Grey’s Anatomy Premiere Recap 11/12/20: Season 17 Episode 1 “All Tomorrow’s Parties/The Center Won’t Hold”

Grey’s Anatomy Premiere Recap 11/12/20: Season 17 Episode 1 "All Tomorrow's Parties/The Center Won't Hold"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, November 12, 2020, season 17 episode 1 premiere and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 1 called “All Tomorrow’s Parties/The Center Won’t Hold,” as per the ABC synopsis, “The season 17 premiere picks up one month into the COVID-19 pandemic, and Grey Sloan Memorial and its surgeons’ lives have been turned upside down.

Later, Bailey finds herself in the middle of an argument with patients’ families as they await news about their children who were injured in a fire.

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The hospital was dealing with the pandemic. The highly infectious disease known as Covid-19 has come to the United States and it flooded the American healthcare system. The hospital, like many others, was overwhelmed. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was dealing both with patients and their doctors. The doctors at the hospital were known for their drama. Jackson dated several of his fellow doctors and he even dated one doctor who turned out to be his stepsister. He broke up with his stepsister after they agreed they were too different to work out. Jackson started dating a firefighter who also worked as an EMT and that too didn’t work out. His girlfriend Vic realized she wasn’t stepmother material.

Which was unfortunate because Jackson is the father of a little girl named Harriet. Jackson loves his daughter and he had wanted to make things work with Vic. He tried reaching her. He tried changing her mind about him and the relationship ultimately fell apart once she decided she wasn’t stepmother material. Vic wasn’t the one for Jackson. She’s now out of the picture and so Jackson was on his own for the first time in a long time. He didn’t realize how alone he was until he heard that his stepsister had moved on. Maggie was dating someone new and they were already using the word “love”. Maggie’s boyfriend was another doctor who ended their conversation by telling her he loves her.

Maggie didn’t respond. There was no chance to. Her response was just to smile and she was still smiling when Jackson asked her did he hear what he suspected he heard. He heard the word “love”. He asked Maggie if she was at the step now with her new boyfriend and she guessed they were seeing as they were using that word. Maggie didn’t seem scared of the new life, though. She was happy and her dad was happy. Richard was recovering from cobalt poisoning. He was slowly dying from a leak of toxic fumes from a knee replacement and thankfully DeLuca had figured it out in time. DeLuca had saved Richard’s life. Richard took some time off to get well and he came back to the hospital today to help with the coronavirus.

Richard told Bailey that he’s doing well. He said he was ready to help with patients and Bailey disagreed. She wanted to read up on their new safety measures at the hospital. She wanted to understand how much has changed before he puts himself at risk and the two of them caught up on gossip while he was back. He asked if Teddy really was caught having sex with someone else. Bailey told him that “yes” it happened and that Teddy was cheating with Koracick. She cheated on her fiancé Owen. Owen found out about it when Teddy accidentally called him while she was having sex with this other doctor and so Owen canceled their wedding. He canceled without even telling Teddy that he knew what she was doing.

Now, the whole hospital knew about it. Richard found out while he was recovering from cobalt poisoning and that wasn’t the only bit of news. Bailey also told him that DeLuca was no longer a resident at the hospital. DeLuca was dealing with mental illness and he had pushed himself past his limits to help others. He had helped Richard thanks to being manic at the time. DeLuca was at his most creative when he was manic and then there was come down afterward. He would suffer through severe depression after the manic episodes. He experienced that after he helped Richard and so his sister Carina tried to tell the other doctors to take it easy on him. She said that he needed space to recover. And the others chose to ignore her because DeLuca was too good of a doctor to ignore.

