The Good Doctor Recap 03/09/20: Season 3 Episode 18 “Heartbreak”

The Good Doctor Recap 03/09/20: Season 3 Episode 18 "Heartbreak"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, March 9, 2020, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below. On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 3 episode 18 called, “Heartbreak” as per the ABC synopsis, “Dr. Claire Browne and Dr. Shaun Murphy treat a patient with a rare form of dwarfism.

Meanwhile, Dr. Morgan Reznick, Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Alex Park treat a young man who had both arms torn off in a previous farming accident; and Shaun reacts to an emotional situation.

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The Good Doctor begins tonight with Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) sitting at home watching TV when Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) reminds him that he hasn’t been to work in 3 days, moping around over Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) hurting him. She reminds him that he is strong and will get through this. He wishes he was normal, as she reminds him that everyone wishes that. She persists that he gets up and follows his routine as it will make him feel better and refuses to leave the house without him.

At the hospital, Claire and Shaun deal with a patient, Finn Michaels (Nik Novicki) whose sleep apnea is worse than they thought. Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) suggests a procedure that would remove a small piece of his skull that would relieve pressure but there are complications with it; there are no other options. Finn’s girlfriend pleads with him to listen to his doctors, promising to be there no matter what. He agrees.

Meanwhile, Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) and Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) meet with their patient, Tyson who needs his 11th surgery on his hand; they need to treat his neuropathy. He insists he wants to be a farmer and not a Cyborg.

Dr. Morgan Resnick (Fiona Gubermann) meets with Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), complaining that her pain is getting worse; talking about Shaun being back at work. Aaron knows that Morgan’s meds are not working but she wants to have surgery; she has hope that in 10 years therapy will have improved as Aaron suggests her working in oncology. He tries to talk to her about that she will be able to perform surgery for a few more years but if she picks up another specialty she can work for the rest of her life.

Shaun is asked by Finn if he doesn’t like “little” people but he says he is looking at the EKG and it is normal. He says he got dumped but got they were not even going out. Finn’s girlfriend, Kate Spotts (Paula Burrows) arrives, shocking the medical staff. He asks her to wait outside, asking if Shaun and Claire can make sure that she and Natalie can make sure they don’t run into each other in the waiting rooms. Claire says she will not help him cheat. He understands they don’t approve but he wants to make sure they can make get him through brain surgery without anything that could be harmful to his recovery; Claire agrees.

Marcus and Audrey are in surgery, working out on what they need to do on Tyson. Marcus feels they only have to double amputate him but Audrey is the chief of surgery and suggests they wake him up and allow him to make his own decision.

Shaun and Claire are in the OR for Finn, reminding Shaun that only a week ago he was juggling two women. Suddenly alarms sound and they haven’t even got Finn under yet. They cannot do brain surgery on him as the second they move his neck the alarms stop and nothing makes sense. They review the case and scans in the room, Claire and Shaun interrupt each other; each expressing their views as Melendez tells them to come out with something outside the box. Melendez reminds Shaun that he is not being nice because it is Claire and he is being a jerk to insinuate that, telling them to figure it out through the night. If they cannot come up with a solution through the night, they will proceed with the original plan.

Morgan learns from Shaun that he didn’t want to even be there today so Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) suggests that Shaun take a martial arts class but Morgan feels that will just make the situation worse. Shaun and Claire continue to debate as Claire reminds him that she needs help and not criticism. Hre informs her that she supported him when she thought she was right; both Morgan and Alex excuse themselves out of the room to avoid the situation.

Alex and Morgan tell Lim and Andrews their idea about Tyson’s surgery; Marcus and Lim now bickering about which was right. Marcus wants to know if she is against the idea because it is simply his idea. Lim says her competitive drive kicks up when they work together. She reminds him of how strong Tyson is and how incredible his spirit is and it has nothing to do with her ego; Marcus just wanted to confirm that but he is prepping for the amputation, something he is confident she will see is the right thing soon enough.

Melendez meets with Claire, who reveals her thoughts; they are interrupted when Claire receives flowers. Melendez wonders what she is looking for when Claire reveals she hasn’t even kissed the guy she is with. Melendez goes back to the case, asking her to focus on things, but reminds her that if this is the right buy for her she needs to stop holding out for the right time.

Shaun tells Finn that nurses will keep an eye on his vitals overnight. He informs Finn that Lea was someone special as Finn says there is so many others that are special but there are so many others out there. He spoke to everyone he saw despite of him being different. He reminds him that everyone has a gift but they just need to figure out what it is. Finn codes in the middle of the conversation and Shaun shouts out, “code blue!”

Melendez and Claire continue to review ideas, but he tells her she did everything she could and for her to go home as they will do the original surgery in the morning. In the meantime, Morgan meets with Tyler, saying he should be able to work on the farm, but will still be in some pain. She isn’t sure he will be able to hack the pain and in the future it will be too late for them to rectify it. He suddenly feels like horses kicked him in the chest and begins coughing up blood. She immediately calls for help.

Claire enjoys her night with Dash Snyder (John Patrick Amedori) , thoroughly laughing the night away. She excuses herself as she has to work early in the morning, but just as he is about to walk away she grabs him and kisses him. Dr Melendez sits back in his office and reviews Claire’s notes, thinking on them.

The next morning, Neil informs Claire that she had the right approach but the wrong route and they are to go through the back for Finn; explaining what they need to do. Shaun says he shouldn’t sign for the surgery would be short-sighted and reckless. Once outside the room, Neil chastises Shaun for his words and berating his colleagues. Neil reminds him they are a team with one opinion and Shaun says he doesn’t feel better, but worse as the wrong surgery is going to make someone worse and he doesn’t want to do it and he is going home!

