Teen Mom 2 Recap 09/15/20: Season 10 Episode 3 “Blood and Water”

Tonight on MTV Teen Mom 2 returns with an all-new Tuesday, September 15, 2020, episode and we have your Teen Mom 2 recap below. On tonight’s Teen Mom 2 Season 10 episode 3, “Blood and Water,” as per the MTV synopsis, “Jade’s mom asks her for a big favor. Meanwhile, Briana takes an STI test after her night with Luis. Also, Chelsea takes Aubree out for a mother-daughter day.”

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Jade has passed her test to do nail and hair. She meets with her daughter and mom for lunch to celebrate. Her mom tells her how proud she is. They talk about Sean. Right now they are just trying to co-parent. Jade’s mom tells her she needs to move in with her for a little bit. Jade isn’t happy but agrees to it.

Leah packs to go to Costa Rica. Her daughters are with their dad. Leah is going to meet her sister’s boyfriend whom she needs to vouch for. Before she heads out on her trip she heads with her sister to her ultrasound. Here sister is having a boy. He appears to be healthy.

Briana heads to get tested for STI’s after hooking up with Luis. She arrives at Planned Parenthood and answers several questions about her sexual history.

Chelsea heads to see the Moto jacket. She loves it. Meanwhile, Kailyn is having a tough time. Her grandmother has died. Her friend’s sister has also died and she got into a huge fight with Joe. He was mad she had a friend watch, Issac. She vents to her friend who thinks they have unresolved issues.

Jade is at school. She cannot wait to be done and start her career. Later, she heads home. Her mom and dad arrive. She tells Jade they will only be there a couple of weeks. Jade is trying to keep in mind that this is temporary.

Briana won’t find out her results for another week when it comes to the STI tests. She is trying to keep busy. Luis calls. He offers help with their daughter since she has competition. She tells her mother about it. She tells Briana not to lead him on.

Chelsea and her daughter go to a cookie making class. Leah has arrived in Costa Rica. She wants to make sure her sister’s boyfriend Roger is serious and going to be helpful with the baby. He gets emotional but says he plans to be helpful and there for her sister.

Kailyn and her friend are getting their podcast ready. Joe texts her and asks if they can meet for a little therapy. She agrees. Her goal is to get on the same page.

Jade’s mom has to help her with her daughter so she can get some sleep. The next day, Jade talks with Sean about her parents staying with them. They eat whole discussing how they seem to be getting back on track.

Leah and Victoria head to meet Roger’s family. They are very loving and happy. Meanwhile, Briana and the girls head to the competition. Luis shows up and hangs out with them. She thanks him for coming. She steps outside to FaceTime a friend when she starts to feel awkward. She admits hooking up with Luis is ok every once and a while but she doesn’t want feelings to be involved.

Kailyn interviews a psychic on her podcast. The psychic talks about speaking with an aunt in Kailyn’s family tree and how she also gets the feeling her mother means well deep down even though she had her problems. Later, she heads to work on her haircare line. While she is at the salon her mother calls. She steps out of the salon to call her mom.