DeLuca was brought back to work on an old case while he was still going through depression. The teenage girl that he tried helping escape from being trafficked had shown up again at the hospital and she wanted to speak to him. DeLuca had been the only one to suspect she being trafficked. Everyone else had assumed that the woman claiming to be her aunt was actually her aunt and really the woman was a pimp. DeLuca figured out. He tried to call the cops and everyone just assumed he was crazy. They ignored everything he said. They let the teenager get away and thankfully she hadn’t been killed. She was left at the side of the road. The only place in the area that she knew was the hospital and she also knew she could trust DeLuca.

DeLuca was the only person she wanted to treat her. Bailey found out about it and she called DeLuca in despite knowing he was sick. Bailey’s chief concern had been the teenager. Her name was Erin and she had been forced into prostitution for the last two years. She was sixteen now. She left home to meet with a photographer who said she could be a model and instead he beat her into submission. DeLuca got her story from her. Bailey didn’t think there would be a problem because she was monitoring the whole thing and she was the one who called the cops after she heard what happened to Erin. Erin just wanted to go home. She hadn’t seen her parents in two years and she wanted to go home to them.

Bailey caught Richard up on everything. Or at least everything she knew. She didn’t know that Jackson and Jo almost slept together. Jo went over to Jackson’s apartment to have sex and he originally thought it was going to be a date. Nope, it was just sex. They started to have sex and that Jo started to cry. Jo was in a vulnerable place. Her marriage had just ended after her husband Alek left her for his ex and the mother of his children and so Jo was dealing with a lot. She was on her own. She missed being touched being touch and at the same time, she didn’t really want anyone touching her besides Alek. It really hurt that Alex left her. He was her best friend as well as her husband and now she’s alone.

Bailey didn’t know about that or how awkward things have become between Jackson and Jo. The only person who’s noticed a change is Owen and Owen hasn’t put together why the two were being so weird. Bailey doesn’t know about any of that. She just knows how things ended with DeLuca. They staged an intervention for DeLuca to try and get him some help. Bailey knows what it’s like to live with a mental illness. She credits Richard for helping her to realize she was sick and she thought she could help DeLuca the same way. They staged that intervention and it had looked like they got through to DeLuca. They made him realize he was sick. They told him he needed to get help and he said he was willing to do anything to stop feeling like how he does.

DeLuca has been seeing a therapist. Also, the fact that he’s no longer an intern doesn’t mean he’s gone. He’s just finished with that part at the hospital and he’s been doing a lot better since he started his therapy sessions. DeLuca knows he has to sleep. He turns off his phone when he goes to bed and he doesn’t turn it back on until he’s ready to return to work. DeLuca came back to the hospital right when Meredith needed him the most. Meredith has been working in the covid unit. She loses an average of five patients per day and so it’s been tough on her. She needed someone to talk to. She had Glasses, but it wasn’t enough and so she was glad when DeLuca came back on shift because she needed him.

DeLuca joined Meredith in the covid unit. They were working together and Bailey didn’t need to worry about either of them. She also didn’t need to worry about Richard. Richard came up with a solution for cleaning their masks. He was going to clean them using UV light and that helped with their shortage. Richard showed Bailey what he did. She was so glad that they had a solution to this problem that she called him a genius and he told her he knew that already. Bailey thought all of her problems were gone now. She thought it would go smoother with this little thing out of the way and then she got wrapped up in a fight out in the waiting room. Two fathers got into a fight because both of their sons were involved in a car accident. And they blamed each other sons for it.

The father of Kayden said it was Frankie’s fault that there was an accident. Frankie has gotten a new kidney and he was posting a lot about how sad he was to be missing everything because of his preexisting condition. Frankie’s father however said it was Kayden’s fault. Kayden and his family have had BBQs every other weekend and they usually had the whole block showing up without masks. Frankie’s father said Kayden was irresponsible. He said Kayden learned it from his other father and so then Kayden threw a punch. Frankie’s father returned that punch and it turned into a full-fledged fight that knocked down Bailey when she got too close. She had to call security to split the two fathers up.

