The Bachelorette Recap 11/24/20: Season 16 Episode 6

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Thursday, November 24, 2020, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 16 episode 6 as per the ABC synopsis, “Seven men compete for the only one-on-one date by writing and performing a love song for Tayshia. The winner of the musical competition opens up during an emotional conversation with Tayshia, and they may have more in common than they both realize.

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2020 and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Bennett says there is a lot of tension in the air since the last group date. Noah wasn’t on the date, but he managed to steal Tayshia away and get the rose. A lot of them were expecting to get time with Tayshia, Ben is one of them and he is really frustrated. Chris H. arrives and asks Noah whats up with the cleanup, he says Tayshia didn’t like his mustache. Chris H. says, let me understand this, you get time with Tayshia and a rose one date you are not even on, Noah proudly smiles and says yes. Chris H. tells the men, lesson learned Tayshia likes bold, and the men who were not on the last group date will have an opportunity to compete for unbelieve intimate, one on one date with Tayshia. They need to write an original love song and perform it to Tayshia. Whoever speaks to her heart more will get the date. They have one hour to complete the task.

The men are all nervous, most have no music or writing experience and are very nervous. The other men are jealous, they didn’t have the chance to have a one-on-one date. Tayshia is excited, she can’t wait to hear their songs. Tayshia doesn’t plan on judging them too hard. The thing is, they have to perform in front of the other men in their group date. Riley didn’t step-up, he was being classic goofy Riley. Ivan asks Tayshia to join him on stage so they can really connect; after his performance, he kisses her hand. Chris H. returns to the room and asks Tayshia who wins and will join her on the date, she chooses Ivan, she tells him that it spoke to her heart and asks him if he will meet her in her suite that evening.

Noah doesn’t know how long Ivan’s confidence will last, he is really quiet. Tayshia is looking forward to her date, it is going to be quiet and comfortable. She greets him at the door with a glass of wine, he is not the typical guy she goes for but she likes him. She starts by playing a game with him, she tells him that the phone is in her room and they need it to call room service, but the floor is lava. They climb over tables and pillows to get into the room. Then, he is calling room service and Tayshia hits him with a pillow and there are feathers everywhere. The two are enjoying each other and having the time of their life. They continue to play games throughout the evening. He tells her that the first night that he saw her she came with that little Tayshia dance and she brought life into him and brings in the best in him. She leans into him and kisses him. There are not a lot of people like Ivan where Tayshia lives. They have fun with each other, but she feels that she is only scratching the surface with him.

Meanwhile, the men have noticed that Ivan has been stepping up. A knock at the door, it’s another date card and this one is for Zach, Kenny, Marc, Bennett, Riley, Blake, “how far are you willing to go for love.” Noah says he is bumped that he is missing out on the one-on-one and the group date so he can spend more time with Tayshia. Bennett says it sounds a little greedy, and doesn’t know what the purpose would be to be on another group date, he already got the rose. Bennett thinks Noah is walking a very fine line and needs to be taught some manners.

Back to Tayshia and Ivan, they are outside sitting down and enjoying some wine together. He talks about his family and tells her that they would love him. His dad is older, 73, he is 28. He taught him how to be a man, his mother taught him how to be sweet and caring. She says her mother has taught her to rely on faith for everything, he is not even 50 yet. His younger brother is 26 and they always put the responsibility on him to set a good example. When he left for college, his younger brother took a dark turn for the worse, it was a really rough time, he was not in control of himself, and it eventually caught up with him and he spent four years in prison.

Just before that, he had a girlfriend and a kid. When his niece was born, for the first two years she couldn’t touch her dad, it was so tough. He is that second dad for her, whatever she needs. He says going through times in life means a lot. As tough as it is, it has taught him so much. Ivan is crying, he says they are still best friends. His brother is not in prison now, and it was crazy stuff inside, he shared a lot with him about what happened inside; how he was beaten up. He says it made him check himself with everything that has gone on, and it has changed him as a man. She says the way the world is now is a lot and overwhelming. It affects her more than she knows sometimes.

She gets emotional too, she says it affects her and she doesn’t know why. He knows she is hesitant to say and just wants her to trust him and open up. He tells her that she can open up and he will support her no matter what. She says being in Orange County and around a lot of people that don’t look like her, she has been working hard her whole life to fit in. Hearing people saying black lives matter really hits her. She says she has had to put a lot in perspective and think about the things that are important to her. Tayshia leans over and gives him the rose, they go back inside and watch a home movie of Tayshia and her family. She admits that Ivan is special and he understands her more than others can. She feels that she and Ivan could have a really beautiful relationship.

Time for the date, her friends Becca (former Bachelorette) and Sydney (Bachelor in Paradise alum) show up for the date. Today they are playing Tayshia’s truth or dare. They are looking for a guy who is like Tayshia, spontaneous, and fun. The men are separated into teams; Bennett and Demar, Kenny and Blake, Zac and Riley. Riley gets the first date, to drink an entire smoothy called Forbidden Love that contains tomato, apple, banana, spinach, cow intestines, water scorpion. Lamar takes a sniff and it smells terrible. He says “Tayshia, this one is for you, and he chugs it all.” Bennett and Demar had to find Chris H. and have him sign his autograph where the sun doesn’t shine.

