The Bachelorette Recap 12/14/20: Season 16 Episode 10 “The Men Tell All”

The Bachelorette Recap 12/14/20: Season 16 Episode 10

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, December 14, 2020, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 16 episode 10 “The Man Tell All,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Tayshia agonizes over which of the men’s families to meet for hometown dates, and Bennett’s bombshell return adds even more pressure to examine her emotions.

Hoping to gain some clarity, Tayshia takes Blake to a crystal guru to have their crystals and chakras read. Overcome with emotion, she makes some gut-wrenching decisions about her remaining men, which reaches a turning point at a high-stakes cocktail party and rose ceremony.”

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2020 and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 9 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Going into this new day Tayshia is overwhelmed. Last night she was in a state of shock and confusion when Bennett showed up. Chris H. is back, he drops by to see her and she is thrilled, she needs some advice before the hometown dates. She tells him that she doesn’t know where to begin, the honeymoon stage is over, and she has had to make tough decisions. She tells Chris H. that she did send Bennett home, but he returned. He told her that he loves her and would do anything, because he believes he is meant to be with her.

He reminds her that hometowns are next week. She knows, she doesn’t want to invest in their families if she doesn’t want to be with them. She is taking the hometowns very seriously. She really wants to marry someone and have a happy life after this. Today she has a one-on-one with Blake and she looks forward to getting to know him better. Meanwhile, Blake fully expects to go home with a rose. Then, Tayshia shows up to see the men, she takes Blake’s hand and leaves. Blake knows there are men that he has to beat out, it is do or die.

Tayshia wants to use this time to dive deep and know what makes them, them. They arrive to see Geeta, and she is there to help them get the answers that they seek for their relationship. She tells them to tell about specific questions. Tayshia says they have had a hard time connecting but there is a want there. She tells the two to have a seat. She picks a blue crystal, which is about communication. Then Geeta tells the two to disrobe; they have bathing suits on. This is typically not Blake’s type of thing but he thinks it is making them closer.

They do a breathing trick, where Tayshia has to sit on Blake. She cares for Blake, but when she looked into his eyes she was looking for more validation and maybe that is why there have not been connecting. Tayshia thinks they are both attracted to each other, but she doesn’t think he is her guy and she needs to tell him that. He tells her that he has no doubts, she says she wishes that they had more time, but she doesn’t think they are getting there. She goes on to say that he is an incredible guy but she thinks the timing is off for them.

She says it is time for them to go their separate ways. It sucks, he has all the qualities she wants, he is such a good guy – but she knows her heart is more invested in other guys right now. They say goodbye, Tayshia cries, she tells him that she is really sorry. The limo arrives, Blake gets in and leaves. Tayshia is broken, she kneels down and just continues to cry. Blake didn’t see that coming at all, how it changed so quickly. She still has no idea, no clue how crazy he was about her. Tayshia says that really hurt, she knows she did the right thing, but it was hard.

Tayshia gets changed and goes to see the men and tells them that they need to talk. She tries to talk to them and just starts crying. She tries to stop then tells them that she is really trying. She tells them that this is really hard, she sent Blake home earlier because their relationship was not where it had to be. She goes on to say it is a lot, and appreciates all of their time, but this is really hard, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Then she asks Riley if they can go talk.

Riley asks her what is up. She says she feels like since day one she finds that he has probably grown the most. And, his being vulnerable with her probably doesn’t come often and that means a lot to her. Hometowns mean a lot to her, and she doesn’t want to put him in that position, if her heart is not completely there. She doesn’t want to lead him on and she is sorry. He asks her what is he missing? She says she appreciates him, but she can’t help where her heart is right now. He asks her why she kept him around so long, why not just let him be. She says she felt that they were starting to break through, but it came late. She tells him that he is incredible. He says he can argue all day, but the end result is going to be the same, and the longer he sits there, the more pain he feels. So, he gets it. He leaves, but before he tells her that this is her journey and he is glad to have met her. Another man leaves with a broken heart, Riley says he could see himself married to her. Again, Tayshia is crying.

Time for the cocktail party and Rose Ceremony. All of the men are on edge, two more are going home and they know she is not playing around since she sent two home the evening before. The final five men are sitting there, and Bennett walks in. The men look like they have seen a ghost. Bennett says he walked out and it looked like he was going to be written off as a Harvard D-bag, but he went back to see Tayshia and told her that he loves her, so here he is. If looks could kill?

Tayshia genuinely cares about all the men, and doesn’t want to make a mistake. She knows what she has to do and she intends on doing it. Chris H. go into see the men, he tells them that Tayshia knows what she wants to do, so no cocktail party, straight to the Rose Ceremony. Bennett knows there are some great guys in there, but she doesn’t think she would invite him and then dump him. If Noah goes home tonight, it would be terrible, he is ready for marriage and hates being stifled by a narcistic Harvard D-bag.

