The Bachelor Premiere Recap 01/06/20: Season 24 Episode 1 “Peter Weber”

The Bachelor Premiere Recap 01/06/20: Season 24 Episode 1 "Peter Weber"

The Bachelor 2019 finale airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, January 6, 2020, season 24 episode 1 Finale premiere and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 24 episode 1 “Peter Weber,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Handsome airline pilot Peter Weber is ready to take off on an international journey filled with romance, high drama, and love!

He grabbed Hannah B.’s attention with his boyish charm and one-storied night in a windmill, but Bachelor Nation was shocked when she ended their relationship. Now, their heartthrob is back to hand out the roses and search for his happily ever after.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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This season’s bachelor was Peter Weber. He was a likable guy and he needed the right woman in his life after he had his heartbroken by Hannah B. Peter said he’s learned from that failed relationship. He was therefore in the best position to put himself back out there and it was now up to thirty lucky women to convince him to love again. So, no pressure! The women, however, were all amazing and any one of them would fit Peter perfectly.

They were caregivers, they were athletes, and each of them was resilient. There were some stories that were hard to hear but it was a part of the background and it made them the strong women they are today. In other words, this competition for Peter wasn’t going to break them so easily. They were all in it to win it. It was their chance at love and they all put their best foot forward as they met Peter. The first woman he met was Alayah.

Alayah was from Texas. She’s also brought along with her a letter from her grandma for Peter and so that was a nice special touch. Next up was Sydney from Alabama. She made a joke about how not everyone from Alabama would make the mistake of letting him go and so they both shared a laugh at Hannah B’s expense. Then there was a Hannah Anne from Tennessee. She asked Peter if he had love in his heart for another Hannah and so the ghost of Hannah B was definitely present.

Next was Sarah who was also from Tennessee. Then there were several Flight Attendants. They all thought they were rare and the truth was only Eunice’s intro was special because she came in wearing angels wings. She got a little upset afterward when she heard how many Flight Attendants were there, but its really about the creativity they put in. There was one woman who came in a piece of luggage and she had needed help escaping it.

There was another woman who came down the drive on a toy airplane. Not to mention the one woman that came in with a giant paper airplane and so it seems they were all trying to impress Peter. The one that really got to him was perhaps Lexi who came in a vintage car. The ladies were all watching from the house as the rest of the women were coming in and so they too got to experience some of the outlandish introductions.

Like the woman told Peter he was going to fall in love with her hairless p*ssy. Another brought in condoms and most of them alluded to the four times he had sex with Hannah in the windmill. They all liked to joke about his endurance. Some were wanting their chance at testing that endurance while others were wanting their second chance. Kelley met Peter randomly a month ago in a hotel lobby. She was there for a wedding and he was there for his ten-year reunion.

She took it as a sign to join this season. So, most of the women there saw Kelley as the real threat and it hurt their chances that Peter remembered her so vividly. The two had even danced together when they met up again and so the women were starting to be disheartened when out of nowhere Hannah B came. She luckily wasn’t there to date Peter again. She merely wanted to return his cufflinks and she wished good luck as they put him back out there.

Plus, seeing her again, assured Peter that he was over. He was ready to put that relationship in the past and with that out of the way he finally entered the house. Peter told the women what happened. He also said how he couldn’t wait to talk to them and so he was slowly pulling the women aside in order to talk to them. He was with one of the women when Chris came by with the First Impression Rose. The Rose would save the woman that managed to capture Peter’s attention the most and so the women were competing for that prize.

They came with handcuffs. They also weren’t afraid to show how interested they were in him because he made out with several of them and so that made the situation awkward. Not every woman wants to make out with a guy before they’ve been on a date. Then there was the whole interrupting thing where the ladies were barging in when he was speaking with someone else and no one was a bigger offender than Hannah Anne. She was given time alone with him and then she interrupted him with someone else and then she did it again.

Hannah Anne had three one on one sessions with him when some of them hadn’t even talked to him just yet. So the ladies were furious with her. They found their season’s villain and one of them had even tried to tell Hannah she was being out of order. Hannah pretended to care and truthfully she just ignored what was said. She was in it to get Peter and nothing else mattered. She didn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. Hannah Anne even though she was being brave by being rude. And no, boo, that’s just rude!