Kenny has to broadcast an orgasm. Then it is Blake’s turn to do the same. The other men cannot believe what they are hearing. Eazy says Blake has some demons and has to go to church. Tayshia says the guys are leaving them speechless. No matter what challenge Tayshia hits at the men, they are coming out of their comfort zone and doing it. Next, the men are challenged to eat a whole habanero pepper and propose to Tayshia, with a puke bucket next to them. After Bennet’s proposal, Tayshia says yes, oh Lord Jesus; she was really touched. The dare part of the date is over, the guys get a break until the cocktail party.

Tonight is the truth part of the truth or dare date. Tayshia tells them that she appreciates them all being team players during the day. First person she spends time with is Bennett, they go put their feet in the pool. She says she loved the date and his proposal the most. He admits that he was engaged, and was close to getting married for the wrong reasons and has no regrets in ending it. He says when he got down on his knees today it was a reality check, he never thought this was going to happen, and he thanks her for it. Then, he kisses her. He says he feels and sees this journey and it is the most exhilarating journey he has ever been on.

He feels very confident that he will walk away from the rose. Next, Tayshia asks what would one of his exes warn her about. He says he has great relationships with all his exes. One after one she sits down with all the men alone. Last, she is with Zac and wants to find out why he is a little hesitant. He says he is nervous around her. He says life scares him, it is not always going to be in a hot tub looking at the stars. Then, he kisses her and it gets hot, in the hot tub. Tayshia is back with the other men, she picks up the rose, she looks over at Bennett, she says nice things to Bennet, Zac, and Blake; in the end, she gives it to Zac.

She and Zac have chemistry and it is intriguing to her. Meanwhile, Ben is upset that he didn’t get time with Tayshia, or a rose – he thinks he has to step up, and if he gets sent home, so be it. Tayshia actually said that she was disappointed in him for not making an effort to spend time with her during the after-party. Ben leaves to go to Tayshia’s room. And, Ed is feeling the same way as Ben, he is on the way over to Tayshia’s house as well. Who is going to get there first?

d knocks on the door of the presidential suite and Chris H. answers the door, it is 2:30 am. Chris H. tells him that this is his room, not Taysha’s, she is on the other side of the resort. Meanwhile, Ben made it to the right room, he tells Tayshia that he is super nervous but he wanted to talk to her. He knows that the last time they spoke she was disappointed in him and he wanted to apologize. In Chris H.’s room, he looks exhausted, there is definitely an air of awkwardness as they share a drink. Tayshia tells Ben that she wanted to talk to him, he says the same for him.

They both admit their guards are up, he says he was terrified coming over, but he wanted to. She says she will forgive him because he looks like he really means it. Chris H. says goodbye to Ed and when he closes the door, he says that was weird. Tayshia tells Ben that she needs to have him show up, he says he can’t wait another day before he kisses her, he leans in and does, then there is a knock at the door, a nightcap of champagne and strawberries. The two continue to talk and hold hands, and kiss some more. Ed never found Tayshia’s room.

Noah hopping the fence in the group date pissed a lot of the men off and they keep making jabs at him, he can’t wait for some of them to go home. Ed says Noah is a joke and just wants to sir the pot. Demar is afraid that he might go home and he gets those little butterflies and jitters with her. The Rose Ceremony is do or die. Bennett doesn’t think Noah has a chance with Tayshia, he is immature and a joke. Tayshia walks into the road, she tells them that the week was nothing but amazing and she appreciates everything. She cheers to her second Rose Ceremony. Ben asks her if they can go talk, he makes sure he gets the time with her in this ceremony.

All the guys don’t know that he was at her place last night. He leans in for a kiss, and Tayshia is now really, really excited about him. He says all the right things, and she doesn’t want to be anywhere else when she is with him. Tayshia continues to sit with the other men and kissing them all too. She believes the men she has left are genuinely good guys. Noah tells her that he has a few things on his mind, when he hopped the fence he knew he would get a lot of heat from the men. He says there have been a lot of comments and rolling of the eyes.

And, he says they dumb down the fact that she gave him a rose. Tayshia is upset, she considers them questioning her integrity. Tashia goes back to speak to all the men, she calls them into another room. She says she is not happy, it has been brought to her attention that her integrity is questioned. She brings her honest and true house and if they think she is giving out roses to cause drama, they can grow up, and she will gladly walk them outside. Then she tells them that she will see them at the Rose Ceremony.

She just canceled the rest of the cocktail party. Noah says he spoke to Tayshia and tries to say that he just said a little to Tayshia, and she is the one that mentioned her integrity and took it so far. Now the men come down hard on Noah, Bennett says speaking to him now is like having an argument with a fourteen-year-old and he owes all the men and Tayshia an apology. Ed says if he doesn’t get a rose tonight, it was because Noah was being Noah.

Chasen thinks Noah is very high school and pathetic and didn’t realize the magnitude of what he did.

Time for Tayshia to give out the roses; Ben, Eazy, Riley, Brandon, Bennett, Blake, Demar, Spencer, and the last rose goes to Ed.