Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 09/29/20: Season 3 Episode 6 “Mobile Home For The Holidays”

Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 09/29/20: Season 3 Episode 6 "Mobile Home For The Holidays"

Tonight on TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets the reality show starring the Waldrop household returns with an all-new Tuesday, September 29, 2020, episode, and we have your Sweet Home Sextuplets recap below. On tonight’s Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 3 Episode 6 “Mobile Home For The Holidays,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The Waldrops aren’t decking the halls for Christmas — they’re going stir-crazy inside their mobile home walls. They have to get a tree, visit Santa and try to keep Christmas special for the kids.

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It is 10 days until Christmas, the family is still living in the mobile home, it has been a month. Courtney says they are crushed in like sardines. Eric has decided to do the master bedroom and bath in the house, so their stay is going to be a bit longer. Everyone is stir crazy, Saylor is annoyed because his brothers are messy in the bedroom and he can’t stand that. Courtney says that she has to go out to get a tree and they barely have room to put one. Courtney says it is sad, she won’t be able to have her pretty pictures, but she still wants it to feel like Christmas.

The family is going to see Santa Clause, the children and parents are excited. They don’t get to leave the house a lot, so even just getting out for an outing like this is fun. The family arrives and Courtney gets the children changed in beautiful Christmas outfits. First, they take pictures, and then Santa arrives. Rawlings and Rayne are ok, but the rest of the sextuplets are crying.

Popsie drops by the house, he is going to babysit so Courtney can go get the Christmas tree. Emily and Valerie head out with Courtney to find the tree, she tells them that it is so hard, she feels like she is going to lose her mind.

Courtney brings the tree home, Eric admits it is pitiful, Courtney says it has character but admits it looked better in the store. She bought balls that her shatterproof, but not toddler-proof. Courtney leaves the house to get hooks for the ornaments and one of the young boys falls off the couch onto the hard floor, Saylor calls for dad to help. Courtney hears the commotion and comes back in. No matter how careful you are, with this many kids, Courtney says there are always bumps and bruises.

Courtney and Eric say that one day they are going to look back at this chaotic Christmas and laugh. The children are put down for the night, Courtney tells Eric she would like to give the older boys the room above the garage as a playroom so they have a place of their own away from the babies. As crazy as life is, Courtney says that looking at her children’s faces makes it all worth it.

Courtney goes out shopping for the kids for Christmas. Courtney tells Valerie about how she lost so much hair after having the six babies. Meanwhile, Eric is with Popsie and Ramona, they have taken the children out for ice cream. Courtney shows up at the ice cream shop, she has taken her extensions out of her and decided to just go with her natural hair. Eric notices her hair and tells her that it looks really good. He tells her that she is more beautiful now than she has ever been.

It is 1 day until Christmas, Poopsie is over and asks all the children why they are in a bad mood. Everyone gets in the van, Eric says he feels a little like Clark Griswold, even though they are driving just an hour and a half. They arrive at the McWane Science Center and go in with the kids; this is a Christmas gift from Poopsie and Ramona. Courtney loves it, the place is interactive and the kids are having a good time. Poopsie and Ramona are there to help out and keep an eye on the kids. They head into a room and all sit down to make gingerbread houses but the babies seemed more interested in eating all the ingredients.

Courtney and Eric are thrilled that the children are having fun and burning lots of energy. Back at home, Courtney and Eric thought the kids would be exhausted, but they seem to have a lot of energy on Christmas eve. Everyone sings happy birthday to Jesus, then they make reindeer food. They put glitter in oats so the reindeer can see it, and stop down to eat it. The babies start to take their reindeer food and throw it all over the floor. Courtney and Eric don’t care, the kids are having fun and they can clean up later. The babies are tired, time for bed. The kids are all down for the night, time to clean up.

It is Christmas morning, the children wake up to the mobile home filled with toys and a ball pit. There are so many smiling faces. Eric has a surprise, he brings the family all to the room above the garage, he made it into a room for the older boys. Eric did it without telling Courtney, it was a surprise for everyone. Saylor says it is going to be his new favorite room. The children love their Christmas, Eric says it is the best one yet.