Prince William & Kate Middleton Looking More Relaxed – Lockdown Life Agrees With Them

Prince William & Kate Middleton Looking More Relaxed - Lockdown Life Agrees With Them

British royals news reveals that Prince William and Kate Middleton have something in common – they have each been looking much more relaxed and at ease in their recent public appearances. As royal watchers know, William and Kate went for many weeks without making public appearances due to the coronavirus lockdown, but they kept up with their duties via video calls where appropriate.

But still, Prince William and Kate Middleton have had a lot more free time on their hands, and that means they’ve been spending more time outside and having a slower pace of life, much like the rest of us. And the results seem dramatic – many have noticed that both William and Kate are looking much more relaxed and glowing than since before the lockdown began.

That’s pretty remarkable, especially since the coronavirus pandemic carried with it a certain amount of stress. But despite that, it seems that the end result of spending more family time and having a more relaxed existence is what stylists are calling “glow ups,” or noticeable natural makeovers.

One skincare expert named Lucy Xu told The Daily Mail that Kate Middleton is “glowing,” which she attributes in part to Kate spending more time outside with Prince William and their three children. The expert also thought that fewer royal engagements meant that Kate had likely taken a break from heavy daily makeup, which has left her complexion “clear and fresh.”

It also seems that when Kate has been seen in public and on video, she’s been sporting a more natural and “unstyled” hairdo. This could be the result of not counting on others as she prepares for events due to social distancing requirements, and it seems that stylists far and wide agree that it’s a much better look for Kate.

And how about Prince William? Well, William has been sporting a more casual look about him as well, and royal watchers think it’s great. Normally, one sees William in suits and ties, but on one recent video call, he wore a button-down shirt alone with the top couple of buttons undone.

Experts say that William is looking very de-stressed as well. Skincare expert Lucy Xu has said that “it looks clear that the last four months of hibernating has done wonders for William’s overall complexion and he looks five years younger.” So, it seems that William is glowing as well!

At any rate, it’s great to see Prince William and Kate Middleton looking so happy and relaxed. Of course, whether that will continue on after the lockdown lifts remains to be seen, but for now it really seems that lockdown life looks good on the royals! Stick with CDL for all your British royals news and updates. We’ve got you covered!