Tayshia walks in the room and tells the men that it has been the most difficult week so far, but she really appreciates some of them stepping up and showing her the dephs of their hearts. And, she stands by her decisions tonight and looks forward to seeing their families. The first rose goes to Zac, Ivan and Brendan. Bennett and Noah are going home.


It is an exploding and a tell-all like we have never seen before. There is no audience, no stage, but a lot of drama. Chris H. looks back at this season. Chris H. asks Ed what drove him about Chasen, he says Chasen was there to get likes on social media, not Tayshia. Ed says he was a fraud, fake and phony. Next it is the feud between Noah and Bennett. Noah says Bennett didn’t like him the moment he showed up because he was intimidated, he thought Tayshia would only like someone like him.

Bennett says he never had beef with him, Noah caused all of it. Chris H. asks if he thinks Bennett gave that book out of good intentions, Noah says no, but he did ready it. Bennett says that he witnessed behaviours that Tayshia wasn’t privy to. Riley says that Bennett should not have said that Noah had a zero percent chance with Tayshia. Kenny gets involved and says that Noah stole Tayshia’s time and some of the other men had no time with her because of his drama.

Noah says that Bennett attacked him from the beginning, and he tried to brush it off. Blake says that Bennett has treated him respectfully. Demar says that when it came down to young guys in the house, Bennett does talk down to them. Bennett tells Noah that he is sorry that his words came across as condescending. Noah says he accepts it, but calls him a condescending Harvard D-bag.

Chris H. replays Blakes date with Tayshia, with the sex guru and he got very excited. Blake says he is not shy, he was charged at that moment. Chris H. goes back to the night when Ed was trying to get some extra time with Tayshia, at 2:30am, and knocked on Chris H.’s room instead. The two share a drink, and Ed talks about Chris H. not knocking on the door anymore when he goes to see the men. Ed says he learned a lot about love from Chris H. so he is kind of happy that he didn’t find Tayshia that night.

Yosef comes out to join the panel, Chris H. looks back on his time on the show. Yosef didn’t like that the guys were naked, he called it degrading and humiliating and told Claire that he was appalled to be a part of the show. The two get into a shouting match, and he tells her that she is not fit to be a mother to his child. Back to the present, Chris H. asks him what struck a cord with him. Yosef says he doesn’t agree with the humiliation of the losing team, he was sticking up with them. Kenny says at the end of the day, they could have just said no.

Yosef said his conversation with Claire started off calm. Chris H. asks Yosef if he has any regrets, he says no, what he said was factually accurate. Riley is upset, he says he is ten feet from him and he is telling him he was out of line. Bennett says it is shocking that Yosef has no remorse. Chris H. tells Yosef that he wants to help Yosef help himself, he would love he could see what he did and apologize to Claire. Yosef says he is not apologizing.

Time for Tayshia to join the men. Chris H. asks her what it is like to be in front of them, she says she is nervous. Then he says people are saying this season was a whole scheme. She says she was in bed eating donuts, got a call and was on property within 48 hours. She actually didn’t know what to expect, if they were too far along with Claire. Tayshia says that when Noah came out of the limo she said he was going to be trouble and he was. He says the only regrets that he had is his qualm with Bennett, took too much energy away from Tayshia.

Then we get a look back at when Bennett went back to Tayshia’s doorstep and told her that he loved her. Chris H. asks Bennett what brought him to do that. He says it was tough, he felt that he had the rug pulled from beneath him. He was very insecure and nervous, but he wanted to tell Tayshia what he felt. Then the cocktail party, and she sent him home, he would love to know her thoughts, he is curious. She says that when he showed up and poured his heart out to her, she wanted to give it time, so they both could digest everything. And, to be honest, their relationship just wasn’t there yet.

We go back to Blake’s departure, and how profoundly it affected Tayshia. Chris H. asks her what was so tough about that breakup. She says that it hit her that she sent an amazing man home. She had feelings for him and didn’t think it could get there. He says he blames it on time. He asks if stands by the decision she made at that time. He says he has constantly thought about since he left. She says that time is not only the factor, a lot of other things play into it; like he was working on his feelings for Claire. He says he can only say amazing things about her.

Chris H. goes back to when Tayshia let Riley go. Clearly Riley has a very hard time looking at the footage and so does Tayshia. Riley says he has tried his best to get it out of his mind, and seeing it again, he feels like he did himself a disservice by taking so long to tell her who he really is. Tayshia asks if she can give him a hug. Riley goes on stage and she hugs him, then he sits beside her. When he got home, he admits that he fell hard. He doesn’t open up to people that often and tell them about himself. She helped him to get over his fears and she was there for him. He appreciates everything that she did for him, and he wouldn’t change it for the world. Tayshia says thank you. She tells him that he is incredible, everybody has things in their past, but it can’t hold you back.