mother was sick and how she was so blinded by her need to cure her she could not accept that she was dying and instead of taking care of her she put her through unnecessary testing her, which hurt her. She presses that Richard has Alzheimers, something Amelia and Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) are specialists in and now Catherine is going to take Richard home.

Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) runs into Amelia, calling her “mommy” and she can call him “baby daddy”; but she says she will never do that again. He wants to go to the movies and celebrate them still being a party of two. She wants to do another procedure but he reminds her that she had contractions last week and should take it easy. She wants to squeeze in as much as she can and is called into OR 3.

Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) is walking with Dr. Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) who is congratulating her about getting married tonight. Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) is arguing with Tom who didn’t give him the time off for their wedding tonight. When he realizes they are getting married that night, he gives them the time, giving his best to Teddy but wishing she gave him the heads up.

Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) meets with his patient, Daya (Caroline Basu) who is with Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Dr. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington). They are going to take the muscles from her legs to put in her face; something her father keeps pulling away from. He feels she is perfect the way she is.

EMTs arrive at the ED where Dr. Levi Schmitt Jake Borelli) is there. His patient took a baseball bat to the chest and it is embedded in the chest. Meanwhile, DeLuca snaps that they are taking Richard home. Maggie reminds him that this doesn’t concern him as Catherine says he has done nothing and Meredith apologizes for his behavior. Richard insists on walking without a wheelchair and they allow him to get on his own feet. He says his leg fell asleep because he was too long in the bed. Meredith finds out his fingers and his toes are numb and check his calf. She says this is not Alzheimer’s and wants to do more tests but Richard refuses. She pleads with Catherine for them to not ignore this, they do it against his will.

Owen and Levi work on the patient with the bat in his chest. They are booking an OR as they don’t want him awake when they pull the bat out of his chest.

Richard is being tested by Tom and Amelia and it is not just his mind that is failing him but also his body. They have no idea and are back to square one, needing to know what is destroying his nerves. Maggie thanks Meredith as the rest. Amelia gives the case over to Koracick saying her water just broke and begins to head over to call Link and head over to labor and deliver.

Daya’s dad stops them as they bring her to the OR and he apologizes, saying she is perfect and doesn’t need to change. She reminds him that her mom wanted her to smile and make her smile and he is using her death for her not to do this. Jackson understands and calms him down, reassuring him that they know exactly how to fix this for her. She wants to be able to smile. He backs up and allows them to take her after he hugs her once again.

Tom gets on the elevator that Teddy is on, she talks about Richard’s big news but he wonders if his invitation got lost in the mail. She says she loves Owen but he feels she is racing off to the altar to forget about him but it won’t work. She insists the wedding is happening. He says he has seen a few shotgun weddings but usually it isn’t the bride holding the gun!!

Amelia admits her contractions started 9 that morning. Link runs in with packed bags, but forgot to pack her snacks, he is about to go get some but she begs him to stay with her. He holds her hand and helps her through the contractions.

Levi holds his chest as if he can feel the pain of the bat. Owen reminds him it isn’t in his chest. Maggie arrives, saying she was with Richard, saying she hopes they are making progress. Maggie says she can do the surgery as Levi feels sympathy for their patient.

Jo feels for her patient, Daya, talking about dating profiles; asking Jackson if he uses a profile. She asks Hayes who has no profile but she mocks that he has his own personal matchmaker, He has no idea what she is talking about.

DeLuca is stressed about trying to figure things out. Tom comes to see Catherine, willing to admit she has made several mistakes this year. Tom sits with her, saying depending on what they find out on the biopsy she might need him to play a bigger role in the foundation. Jackson is her first choice but she doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable. She is never giving up on Richard again, she promises.

They don’t think there is a single person who isn’t a family who can work on Richard. DeLuca barges in demanding them to stop believing he found something as Richard had a hip replacement 3 years prior. When he is ordered out of the sterile OR, he dumps all the instruments on the ground, demanding them to listen to him now. Bailey orders him to get out, saying they need sterile equipment. He tells them his hip was made out of cobalt. Meredith says they didn’t test for that and cobalt poisoning could be the result of all this. Bailey taps his chest, gives him the blood and tells him to run down to the lab and place it at the front of the line.

