Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 04/09/20: Season 18 Episode 3

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) Recap 04/09/20: Season 18 Episode 3

Tonight E!’s most-watched series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) returns with an all-new Sunday, April 9, 2020, season 18 episode 3 and we have your KUWTK recap below.  On tonight’s KUWTK season 18 episode 2 season called, “Date My Daughter,” as per the E! synopsis, “When Kris is at a sexual peak in her relationship, she feels guilty Khloe is in a dry spell and tries to push her to date again. Scott panics over an upcoming speaking engagement.

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Khloé and Kim are in support of Kourtney taking a step back from filming. They haven’t really talked to her. They are waiting to. Meanwhile, Scott is glad he has found his calling in real estate.

Khloé and Kris are talking when Khloé asks her about her toupee! She then asks her if she has a mirror. Kris tries to fix her hair and then asks Khloé if she is dating again. Khloé has no desire right now. Kris just wants her to date and be happy. Khloé hates that people think it is weird that she wants to be single.

Later, Khloé and Kendall meet for lunch with Kris. Kris comes in and wonders if her lipstick is all over the place because she’s been making out in the car with Corey. They are both equally disturbed but contain themselves. Khloé thinks her mother definitely overshares. When the desert comes, Kris just can’t stop talking about how sexy the desert is. Khloé and Kendall are grossed out. Kris is in the prime of her life and is upset that they don’t understand that she can’t get enough of her boyfriend and she’s just really enjoying sex at this point.

Kris talks to her mother and Kim about Khloé and her dating situation. She really wishes Khloé and Tristan worked out. She’s never going to find love unless she puts herself out there. Kris also wants her to freeze her eggs just in case she wants to have another baby. Kim thinks Khloé should go out and meet as many people as possible

Kendall and Khloé sponge paint will Scott tells them about how he has his first speaking engagement in real estate. He’s very excited. Meanwhile, Kris and her mother head to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They are doing some holiday shopping for the grandkids. Kris starts to shop for men for Khloé! She takes pictures of them, asks them what they do. She even calls Khloé to speak with one of the men. Khloé hangs up.

Kris invites Khloé and Kim golfing. After playing for a bit, Kris starts asking some of the men around them when they come to the club. She is trying to hook Khloé up!

Corey arrives at Kylie Cosmetics. Kris needs five minutes alone with him!

Scott asks Kim about public speaking. He thought he only had to speak for 4-5 minutes at this real estate engagement but it is acting 45 minutes. He is freaking out! Kim gives him some pointers. She then pretends to be the audience. Scott gets nervous. This is a lot.

Scott and Kim head to an improv group. Scott is freaked out by the group’s cleverness and their ability to do things on the fly. He pushes himself and it seems to work.

Khloé meets for lunch with Malika. Khloé tells her all about how Kris keeps pushing her to date. Malika thinks Kris is just concerned as a mother for her. Khloé just wants to heal completely before she gets back out there. True is under 2 years old still. She has time.

Khloé visits Kris in the office to tell her she needs to stop with this whole dating thing. Khloé agrees to freeze her eggs.

Scott arrives in Arizona to the speaking engagement. He is nervous but his buddy who is also speaking pumps him up. He takes the stage and does well. He enjoyed it and wants to keep doing it.

Khloé and Malika get a call that someone saw Corey at a hotel with a redhead. They run to the hotel to see what is going on. Corey and Kris seem so happy. Wearing hats they knock on the door. Corey is surprised. They make their way in and see Kris in a red wig. Khloé is grossed out. Corey is embarrassed. Khloé shared that she thought Corey may have been having an affair. Khloé just cannot believe how high up kris’ boobs are.