The hospital was dealing with both children. They were the rare non-Covid patients and so the doctors were glad to be working on them if only for the change in their day. Kayden had burns all over his body. He was in bad shape and Frankie had a piece of wood lodged into his stomach that needed to be removed. Both boys needed surgery. They needed everything the doctors could do and so it’s a good thing Grey Sloan Memorial was able to take them. The hospital had been designated a Covid hospital. It wasn’t supposed to take other patients and the hospital broke its own rules to treat these kids. Their fathers were being treated as well because they seriously injured each other during the fight.

The fathers were being treated right next to each other. They were also still arguing verbally in spite of everything and so they were acting like children. They were also working Bailey’s last nerve. She seriously injured her foot and she was being treated alongside them. Bailey had no idea what to do about the warring fathers. She just wanted them to shut up at one point and so now would have been the perfect time for Richard to come to her with all his wisdom. Only Richard was busy. Richard was hiding from his wife Catherine and Catherine was at the hospital taking inventory of what’s been going on. Catherine was doing her job. She had hoped that Richard would be glad to see her and he wasn’t.

Richard was angry at himself for emotionally cheating on his wife. He knows that he made the same mistake with his last marriage and this time he had no one to blame but himself. Richard is angry that he’s repeating the same mistake as before. He couldn’t speak to Catherine much less look at her and so he stayed in hiding. He eventually made his way to Bailey to check up on her. Bailey hadn’t broken anything. She simply sprained herself ankle and so she needs to ice it. Schmitt treated her. He hasn’t been doing well since this all started and he’s broken the news to a hundred people that their loved ones had died. Schmitt has been counting. He asked his ex if he had been counting as well or if he was struggling like him and Nico claimed he was fine. He said he was unbothered.

That was probably a lie. Everyone has been affected by this. Meredith hasn’t been home in three weeks and she was lucky that her sister-in-law was on maternity leave because Amelia has been taking care of the kids. She also wasn’t doing it alone. She had Link who took paternity leave and so Amelia was lucky because she got help. Hayes didn’t have that with his boys. He had to leave them to fend for themselves and the preteens were crawling up the walls in boredom. Kids do stupid things when they were bored. Kayden and Frankie had been bored and so they hung out with their other friends and they took drugs and now Kayden is dead. His injuries were too severe to be treated.

Kayden’s father was allowed into the hospital to be treated. He was the first to hear his son was dead and it was Frankie’s father that comforted him. Frankie was going to be okay. They saved his kidney and his father could have bragged about him, but he chose to be there for Kayden’s father and he just held the other man for a while because he knew that’s what his fellow parent needed. Their families were going to be okay. They had each other throughout all of this and so they weren’t alone. Teddy felt alone. She cheated on Owen and she embarrassed him on top of the cheating. Teddy knew she hurt him. She wanted to make it better because she still loved him and he didn’t want to hear her out. Owen didn’t care what she had to say.

Teddy said everything she needed to in that butt dial. The whole hospital was siding with Owen and that included Jo. Jo let Teddy have a piece of her mind tonight. Jo was also the only person that heard out Teddy’s side of things and she told Teddy that she had to say all those stuff to Owen. Teddy doesn’t know how she’s going to do that. But she’s got to try. Her relationship with Koracick had hurt both of them. Koracick was demoted and he couldn’t leave his job because rumors of his sexual escapades would get out. They would embarrass in this new world. He wouldn’t get the job he deserved and so he chose to stay on at Grey Sloan. He would still be the head of his department and his other job would go to Richard.

Catherine gave Richard back his old job. She did that as a way to apologize for her part in their estrangement and so Richard decided to try again with Catherine. They were going to work on their marriage.

Teddy also caught Owen alone long enough to finally talk to him and she started by telling him she still loves but it wasn’t enough for him. Owen was still angry.

Hayes was leaving the hospital when he found an unconscious Meredith lying on the ground and he rushed her back into the hospital.

And while she was unconscious, Meredith saw Derek again.