The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wednesday, May 6 Recap – Bill & Katie Marry – Thorne, Stephanie, & Eric Start Reception Early

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wednesday, May 6 Recap - Bill & Katie Marry - Thorne, Stephanie, & Eric Start Reception Early

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 6, reveal that viewers were treated to an encore episode featuring Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) wedding that originally aired on November 13, 2009. The episode began with Katie and her father Stephen Logan (Patrick Duffy) walking down the aisle together in the park near Katie’s childhood home.

When Katie and Stephen reached the altar, Bill smiled and told Katie that she took his breath away. The officiant spoke and noted that the park was in view of Katie’s childhood home and the window where Katie used to sit feeling isolated and alone. The officiant referred to the sadness in Katie’s heart as a young woman, but that today, thanks to her love with Bill, that sadness was turned to joy.

Next, Bill’s sister Karen Spencer (Joanna Johnson) spoke. Karen recited a poem, then said that Katie has done something that no other woman has done – put a smile on Bill’s face. Stephen spoke next, accompanied by Beth Logan (Robin Riker). Stephen told the story of Katie and her hand-me-down wagon, explaining that Katie never had anything new, but that today she does.

Stephen went on, saying that he didn’t know how he was ever able to leave Katie, and that he didn’t know how she was able to forgive him, but that he’s grateful she did. “Now I have a new memory, and it’s happy,” Stephen said. Next, Bill and Katie exchanged rings, then it was time for the vows.

Katie spoke first, saying that Bill had changed her almost from the first moment they met. Katie said that she could see all the possibilities that life could offer, and that she wanted to have the wedding in this special place so that Bill could know the family he was becoming part of. Katie pledged that he’d feel the same love and support from her family, and that she never could have imagined that Bill could bring so much joy into her life.

Katie went on, saying that she loved Bill for his flaws as much as his honesty, loyalty, and strength, and she vowed to cherish his heart for the rest of their lives. Bill spoke next, saying that he never allowed himself to be overwhelmed by anything or anyone until her. Bill said that the park will always be a special place because he has seen Katie for the complete woman that she is.

Bill continued, saying that Katie made him want to be part of a family, which is something that he never cared so much about in the past, and that he was honored to be a part of her family going forward. Bill promised to love Katie each and every day until the day he dies. With that, the officiant pronounced Bill and Katie husband and wife, and the couple kissed happily.

As Katie, Bill, and their family members celebrated in the park, the scene flashed back to a young Katie in her bedroom in years past. Katie hugged Stephen, Beth, and Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Bill and Katie got in a red convertible and drove off.

Meanwhile, at the Forrester mansion, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) drank martinis and ate caviar. Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) walked in and said, “So, it’s true.” Eric mused that he and Stephanie were enjoying each other’s company, and Thorne said, “It looks like you’re hosting a wedding reception for Bill.”

Thorne didn’t think that it was right for Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) to host the reception for the man who stole Eric’s job and the woman he put in Eric’s place. Eric, Stephanie, and Thorne had more martinis and brie, and Thorne commented that he missed seeing his parents like this. Thorne wondered why they weren’t at the wedding, and he quickly learned that Stephanie wasn’t invited, and that Eric didn’t want to attend.

Thorne, Stephanie, and Eric discussed how Katie wanted to have the wedding in a park, and they mused that Bill could afford to have the wedding anywhere else. Eric said he thought having the wedding in the park was sweet, and Stephanie noted that Katie was paying tribute to her childhood and to her mom who’s slipping away.

Stephanie noted that she’s always admired Katie, and that Thorne kind of messed things up with her – it could be Thorne in the Valley right now sweating buckets. Stephanie said Katie was a good girl, and Eric quipped, “Yeah, when she’s not stealing someone else’s job.” Stephanie hoped it was a wonderful day for Katie, and the three Forresters toasted to the wedding.

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