Prince William & Prince Harry’s Childhood Struggles, Confession To Princess Diana – Startling Revelations

Prince William & Prince Harry’s Childhood Struggles, Confession To Princess Diana - Startling Revelations

British royals news reveals that Prince William once made a startling confession to his mother, Princess Diana, when he was younger. During a royal documentary titled “William and Kate: Too Good To Be True,” two royal watchers discussed an interesting conversation that Prince William had with his mother about his future as the King.

The discussion during the documentary took place between Rebecca English and royal biographer Anna Pasternak, and English stated that Prince William said as a youngster that he didn’t want to be the King. English also noted that Prince Harry would then jokingly offer to take over the role if Prince William didn’t want it.

We should note that Anna Pasternak is the same author who wrote the piece in Tatler that Prince William called “Catherine The Great” that Prince William and Kate Middleton have taken serious issue with in recent weeks.

William and Kate have sent threatening legal letters to the magazine’s publisher demanding that the digital version of the article be taken down. That hasn’t happened, however.

Pasternak and English’s conversation comes after last month’s revelation that Prince William and Prince Harry constantly battled when they were younger. That revelation, which was made by Darren McGrady, the personal chef to Princess Diana, was based on McGrady’s observations of the boys over the years.

McGrady told Delish that the boys’ nanny and Princess Diana would also “constantly battle” about whether Prince William and Prince Harry should eat their greens.

And while McGrady said that neither of the boys were ones to leave food behind on their plates, there was still tension between the nanny and Princess Diana, with Diana being on the side of the boys not needing to have their greens.

McGrady said that it was always funny cooking for William and Harry. McGrady said: “Princess Diana was if they don’t want that, they don’t have to eat it, they can go straight to burgers, hotdogs, things like that. If they wanted to skip that all together, they could just have pudding.”

At any rate, these are some interesting tidbits about Prince William and Prince Harry, and their statements about wanting (or not wanting) to be King are ironic given that William is now very much on that path, while Harry has stepped down from his royal duties.

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