Shaun stands outside the hospital where Neil finds him, informing him that he is not walking out on his patient nor his team. Shaun says he has 2 sick days and he doesn’t care about the case nor the patient. He sits down, saying he doesn’t care about anything. Neil reminds him that he had his own heartbroken twice the past couple years but he came to work every day pretending everything was fine until he was no longer pretending. Shaun feels that isn’t helpful at all. Melendez stands up ordering him to help Claire prep the patient or he will no longer be his resident or anyone else’s at the hospital; something he knows Shaun cares about that. Shaun gets up and returns to the hospital.

Lim, Andrews, Park and Morgan meet with Tyson, telling him they will have to keep him on blood thinners for the rest of his life and they have no choice but to amputate as they will make the operation impossible. He doesn’t want to be that guy as Lim reminds him he is the toughest person she has ever met and that will not change if they change his hands for titanium and it is time to let go. He agrees with tears streaming down his face.

Claire preps Finn, who talks to one of the nurses about several of the restaurants in the area, suggesting she go with dr Murphy as a date. It is clear he is trying to set them up, but she rebuffs the advances. Shaun says he is not interested in her as Claire reminds Finn that Shaun is miserable as he had two relationships blow up and jumping another one is not the answer. Finn gets a message and freaks out, running out of the hospital. He finds out that his girlfriends discovered each other, Natalie taking a baseball bat to his Porsche. Claire tries to get him back to bed before he passes out as Shaun watches on.

In the OR, Morgan tells Lim she says she is taking time to appreciate how perfect the OR is. She informs her about her situation and health and she is no longer responding to medication and this will be her last surgery.

Outside, Shaun tends to Natalie’s cuts, wondering why she did what she did. She said she felt like it but it won’t change the fact that Finn cheated on her. She explains that you can’t help how you feel about someone, but you can control what you do with those feelings. She ended the relationship on her terms and it made her feel better; something he ponders about.

Inside the OR, Shaun tells Melendez and Claire that he likes Natalie. He isn’t sure, but he just likes her. The alarms sound and Finn’s stats drop. In the other OR, they work fervently on Tyson, where they are ready to give him functional arms. Lim tells them to give the arms to Morgan, saying she is so prepared for this, she could probably do this with one arm tied behind her back and they allow her to do it.

Finn’s stats finally stabilize, as Shaun thinks they could have paralyzed but they follow what Claire is suggesting; both Melendez and Shaun agreeing it is a good idea.

Shaun visits Aaron, who explains how he had his heartbroken when he was much younger. He explains how he couldn’t go to school for a week. Shaun misunderstands him, thinking he should have stayed home for another few days but Aaron explains it doesn’t make a difference what he would be doing. Shaun wants to know why he is telling him but Aaron wants him to know that he is simply going through what every man his age has gone through in the history of the world. He knows he tried to make it work and he got beaten up. He is in the mix and it is a good thing; Aaron tells him he is a good thing.

Tyson’s titanium arms are taken out of their braces and he is told to use them as though he was using his own arms. He finds them pretty cool. Andrews gives him water, thinking it is beer and to use his hand to twist off the top. Tyson struggles a bit, not feeling a thing as Lim assures him he got this. He is able to open the bottle and everyone smiles as he laughs. Morgan is the only one not happy.

Outside, Marcus talks to Lim figuring she only wanted him back to get him back on the horse but what she really wanted was a mentor; which he is fine with, but he feels she is threatened. She admits that is true but that he might be enjoying it too much. She thinks he might hate giving up being Chief, something they both agree upon.

Finn wakes up, wanting to know how things went, able to lift his arms. Shaun feels he will be able to have a full recovery. He learns Natalie will be fine too. He says she is a good person but a little spirited; something he loved about her. Finn says he is confident but not stupid and won’t try to win her back. He doesn’t want Shaun to get bogged down by the notion of a soulmate; something Shaun thinks about.

Claire sees Neil, who feels they did a good thing today because of her; she isn’t so sure. He says she reminds him why he got into medicine and she is why he is a better surgeon and person. She wishes him and good night and leaves.

Morgan is back in the OR when Aaron finds her. He knows it is tough that she is leaving surgery but it is the right call. She doesn’t think it is, loving to operate and will continue to do so for as long as she can. He says that is incredibly stupid and not all dreams come true and she has other opportunities. He feels she should be grateful for the other chance she has and pursue that; something not everyone has. Morgan says she is doing the surgery on her hands and walks away.

Shaun goes to the bar, chugging a few shots when Julie aka Nurse Fletch (Brittney Wilson) comes to join him. He admits he is there alone and they drink together. He tells her she has beautiful eyes and she thanks him, wondering if someone told him that was a great opening line.

Dash and Claire enjoy dinner at home, talking about going hiking. She pauses as he notices she is there, but not. She says it is a long week and is going to call it an early night. She apologizes and feels she should go home.

Shaun is outside at Lea’s car, saying he wants to smash her car up, which she thinks it is a bad idea. He wants to hurt her the way she hurt him. He has a bat, is about to swing and stops, dropping it, saying he can’t. He confronts her about acting like she cared about him, but doesn’t respect him. She is flaky and can’t keep a boyfriend. Can’t keep a job and no one likes her. She tears up as he shouts that she is going to end up alone as she is superficial, selfish and prejudice person. He walks away, leaving her crying in the parking lot.

Claire meets with her therapist, not ready to tell her what is on her mind; but admits she thinks she is in love with her boss.