New Amsterdam Recap 03/10/20: Season 2 Episode 16 “Perspectives”

New Amsterdam Recap 03/10/20: Season 2 Episode 16 "Perspectives"

Tonight on NBC New Amsterdam airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 10, 2020, season 2 episode 16 called, “Perspectives,” and we have your New Amsterdam recap below. On tonight’s New Amsterdam season 2 episode 16 as per the NBC synopsis, “Max, Bloom, and Reynolds frantically recount a patient’s past encounter that could throw them into a massive lawsuit. Meanwhile, Iggy confronts a local middle school about its teaching policies, and Kapoor lets his superstitions take over.”

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New Amsterdam begins tonight with Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) waking up with Alice Healy (Alison Luff) waking up beside him, commenting on how she cannot believe the girl is still sleeping; he smiles, saying it is almost like they sleep better with the company. He gently touches her face and the two begin to kiss again. They are fully clothed and reassure the kissing is okay and continue to do so. She begins to undress Max, but he stops her, both admitting neither of them has done anything since their spouses have passed. He wants to know if he should take his wedding ring off and she tells him he doesn’t need to, but he feels like he is ready. She confesses that she is not ready but she still wants to be with him.

Inside New Amsterdam, Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) walks with Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) as Helen explains how she knew Dr. Valentina Castro (Ana Villafane) was fixing her trial and it is a shame. Lauren wants her to take it to Max, but Helen reminds her that Max changed policies, saying they should deal with things themselves; causing Lauren to suggest she turn to Karen Brantley (Debra Monk), but she knows that would cause a PR nightmare. Helen decides the only option she has is to blow up her trial.

Meanwhile, Dr. Agnes Kao (Christine Chang) speaks to Dr. Vijay Kapoor (Anupam Kher) about a procedure they have planned when Vijay spots Ella (Dierdre Friel) holding a cat. She explains that Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) suggested her getting another pet to help support her OCD; Vijay doesn’t seem to thrill about an animal living with them. He excuses himself and tells Kao to cancel the procedure as he is visibly upset.

Iggy is in his office with one of his patients who don’t want to sit. She stands against the wall as he explains she is there because she is refusing to go to school and about two weeks ago she started acting like a different kid who is easily upset and won’t come out of her room. She pauses, constantly looking at the door. She admits she feels unsafe and feels like that a lot. She says she can’t go to school because she can’t stop visualizing the student who was there lying with a hole in her head after she was shot. After the appointment, Iggy confronts the parents about not telling him their daughter was involved in a school shooting and they seem shocked because there wasn’t shooting at school.

Casey Acosta (Alejandro Hernandez) finds Lauren in the ED, who tells him that dinner with her mother was “great” as she finally told her mom exactly how she felt about being raised by a raging alcoholic but instead of getting an apology her mother told her she doesn’t remember any of it. He thinks is her mother trying to gaslight her is messed up; but just as they are talking, Lauren gets served papers.

Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jock Sims) walks with Evie Garrison (Margot Bingham), who confronts him about telling his mother that their wedding won’t be in Sam Francisco but before they can continue their discussion, Helen interrupts them wanting to know how big of a going-away party he wants. Floyd deflects and refuses, wanting to keep it all low-key. Helen leaves and Floyd tells Evie they have to work slowly with his mother and can’t just spring things on her. Dr. Reynolds is also served.

Adele rides along with Max, reviewing his day with him; she is surprised at how great of a mood he is in and he assures her that nothing is going to change his mood today; but the mood doesn’t last long when Karen informs him that New Amsterdam is being sued over a high-profiled case of malpractice and a wrongful death; every doctor involved in their care is being sued, including Max.

Lauren, Max, and Floyd meet to discuss why they are being sued. Lauren feeling Floyd shouldn’t be stressed as he is the one who is leaving there and they all didn’t do anything wrong and all they can do is telling the truth; Floyd worries about everything as max actually agrees with him, saying hospital’s go down because of cases like this. Lauren is called in to speak to the lawyers.

Vijay and Kao are in surgery when the needle breaks inside the patient, they quickly call cardio. Dr. Kapoor feels all this is happening because of the cat and quickly leaves the Or.

