How to Get Away With Murder Recap 04/09/20: Season 6 Episode 11 “The Reckoning”

How to Get Away With Murder Recap 04/09/20: Season 6 Episode 11 "The Reckoning"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, April 9, 2020, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 6 episode 11, “Annalise’s disappearance leads to panic and paranoia as Michaela and Connor consider taking a deal in their cases. All the while anxious, everyone mourns Asher’s death as Gabriel holds on to key details about his murder.

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HTGAWM begins tonight with Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) waking up to a screaming baby while she is in prison. She calls for a guard to take care of the baby. She gets out of the cell and sees the baby on the floor, promising to protect the baby. She wakes up wearing an ankle monitor and her mother telling her it was just a dream about her own baby. Annalise gets up calling Tegan Price (Amirah Vann), joking about almost throwing her mother off the balcony a few times and Tegan saying that is one way of getting charged with murder.

1WEEK EARLIER – In court, Annalise was caught in Mexico with an illegal passport, but talks to Tegan about how she can fight the charges. Tegan doesn’t think she should poke the bear and wants to know if she wants her opinion as a lawyer or as a friend. Annalise lays on the bathroom floor to get some sleep at 3 am.

The following morning, Annalise argues with her mother who is determined to keep her from drinking and staying away from any meds that contain alcohol. Her mother suggests getting a cat and putting her ankle monitor on it as Annalise wants to have her mother go back home, but they know it won’t happen as her mother feels she is there to take care of her.

Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) comes into the kitchen and finds Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) commenting on having cookies for breakfast as Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) presents him with Asher’s favorites since they couldn’t go to the funeral and enjoy the things they liked. All of them seem to be waiting for Special Agent Landford (William R. Moses) to call them for a date for the trial that hasn’t even been set yet; all concerned Annalise might figure out they all took a deal.

Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) meet with Annalise, with no more information on Michaela nor Connor, all feel they are guilty. Frank doesn’t feel that they can trust Tegan as Bonnie reminds her that she trusted the kids and now look where they are. She offers them an out. Frank feels whatever the FBI has on her they also have on the rest of them. Bonnie is going to Asher’s funeral feeling he did this to himself. Frank assures Annalise he’s got this.

Chloe Millstone (Kelen Coleman)comes to see Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) to pick up a few of his things for the funeral, accusing him of being the killer and not wanting to be there. He is sure she is mistaken. She calls his phone and it rings, saying Asher called her from it before he was killed and wants one good reason why she shouldn’t accuse him.

Gabe remembers Gabe asking to use the phone, but asking to know if it is true that Wes killed Sam on his own but when Asher won’t answer he begins to close the door. He reveals the truth, pleading for the phone. He gives it to him in exchange for a $4000 check.

Asher calls Chloe, saying everyone found out and he needs her help but she is in Atlanta City. She assures him everything will be fine, will send him a car; saying he isn’t an idiot and everything will be fine. He hasn’t gotten any information from the FBI. She tells him to stay put and he agrees, saying she loves him.

Gabe says he didn’t go to the FBI as they frame him last year and he doesn’t trust them, she doesn’t believe him. He admits to her that they both know Annalise Keating has something to do with this. She tells him she hopes the FBI buys that story as she takes Asher’s belongings and heads out the door. She informs him that the FBI knows Asher used his phone and is surprised he didn’t know already.

Bonnie wonders to Frank that Michaela and Connor are looking out for themselves now so why aren’t they? He reminds her they made a plan that doesn’t involve just the two of them, she is concerned that Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) will come back and say all the right things; he reassures her he would choose Bonnie, but she needs to choose him over Annalise too.

Robert is calling Annalise’s phone as she is getting ready to see the judge. Her mother tells her she overheard her conversations and kicking her out would be another bad decision. She says Bonnie and “Clyde” are too shady and she should trust Nate Lahey (Billy Brown). Her mother is shocked to learn that Annalise was involved with her friend Eve. Tegan arrives and Annalise drags her out before she can speak to her mother.

Michaela informs everyone that the reckoning is happening as Annalise filed a motion, including that she will know about what happened with Sam. She is busy meeting with the DA and the judge. It is revealed that Tegan is now her co-counsel in court. Annalise reveals she feels she is getting a public lynching in the press because the FBI is deliberately hiding its real case to deprive her of her 5th amendment right to due process. At home, she gives Tegan a high five when she hires her but when they get home, Annalise’s mother is gone.

Asher gets a message that the car is 15 minutes away and to sit tight from his sister. Gabe demands his phone back but asher tells him he needs a few more minutes. Asher makes a video. In the present day, Gabe goes to see Lanford, saying Asher borrowed his phone; but he is confronted about the fistfight in the courthouse. Gabe says he didn’t see him again until he found his body, they together amend his statement.