Hannah Anne wasn’t the only one to interrupt. They were several other rude girls there and most of the time Peter didn’t give them the attention they were looking for. He made exceptions for two of them, but he ended up giving his first rose to Hannah Anne. He kissed her first and he thought she was bold for fighting for him like that. He didn’t see how much of an issue she was going to be with the other woman nor did he realize that now they were all going to try and act like Hannah Anne in the hopes of winning his love.

After Peter gave Hannah Anne the Introduction Rose, the women showed how hurt they were and there were a few tears thrown in as well. No one wanted to go home disappointed and so it was very tense in time it took Peter to hand out his first rose to the time he handed out the last rose. The girl that mentioned her private parts went home. She was actually pretty shocked about not getting a rose even if the why was clear to everyone else.

But Peter quickly moved on. He eliminated his first group of ladies and he was ready to take a new group out on a joint date. Peter took them to crash course on aviation. It was fine when they had to do mathematics or learn aviation keywords. Then there was this harness contraption. It made the ladies spin around and one of the Victorias was nervous because she has motion sickness. It’s so bad that she got sick on the spinning teacups.

Victoria P couldn’t even watch the other women give the contraption a try. It made her sick just looking at them spinning around and the one thing she didn’t want to be was sick on a date. It was still their first one with Peter. Victoria P. didn’t run away when she had the chance and so she went on the ride. She also cut her session short because she needed to run to the bathroom. She really did get sick and Peter came by later on with water to help. And so he still showed he cared.

There was also an obstacle course. The ladies had to run through the course and the winner would receive a one on one date with Peter in one of the planes. They had to fight for their chance to be Peter’s copilot but Kelley cheated and she still won. It wasn’t fair. She should have lost when she cheated and so that just further angered the rest of the women. It was like they couldn’t win with her around. She had a great introduction story with Peter and now she has the first one on one date with him as well.

Kelley and Peter had had fun. They got to enjoy a rare experience together and it brought them closer, but when she returned to the rest of the group, the ladies had shown her how pissed they were. They told her she cheated. She tried to explain how she just went with it when no one stopped her and that didn’t change much. Kelley was suddenly hated and so she decided to go with it. She interrupted, Peter when he was with someone else and she got herself even more time with him by discussing the target on her back

Peter knew what that was like. He’s been in the same position before and so he did his best comfort, Kelley, by showing her how invested he was. He genuinely liked Kelley. They were also in the same hotel where they first met and so he couldn’t stop himself from giving her a rose. He told her it was in celebration of their first spark which implies that there was a spark. Peter has been interested in her from then and he was letting it show now.

Peter, however, had another rose. He used it to take Madison to his parents’ vow renewal. The vow renewal was his childhood home and so that’s where they had their date. Peter also was the officiant at his parents’ ceremony and so Madison got to see this whole other side to him. She truly lucked out here! She was the first to meet his family and she handled herself so well that Peter was glad he brought her along. He had been proud to show her off and he later said the date was perfect in every single way.

Peter later had his second group date. He invited a whole new set so there weren’t any repeats and he did warn them beforehand that it might be awkward. The ladies thought they might have a sex-ed class on their hands, but it turns out to be much worse. Hannah B came back. She came back and she talked about her past relationship with Peter. She told them how she wasn’t sure if he could handle the beast. She also mentioned how things turned around when they got to the windmill because he showed her four times how committed he was.

Only things didn’t end there. Hannah told her story about Peter and so then it was the women’s turn to reveal their own sex stories. They all went to their corners with their pieces of paper and they were writing down their stories even as they questioned why Hannah B was back. She just keeps showing up. The ladies were very understanding of the first time but this second time was a little too much and so no one wanted her around.

It also didn’t help that Hannah broke down in tears. She started crying for no reason and so, of course, Peter went to comfort her. He even asked her why she was upset and she couldn’t give him a clear answer. She started talking about the decisions she made. She made it out that she hadn’t been sure of what she was doing and that she had regrets, but Peter wanted to know if he had been one of those regrets. He wanted to know if Hannah ever regretted sending him home and it seems she did.

Hannah told him she felt something when she saw him again. She clearly regretted losing him and so Peter asked her if maybe she wanted to be a part of the house. She said maybe, but then they began talking about how things ended. Hannah sort of fell back on Tyler and not him. He even watched the live shows because he still thought she would want him back and that moment he was envisioning never happened. It didn’t happen because Hannah wasn’t sure of what she wanted and for that matter neither did Peter.

Peter confessed to wanting to kiss her and try again and now he doesn’t know how he feels about being the Bachelor.