Lauren waits until all the bags are labeled for the trial and when Castro leaves the room, she convinces the nurse to retrieve something, giving her time alone with the medications that are to be administered to the patients in the trial. Once, May leaves the room, Helen switches several of the labels on the bags before anyone cal sees what she is doing. She takes the heated blankets from the nurse and leaves without being noticed.

Iggy sits with his patient who continues to tell him the story about the school shooting; explaining how there was a man with a gun who was shooting into the class over and over again. She saw Megan coming back from the bathroom, praying for someone to help her but the man shot her. She explains everything in exact detail, saying she was just staring at Megan on the ground.

The bell rang and the man stopped shooting and Megan got up. The school was informed that this was just a stupid drill. Her parents are flabbergasted that Megan was part of it as was the man who was shooting blanks, but she says this all felt real. Her parents are very upset She knows it wasn’t real but she feels scared all the time and feels she cannot go back to school.

Lauren’s questioning into the death of George Whitley begins. She is warned by Evie to not give any more information than what is asked. She recalls him coming into the ED but is mistaken when she says that Casey was working that day. Evie shows her a schedule and is asked if she cares to revise her statement.

In the meantime, Castro comes to see her patients that are in her trial and realizes that all the bags have been switched around. She angrily confronts Helen, demanding if she sabotaged her trial. Helen tells her that she didn’t give her a choice. Helen feels if Castro has such an issue that she will just have to start her trial over again. Castro feels that Helen is jealous as Helen confronts her about altering the patients’ baselines. Helen doesn’t deny it, feeling she only needs more time but Lauren insists she needs to shut down the trial as it has been compromised. Castro refuses so Helen informs her that she is going to bring this to Max. Castro calls her bluff before she walks out of the room.

Iggy goes to the school, explaining how these drills are giving the students just as much PTSD as would an actual shooting. Iggy knows the school is in an impossible situation but there are alternatives. She is sorry about Danika but claims no other students have complained. When asked about school counselors and if students are seeing them, she says they don’t have any with all the budget cuts. He says the school does now!

Lauren meets with Vijay asking how much can substance abuse affects someone’s memory, worried that she may be forgetting things. She thinks it could have to do with her stellar gene pool. Vijay says there are extreme differences in the memory losses between her and her mother. He sees her every day and there is nothing that concerns him, but her mother’s condition is much more serious and she may never remember what she has done to her.

Max is questioned next by Evie, saying he was in the ED as Medical Director as per the request of the Mayor. Max recalls as Lauren was the one who was calling out for the medications for all the patients in the ED that day who were suffering from the same thing. Max contradicted what she said about the slow dilution and wanted nurses to push the full dose immediately through. Max doesn’t think they should be placing blame, but they do have to acknowledge that 7 of the patients responded to his treatment, but one died!

This was when Dr. Floyd entered the situation. He reminds Evie that in emergencies they need to make decisions in haste but she reminds him that he wasn’t there as a physician but as a medical director. He admits he needs to wear many hats every day and she wants to know which one he was wearing when he overturned Dr. Bloom’s protocol. Evie informs him that it could very well have been his decision that caused the cardiac arrest and from where she sits, because he was wearing multiple hats, one of his patients died.

Iggy meets with all the students from Danika’s school, thanks to Principal Colvin (Chantal Jean-Pierre). He is there to speak to them about the shooting drills happening in their middle school. A student yawns, acting like talking about their feelings is not something they want to talk about. Not one student is willing to admit they are scared about guns, they all look at each other and begin to come forward as he talks about dreaming about guns since the drill.

Every question. More and more of them join him on the gym floor. By the end, literally all the students join him and he tells them to look around and that their feelings are not weird and wrong, and the only way to avoid it eating them inside is to talk to each other and their counselors. He advises them to start talking.

Max meets with Helen, who needs Max, the sane Medical Director. She knows about the deposition as he wonders if he is doing this wrong. He wears scrubs to help people, but wonders if he is just making things worse and maybe he should just wear a suit like a sane medical director instead of trying to be the Max who is all things to all people. She reminds him that is the Max they all need – she needs. Helen pauses and says she doesn’t need his help as she needs to do this one herself.

