Prince Harry Determined To Make Queen Elizabeth Proud Post-Megxit – Can It Happen Married To Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry Determined To Make Queen Elizabeth Proud Post-Megxit - Can It Happen Married To Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will embark on their farewell tour. Prior to Meghan’s arrival in the United Kingdom, Harry met with Queen Elizabeth. A friend of his has opened up about what transpired during that meeting, one of which was Harry wanting to make his grandmother proud post-Megxit.

Prince Harry’s Relationship

According to MSN Lifestyle, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry have always been close. However, their relationship has been under great stress and tension since “Megxit.” It wasn’t the fact that Queen Elizabeth didn’t know about it, but rather that Harry and Meghan Markle publicly announced it when they were asked to hold off.

Royals News: ‘Megxit’ Intentions

The source also made it clear that Harry never planned for things to go down the way they did. The insider said,

“He had always planned to talk with Her Majesty privately about his plans to step back and move to North America. He never meant to have things play out as they did..”

There were things he wanted to say in private to Queen Elizabeth and now, he finally has had that chance.

Making Queen Elizabeth Proud

In addition to reassuring Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry also wants to be sure that he makes his grandmother proud. Even though he no longer officially represents the monarchy, how his grandmother views him is still important, as they will always be family.

Grateful for Royal Family Support

In Queen Elizabeth’s official statement back in January 2020, she stated that Harry and Meghan had her support in their decision for an independent life. The source stated that Harry is incredibly grateful for her support, even if things did get tense during recent weeks.

In fact, their talk was for four hours. Harry knew that Queen Elizabeth was hurt over the “Megxit” decision and he wanted to speak to her from his heart. His intention was never to cause her any pain.

“He is very grateful for all her support and for welcoming Meghan into the family as she did. That will never change.”

Hopefully, the next relationship to be ironed out is the one between Prince William and Prince Harry. The two have gone through a royal rift during the past several months. After all, family is everything and despite having different personalities, thought processes and goals, family is forever. Let’s hope post-Megxit, things can be smoothed out for the entire Royal Family.

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