Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 06/30/20: Season 3 Episode 3 “Time For Time Outs”

Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 06/30/20: Season 3 Episode 3 "Time For Time Outs"
Tonight on TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets the reality show starring the Waldrop household returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 30, 2020, episode, and we have your Sweet Home Sextuplets recap below. On tonight’s Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 3 Episode 3 “Time For Time Outs,” as per the TLC synopsis, “It’s time-out time at the Waldrop house as Courtney and Eric start disciplining the sextuplets.

The big boys are treated to a fun getaway, leaving Ramona and Popsie alone with all six babies. The family receives shocking news about their new mobile home.”

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The older boys were asked what they were more excited about. Kayleigh’s wedding or moving into the mobile home. The boys chose the wedding. They said they would get cake at the wedding and to be frank they dreaded moving into the mobile home. They thought it would be too small. They were, therefore, going into this with a negative opinion and nothing was going to change their mind. This included their parents. Courtney and Eric have tried to drum up some excitement for this new move and her older boys weren’t happy about it while her younger six didn’t really understand what was going on.

The sextuplets were still babies. Their mom would find them some nice activity and her sons would jump right into it. The three girls however took a little time to warm up. The children were never of the same age about anything and so that made their mother concerned about Kayleigh’s wedding. Kayleigh means a lot to their family. She was the full-time babysitter as the adults were adjusting to having nine children and so they leaned on Kayleigh during this time. She became a pillar of support for them. They like her and they want her to be happy. They just didn’t think their children were ready to be a part of her wedding.

The sextuplets didn’t really follow anyone’s orders. Odds are that only one of them was going to make it down the aisle like they were supposed to and so the parents tried getting their kids to listen more. They needed to find a way to discipline their children when they were bad. They had one son who liked to climb everything and the children were now taking to hitting each other all the time. It had to be stopped. Courtney and Eric talked about it and they thought the best thing would be a time-out. Its what they had with their older boys. The couple thought it could work on their younger children as well and so they implemented it.

Rawlings was the first to be put in a time-out. She had thrown a tantrum after her mother tried to get her to share some gummies and she was later put in the corner by herself as punishment. Rawlings didn’t really understand what was going on. She continued her tantrum even while she was stuck in the corner and so eventually Courtney felt bad. She felt like a bad mother for punishing Rawlings. She later picked Rawlings up and she just snuggled her for a while. She held on until Rawlings was in a better mood. The little girl ended up getting the attention she wanted and so their first try at punishment hadn’t worked.

Besides the sextuplets, there were three boys who needed attention as well. They all dreaded moving into a smaller home with their siblings and so Courtney came up with an idea to do something nice with just the boys. She was going to spend the day with them. Her younger children the sextuplets were going to stay at her parents’ place. Her parents agreed to take on a bunch of two years olds and they hadn’t really known what they were signing up. They only agreed to take the kids because they thought Courtney deserved a break. She has never been away from the sextuplets and so a night without them would be like a vacation.

Courtney and Eric were even going to spend a night at a hotel with their older boys. It was a nice treat for the boys who had been tricked into thinking they were going clothes shopping and then later told that no they were going on a surprise trip away from the sextuplets. The sextuplets were a lot. Ramona and Gerry had been given a schedule to keep the kids on and they tried to maintain. It was just really hard with six toddlers. Blu kept on climbing and they later found on the dining table. His grandparents put him in the corner as a punishment. He was standing on a dog bed when his sister Rayne and she pulled it out from under him.

Blue went crashing into the wall. Ramona and Gerry had to comfort him before he would calm down and that was just one the antics they were dealing with. The babies even went on to believe standing in a corner was a game. They all tried to stand in the corner at one point and so there goes that punishment. The grandparents were struggling with keeping an eye on all children as Courtney and Eric were hearing about the mobile home. The mobile home would be ready a day after Kayleigh’s wedding. The children would go from Kayleigh’s wedding one day to moving into the mobile home the next. There was also Thanksgiving that was coming up. Courtney and Eric were going to have a hectic schedule.

Courtney and Eric tried to live in the moment as they were on vacation with the boys. There was an issue between Saylor and Bridge. Saylor is easily irritated. He hates it when his brother uses his silly voice because he said it sounds like a girl and that annoys him. Saylor tends to fight with his brother. His parents were constantly having to get in between them. The adults broke up the fights and they made Saylor apologize for mocking his brother. But it was so good when they all returned home. They came home to find the sextuplets in matching outfits with Popsie. They even had miniature glasses like him in their pockets.

The kids were cute. They ran to their parents upon seeing them and that alone said they missed Courtney and Eric and before they knew it there was Kayleigh’s wedding. The sextuplets still had their parts in their ceremony. They had to make it to the wedding in time and that day out of all days was when Courtney’s car chose to give trouble. She had a car that wouldn’t start and there was no way to get her kids to the wedding.