Dr. Kao informs Kapoor that their patient should make a full recovery, as he says there is nothing wrong with him but the problem is Ella’s cat. It is bad luck as the second it showed up it has caused disasters and now it is going to live with him and destroy his life. He feels he needs to get rid of the cat and barges off.

Casey finds Lauren in her office, who is pissed off saying if she needs to remember all the brutal things of her childhood than so should her mother. Casey sits with her, understanding her to hurt but feels she needs to stop looking backward and maybe look forward.

Helen walks into Castro’s office, saying she is right. Helen needs Max, but so does the entire hospital. Six months ago he was dying and Castor saved him but if Helen was able to figure out she altered the data, so will NIH will too and that kind of scandal will ruin her work, and it is her work that is the only reason Max is alive. Helen says she is going to help Castro get away with it.

Evie sits with Floyd when she begins to question him about what happened in his OR when George Whitley was there. He explains the procedure and says that Max has nothing to do with what happened as it was a pre-existing condition before that day. Floyd reviews what happened and how he attempted to save George and how he died on the table from a stroke, sometimes embolisms happen.

Evie turns off the recorder asking if he chose to go more invasive before or after he found out George was a White Nationalist? Questioning him about knowing George is the one who released the toxic into the street fair; Floyd leans forward and hits record, telling her to ask him the next question.

Floyd continues talking about the procedure, how one of the doctors in the OR figured out he was a white supremacist and that he was the one who did this to all the other patients; it was Floyd that told him to treat him like every other patient. It was Dr. Ed Nottingham who confirms the story before he is excused. Karen Brantley comes in, learning that none of the doctors are to blame but if they are put on the stand they will be ripped to shreds because they all made choices that would be suspect to a jury and to avoid a big payout she needs to settle.

Vijay finds Ella at the cafe, saying the cat cannot enter the home, saying black cats bring bad luck. He is ashamed to admit his superstition but she understands as that is how her OCD makes her feel every day and she would never want him to feel that way too. She admits that the cat really does help her OCD, causing him to pause and say she must keep this cat but she has to change its name as Kali is a sacred Goddess that has to do with demons.

Iggy speaks to Danika, repeating everything she says. He tells her to repeat everything he says; her struggling with saying she did the best she could. He reminds her that the story is so much less powerful now when she tells it. He apologizes for all the adults making her deal with this problem instead of fixing it themselves. He says their whole generation blows him away as they deal with the problems so much better than they did. He says her only job is to do the exercises he gave her and she will feel safe again.

Lauren meets her mother, who is shocked to hear from her. Lauren tells her that maybe they could try to make some new memories.

Castro gives her resignation to Max, saying her study has been compromised. She says it is her fault as her duty as chair has made things fall through the cracks and lose focus. She doesn’t think she can do her trial there as there are too many eyes on her. Max is confused about how Helen is defending her. He accepts her resignation immediately as Helen says she will help her remove her things. Max looks at them very confused as they leave.

Evie finds Floyd in his office and wants to know why he didn’t tell her the truth. She sits on his desk, saying whatever she thinks she knows, she doesn’t. Floyd recalls the procedure again, as it was Floyd who called him racist and almost killed 7 people and now they need to save his life. Floyd tells everyone in the OR to do what they do and do it well.

Evie feels he didn’t do anything wrong but Floyd feels like a role model and leader he shouldn’t have said those words in his OR. He recalls the first time he was in the OR and how he knew he wanted to be a doctor without prejudice. She feels he lives that every day and it is one of the reasons she is marrying him. She leans into him and tells him if he ever steps out of the truth on her, she will seriously mess him up. He nods as she kisses him.

Max demands to know the truth from Helen. She confesses that Castro hasn’t changed since the last time she fired her. She is a talented doctor but she will always let ambition get in her way. Max wants to know why she gave her half her department and Helen doesn’t answer, walking away saying she thinks he already knows why. Helen admits she did it for him; everything she has done has been for Max. He walks towards Helen, as they stare into each other’s eyes. He spins his wedding ring but they do not kiss. She walks out the door, leaving Max alone.

Alice sits at home with a teacup in her hand when Max arrives with Luna. He asks if she is okay but she doesn’t know. He looks around and admits he doesn’t know if he is okay either; both joking that at least both of them are messed up, sitting on the stoop.