The Voice Premiere Recap 10/19/20: Season 19 Episode 1 “The Blind Auditions”

The Voice Premiere Recap 10/19/20: Season 19 Episode 1 "The Blind Auditions"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, October 19, 2020, season 19 episode 1 “The Blind Auditions,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 19 episode 1 “The Blind Auditions” as per the NBC synopsis, “In the season premiere, the talent is exceptional and the competition fierce as Gwen Stefani joins returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon in the “Blind Auditions.”

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The cast and crew were facing many challenges this season. There was a pandemic going on and so they couldn’t have that many people at the studio there with them. They had to make do with a virtual audience. The virtual audience covered everyone around America. It also consisted of family members of the contestants. They normally would have come to the studio with the vocalists and unfortunately, that was one of the many things that had to be changed this year. Another thing was hugs. The judges would normally hug someone they got on their team and they had to cut that out. They had to forgo some of the most basic forms of human interaction. It was a bit unfair, to tell the truth, but everyone wanted to remain safe during these trying times.

Still, everyone came together to film Season 19 of “the Voice”. Tamara Jade was the first contestant up and she chose the song “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo which was a great fit for her. Tamara was talented. She showcased her voice tonight with that song and it’s clear she picked up a few things thanks to a career with Broadway. Tamara made such an impression that two judges turned for her on her first note. It was a big note for her and she continued to wow everyone with her strong voice. The other two judges later turned for her as well. She received a rare four-chair turn with Blake being the last coach to turn for her and so she had her pick of the judges. She could have chosen anyone.

They all thought she could go all the way and they all made their cases. Kelly pointed out how she was the first person to turn for Tamara. She reminded Tamara that she did it on her first note and so Tamara had a rough time choosing the best coach for herself. She ultimately decided to go with Team John. John knows her style and the other judges should have known to block him when they had the chance. Next up was Lauren Frihauf. She comes from a small town and she was the daughter of a farmer. Lauren grew up on the farm helping her dad. She was more used to than loved it and what she really loved was singing. Lauren also grew up a fan of the show. She’s watched other people lived the dream and now it’s her turn.

Lauren chose the song “Come To My Window” by Melissa Ethridge. She loved that song was about pursuing love at all costs and so she was able to connect with it. Lauren rocked out the song. She quickly won over John and later Gwen. They were both surprised when they turned around because they weren’t expecting to find a sixteen-year-old. They were expecting someone older. They also thought Lauren would go with John and nope. She went with Gwen. Gwen was as surprised as everyone else when she beat out John and so Gwen’s night was going great so far. And the night wasn’t over.

Next up was Joseph Soul. He was from the beautiful islands of Hawaii and he was highlighting the Polynesian culture tonight. Joseph was also known as a DJ. Joseph wanted to break into a solo career and he didn’t want to return to his island without some sign of success in that arena. He chose the song “Is This Love”. He has a smooth voice and people were feeling it, but the judges waited to turn for him. They let him sweat a bit before they turned and two out of four judges turned for him. Both Kelly and Blake thought Joseph was talented. They each wanted him on their team and Blake went the extra mile of reminding everyone how many times he’s won on the show. He had even had laid out like championship jerseys and still Joseph went with Kelly.

Blake was the only one that didn’t have someone on his team. He felt so bad that his girlfriend Gwen had to cheer him up during the commercial break and so Ian Flannigan was right up his alley. Ian went next. He was also a country musician who chose the song “Cold Weather” by Zac Brown and so he was perfect for Blake. Blake turned for him. He was the only one to do so because the other judges just knew they couldn’t compete against Blake and so Blake had his first pick of the night. He got Ian. Ian doesn’t come from anyone’s place. He lives in RV and he goes touring with his family all around the U.S. And so he was one of the few people that didn’t find it odd to suddenly have to homeschool his child.