Annalise and Tegan cannot find her mother as she realizes she is with Nate. She demands to know how Nate dare not stand by Annalise right now after everything she has done for him. He says she should be talking to her daughter about all of this but she thinks he needs to stop acting like a hurt little boy.

Connor and Michaela talk about if their deal was a mistake; he thinks they may have panicked but she thinks they should have done it 3 years earlier when it happened to Sam and are finally being smart. Nate is with Annalise, saying he wants to feel bad for her but he doesn’t. He says the next time she leaves she should get some home care for her mother. Annalise tells her mother that she can take care of herself and her own problems but her mom wants to know why she is always in trouble with the law.

She doesn’t think that when things go wrong with men she shouldn’t go to lady town, and shouldn’t be confused. She asks if Annalise is a lesbian, blaming it all on Clyde. Annalise doesn’t think it is that simple. Her mom brings up all the boys she messed with and how her mother treated her. She wants to know if Annalise loved Eve and she is able to admit she did and it was mutual, but she was just scared. Her mom holds her hand and comforts her.

Michaela reveals that Annalise won her motion and she is going to learn it was them who made the deal. Annalise is reading the paperwork and Frank asks if he can rip their heads off but she wants to play nice, inviting them over. They contact Lanford who suggests they go over there as her elderly mother is there. Oliver says no one is going there as Connor only agreed to testify, but their agreement states they need to continue to cooperate. Annalise reveals to Frank they are coming in an hour.

Asher’s video is sent in hopes that the person doesn’t hate him. There is a knock at his door and a loud thud. Gabe hears it and is about to check it out when he sees Asher’s body under the door with lots of blood. He calls his mother, saying he needs her.

Annalise’s mother entertains Michaela, Connor, and Oliver until Annalise ushers her out of the room. She apologizes for Asher’s death. They demand to know if she did it. She says Asher turned on all of them and advises them to turn on her before she does it to them. She says she ran away because she was scared, dumb and not thinking straight. Michaela learns her father is the one who ratted her out to the FBI. She isn’t ratting them out because she isn’t a fool for protecting them.

Afterward, Annalise tells Bonnie they all lied to her face and badly; but she doesn’t feel she should be surprised. Bonnie feels that Annalise thinks she is the same to her, but they missed each other. Bonnie had gone to see her tell her that Asher was the informant. Bonnie approaches Annalise, saying it wasn’t her and Annalise holds her hand, saying she believes her.

Tegan and the DA meet face to face, fighting out the charges. Tegan learns that Annalise’s childhood home burnt down too and wonders if she is an arsonist. She realizes it was Nate who gave the FBI the files to cut his own deal. Her mother overhears and calls him an SOB! Her mother realizes the person Annalise is most angry with is her own mother because of Clyde. She insists it was Clyde who did it.

The baby in the dream is her, as she never felt protected and after all these years she still thinks she only has herself to lean on. She is trying to be the parent she felt she didn’t have. She keeps telling her mother isn’t her fault. Nathaniel and those kids are not her children and the only one she needs to protect from now on is herself and if they don’t like it she needs to send them to her mother.

Michaela, Connor, and Oliver are in Asher’s place when Gabe arrives. Michaela places blame on him but wonders if Laurel is back but quickly leaves when they say no; all finding it weird. Gabe comes back to amend the statement with Lanford again, saying he saw HER do it. He announces that it was Laurel Castillo!

Frank, Bonnie, and Annalise are in the kitchen when Bonnie and Annalise feel they should have known since Nate said he was done with all of them, but they didn’t think he had it in him. Annalise stops Frank saying Nate cannot know they know and orders them to go and save themselves and disappear. Bonnie says no as it has always been the three of them. Annalise says they are coming after her, calling her an arsonist; so they better get ready as they are going to burn every last one of those Mfs in town.

Michaela gets a call from Lanford, suggesting she checks her email. Its a video from Asher who isn’t sorry for what he did, choosing his family as he loves them. He loves them too and he needs them to hear him loud and clear. They all lost who they are getting caught up in something much bigger, but they have good in them. He shares all their good things, teaching him what real love looks like, loving Michaela and always will and that is why he asked her to marry him because he loves her.

Then there is a knock at the door, and it turns out to be the “driver”. He just wants them to be the best people they can be. They toast to Asher for being fun and funny and for being a cornball. He made the hell that was their lives more bearable. Michaela tells him they love him and they toast. Gabe knocks at the door, saying he knows who killed Asher.

Back at the agency, Gabe meets the agent who is on point on the case Agent Pollock and she is the one who actually killed Asher. It was Lanford who tells her that Gabe revealed he saw Asher’s Killer, and when he looks at her he realizes it was not Laurel Castillo. He tells his friends it was the FBI who killed Asher.