Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 10/20/20: Season 3 Episode 9 “Coronavirus Crisis”

Sweet Home Sextuplets Recap 10/20/20: Season 3 Episode 9 "Coronavirus Crisis"

Tonight on TLC Sweet Home Sextuplets the reality show starring the Waldrop household returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 20, 2020, episode, and we have your Sweet Home Sextuplets recap below. On tonight’s Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 3 Episode 9 “Coronavirus Crisis,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Coronavirus has hit the Waldrops hard.

School and sports are on hold, and Courtney’s parents can no longer provide much-needed help during the day. In addition, Eric stops construction on the remodel as the family faces an uncertain financial future.

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Eric and Courtney are in the middle of the pandemic, Courtney is out shopping and is shocked when he finds the shelves empty. Gerry is there, he tells him that he has no diapers and wipes. They talk about churches, sports being closed down. Courtney and Eric are afraid that the pandemic might hit their family. Gery and Ramona are worried that they won’t be able to go over and help with the children, Ramona starts crying. Eric calls Courtney and tells her that her dad’s store is wiped out as well, maybe she can contact some of her friends. Eric is worried, they can finish the day out without any diapers or wipes.

Eric goes home and the babies are having a color lesson and eating candy. Earlier this morning they went outside and there was a big surprise. Their community brought them supplies for the babies after Courtney went on social media.

Courtney and Eric go outside, he tells her that people in their 30 and 40’s are dying and people are losing their jobs. If his work slows down, he is worried because as a landscape company he is a luxury. He says he can see stuff happening. Right now he hasn’t let anyone go and will break his heart if he has to. He is worried about the remodel, putting so much money in the house when there is so much uncertainty in the world. Courtney says they need to make sure they have enough money to provide for their children if this lasts for a month or even a year.

They go see their financial planner, they want to do what to do short term to prepare for the future. He suggests that they tighten their budget, their grocery bills are about three thousand dollars a month. He tells them that they need to have cash, six months of monthly expenses; cash is king and should be their number one priority. In three months Eric doesn’t know if he will have a paycheque and that is the scary part of it.

Eric and Courtney get the news from the production manager, they are shutting down officially; they have to pack up their things and leave. The production team says their goodbyes, they leave.

It’s Easter weekend, and they haven’t been dressed up in six weeks so they are attempting to get photos of the family so they can have their annual Easter photo. Courtney says that after production left, they pretty much closed off their family to everyone else to safeguard the family. It is very hard on the grandparents. The boys are officially out of school, they don’t see their friends and play with each other and the babies all day long. Rivers has a boo-boo on her chin, she fell on the concrete two days ago. They did it, they pulled it off. Next, they have an Easter egg hunt, it’s the most activity the boys have had in weeks. They are trying to keep a sense of normalcy for the children.

Since they can’t go shopping for goodies, they give the winner of the hunt 50 cents. Saylor won, he collected 200 eggs. They enjoy watching the sunset together. Courtney misses her parents for Easter and she knows they are missing the children.

On day 11 of quarantine, Eric is back with the grocery pickup and is cleaning everything with Lysol wipes. Courtney and Eric are really careful, they are so worried to catch the virus and get taken down with so many children to take care of. It is five months that they are in the mobile home. As of now, Eric is still working, his business is an essential service, but they have decided to suspend the construction for financial reasons. They take the family over to the house for a visit. At this rate, they don’t know when they will be back in their house and it is really sad.

Courtney says quarantine has been an adjustment for sure, it is really crazy. But thank goodness Eric goes home for lunch and early in the day to help out. Courtney shows home with the nine children, all jumping around, and says that she is about to lose her mind. The baby girls don’t sleep in their beds anymore because they climb out, so they sleep in Eric and Courtney’s bed, which puts them on the couches. Courtney says they are busting out of the seams in the mobile home.

Courtney has decided to take the babies for a drive to break up the day, Eric has taken the boys fishing. The boys love fishing, usually, life doesn’t allow for that. So, in all the bad, there is good.

Day 25 of quarantine, today is an exciting surprise coming, the girl’s new toddler beds. Eric is trying to put them together when one of the kids step in the neighbor’s dog poop and get it on the beds. Eric and Courtney move out of their bed and move into the girl’s new toddler beds. Courtney and Eric hope the girls sleep all night long in their new beds. Eric ends up lying down with them, he barely has the room and his legs are hanging over the beds.

Eric and Courtney are exhausted, sleeping on the couch are not working. This just convinces Eric that they need a master bedroom. Eric decides to restart the construction because he has to think about the safety and well-being of his family. Courtney says the good weather saved them in the mobile home. All of a sudden, Courtney realizes she is missing one child, Rayne is on the other side of the house. Altogether, the family goes to see the cows.