Catherine is shocked that a hip replacement could cause this, the discovery he has over 25 times the amount of cobalt in his system. Meredith defends DeLuca and he is allowed in the OR but not allowed to be part of the procedure. Link is with Amelia having the baby but Bailey begs him to come to do the surgery. Link leaves but Amelia demands that Bailey stays with her as she stole the father of her baby while she was in active labor.

Jackson and Cormac and Jo are doing a great job while she complains that women are pressured to smile so much more at work than men and it isn’t right. Taryn comes in asking Jackson if he is almost done, saying Richard has a hip made of cobalt. He rushes off as Jo and Cormac take over.

Schmitt and Owen work with Maggie to work with their patient, removing the bat when Maggie learns that her father has cobalt poisoning. She needs a second to process what is happening, but smiles and is able to continue strongly.

Teddy comes to see Tom, who paged her. He tells her a story as she closes the door. He talks about a story about trying to save a guy from jumping off the bridge, but it turned out that he was only calling a radio station for free tickets. He doesn’t want her to throw her life away. She insists she is marrying Owen because she loves him, but he says he knows she loves him too and he will be outside the place where they are getting married and he will be there at 7 in case she wants to run away. They kiss and she admits she loves him too, giving in to the passion.

Catherine watches as they remove Richard’s hip, Jackson holding her hand. Link learns they lifted DeLuca’s suspension to be there as Link gives the team a pep talk and they begin. They have never seen that much tissue damage from a hip replacement. Link tells DeLuca this could be a game-changer, he smiles up at Meredith. Link wants an update on Amelia.

Miranda helps Amelia who is less than 3 minutes apart. Bailey reminds her that they do this because you are so in love with someone that you can’t contain it all so you make another person to add to that love. Amelia offers for Bailey to go, but she tells her that goes against the rules of the pregnancy club.

Daya is told her surgery appears to be a success and she assures her dad that everything went well. Miss Scott comes by, her teacher; but she finds out that her dad is dating her. She isn’t upset, she is trying to smile. Cormac tells Jo that he hates setups, but if it makes them happy. Jo doesn’t think everyone has to be embarrassed to date as he doesn’t like people having conversations about his private life that he isn’t privy to. She encourages him to smile more before she walks away.

Amelia is told to push but she says she can’t anymore, upset that she doesn’t have Link. Miranda tells her she didn’t have Tucker’s father with her either and climbs on the bed behind her and she begins to push. In the meantime everyone else watches Link perform the complicated surgery on Richard; giving him a new hip. He gives them a thumbs up and the gallery claps for him and Link.

The baseball bat is removed and Maggie is done. Maggie shouts when she finds out that her father is out. Owen gets a message on his phone, knowing he is supposed to be getting married too. Schmitt checks his phone as well and discovers it is a voicemail. It is Teddy and Tom having sex together; Owen trying to tell everyone that was clearly meant for him as Teddy’s idea if a wedding gift.

Link arrives to see Miranda holding his son. Amelia and Link sit on the bed enjoying their son as he calls them both beautiful. Bailey leaves them alone. Jackson, Maggie, and Catherine are with Richard when Bailey rushes in wanting to know if he is stable; but they are waiting for him to wake up.

Owen tells Schmitt if he cannot be there for their patient and consider it was the patient who lost his dream then he should find a new career. Owen walks away into a supply closet where he listens to the voicemail and hears teddy with Tom having sex. He slides to the floor when he hears Tom suggest they leave now, but she says she cannot go as she is marrying Owen and this was goodbye!

Richard is awake, able to say Maggie and Richard’s names, suggesting if this is a quiz they should ask harder questions. He is able to hold out his hands. He is not happy to see Catherine, remembering all the bad things she has done, ordering her to leave him.

Meredith is leaving, running into Cormac, commending her on Richard. She wants to grab a drink with him but she is too tired and wants to go another night. She finds DeLuca sitting on the ground. He is crying as she comforts him, saying they can go home. Amelia and Link are enjoying their son as Teddy prepares for her wedding to Owen and walks into the living room. She is told they will reschedule as Owen said he got pulled into surgery, but he never called her. Something she would know better than anyone.