The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) Recap 08/27/20: Season 12 Episode 20 “No Party Like A Mob Party”

The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) Recap 08/27/20: Season 12 Episode 20 "No Party Like A Mob Party"

Tonight on Bravo TV The Real Housewives of New York airs with an all-new Thursday, August 27, 2020, episode and we have your RHONY recap below.  On tonight’s Real Housewives of New York season 12 episode 20 “No Party Like A Mob Party,” as per the Bravo synopsis, “Leah organizes a party for her brand’s anniversary; Luann meets with a writer for her new memoir; Dorinda brings John and the ladies out of town for her birthday.

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Sonya and Ramona get ready for Leah’s party. Leah talks with her sister about her upcoming party. Meanwhile, Dorinda takes a nap after calling Luann about her birthday party.

Sonja is trying to revamp one home and sell all while her clothing line has finally launched. It is all very stressful. Ramona and Luann sit and enjoy some sushi. They talk about Dorinda and how things have been lately. Luann feels unsettled with her. Ramona thinks something deep is going on and she needs to fix it. Luann tells Ramona that Elyse has been invited to Leah’s launch. Ramona doesn’t trust or like her. She is disgusted by her.

Leah arrives her party to celebrate 15 years of her line, Married to the Mob. She is nervous. What if the girls think it isn’t classy and upscale enough. Dorinda shows up overdressed. Elyse arrives next. Dorinda makes jokes. She sees people hanging in sweatpants. Leah thinks maybe Dorinda has never really looked at her clothing line.

Leah, Dorinda and Elyse talk about Ramona. They don’t know what her problem is. But Ramona did tell Leah not to invite Elyse. Dorinda meets Leah’s mom and feels like she is similar to her own mom. They should all go to church together.

Luann arrives overdressed. This makes Dorinda crack a few more jokes. Sonya drive next and is in heaven with all of the young, hot guys. Ramona arrives and meets Leah’s mom. While she is talking, Elyse tries to talk to her but Ramona walks off. Elyse chases after her. It causes a scene. Ramona walks off like she is leaving the party, calling Elyse an evil girl.

Ramona makes her way down the street and doesn’t come back to the party. Sonya continues to have fun talking to everyone. Leah makes a speech, thanking everyone for their support, especially Rob, the father of their daughter. Her mom talks next, sharing how proud she is. After, Leah and the ladies share a drink and celebrate.

Luann and Ramona talk about Elyse the next day. Ramona shares that she wasn’t sticking around for all the negativity. She thinks Elyse is very manipulative. Luann’s ghostwriter arrives. She is going to help her write her book. Luann says goodbye to Ramona who is having phone problems and cannot figure out how to shut her video chat off.

Luann tells her ghostwriter all about her struggles with alcohol and her father’s same struggles. She wants to share all of that in her book; her arrest, struggles, and more.

Dorinda gets ready for the night. She is going to her birthday celebration tonight. She is excited. She invited John, she tells her sister on the phone. She sees him as a family.

Luann and Sonya arrive at Dorinda’s party. They hang out with Dorinda’s daughter. Leah shows up next. They drink at the bar and talk about Leah’s launch party. It was great. Sonya talks about her planned drag queen bingo party. Dorinda shows up. They all get excited.

Everyone sits for dinner. Dorinda takes the head of the table. Ramona shows up, kissing Dorinda. She wonders why John is there. As the night progresses, Dorinda makes a toast, and thanks, everyone. Dorinda tries to help Sonya with her phone. She has too many apps open. Luann sees this and lectures them, telling them to be present like Dorinda told them when they were in Mexico. Ramona intervenes, telling Dorinda not to raise her voice. She then tells one of their mutual friends about Dorinda and her anger issues. Dorinda watches very annoyed from the other end of the table.

John gives a toast. It makes Dorinda feel great. Luann gives a toast next. The ladies don’t say anything but feel like Luann is being very long-winded. Ramona tries to get her to stop talking. Luann then sings a happy birthday to Dorinda. Dorinda is dying laughing but is polite. She feels like it is an SNL skit.