Up next was Hailey Green. She was fourteen years old and she both played football as well as sings the national anthem at the football games. She also quite a big voice for someone so young. People weren’t really expecting that voice when they met her and they weren’t expecting her when they heard that voice. Hailey chose the song “Soulshine”. It perhaps wasn’t the best song for her because it didn’t showcase her to the best of her abilities and so sadly no judges turned for her. Only they were so shocked at the end. They never thought she would be so young or that she would be a football player or that she grew up with a Marine as a dad. She was just Wonder Woman in a little girl package to them. And they told her to try again next season because at this stage she wasn’t ready.

Jim Ranger went next. He was a youth minister and he and his wife met through their parents. They were both at the same hospital and delivered by the same doctor just a week and a half apart. Their mothers became best friends and his family ended up moving away. Later, when they were both young adults, they were introduced through their parents and it was love at first sight. They liked to say they got married in a red neck country arranged marriage. His wife was supporting him from home tonight with the rest of their family. They all watched as Jim sang the song “Blue Aint Your Color”. He really ate this song up and three judges turned for him. The only one who didn’t was Kelly. Which she regretted.

Jim went with Team Blake. He was country and he couldn’t resist Blake’s country charm. Next up was Elizamora. He was born in the US and he was raised in Mexico. He was raised in Juarez until things got so bad that his family decided to come back to the U.S. His family now lives there and Elizamora works in Las Vegas. He’s a Gondolier. He sings for a living. He usually sings opera and tonight he chose to sing a little opera and a little Spanish. It was a hit with Kelly and she quickly turned for him. Kelly was the only judge to do so. She thought the others were missing out and she felt especially glad when she found out Eli was from Texas like herself. They were going to be two Texans during the competition.

Payge Turner went next. She performed the song “Call Out My Name” and Kelly seemed to be feeling the song yet she didn’t turn for her. It was Blake who turned first. He was later followed by Gwen and this time Blake made an unusual ploy to win over the artist. He told Payge that he actually saw her performance before he turned around. He said he saw her reflection off of one monitor and so he knew that Payge was a performer. She was highly talented. Blake wanted her on his team and he ended up missing out because she went with Gwen. Gwen was more her style. Payge was from the Caribbean and after her family broke up she came to live in the US with her dad. It was a huge culture shock for her. And she eventually came around to living here in the end.

Next up was Corey Ward. He was another one who came from a broken home and he went to go live with his mother and sisters. He was the only boy in the house. He came to love romcoms because he was a sucker for romance and he also turned to music to help him deal with his emotions. He’s been in one band or another for the past twenty years. He’s now trying to make it as a solo performer. He chose the song “Way Down We Go” and in another sad case, it didn’t seem to move the judges. None of them turned around for him. They later told him that they were waiting for him to go big and he sort did so towards the end. It just wasn’t enough to move them. They wished Corey the best and he can always try again next season.

Marisa Corvo went next. She came from a big Italian family and at first, it was hard for her when she came out as gay. Her parents hadn’t wanted to accept it in the beginning. They sent her to special classes that they hoped would “correct” her in their minds and it wasn’t until her grandparents weighed in that her parents came around. They came to accept her as she was. She was able to accept herself in the end with their support and now she lives her life as an openly gay woman. Marisa chose the song “Perfect”. It was a great song for her and she finished it with such joy that the judges who did turn around were all impressed. And really there was just the one judge who didn’t turn for her. It was John and he still took part in the process.

Like Marisa revealed she was Italian American. Gwen said she was the same and so they talked about making sauce for each other. Blake tried to get in by saying the sauce needs a good tomato and he’s a great tomato, but he later got confused by his analogy and he claimed the sauce didn’t need seasoning and so John was the one to point that out to Marisa. Marisa chose Kelly as her coach. It was nothing personal and the show went on. Up next was John Holiday. He performed the song “Misty” and it was so shocking that it was he was performing the song because everyone just assumed he was a woman at first. It wasn’t until three of the judges turned around that they saw differently.

They also saw that Kelly was blocked. John blocked her because he knew Kelly would want the other John. John Holiday was also from Texas as it turns out. Kelly would be a big threat to the other judges and hence she was blocked. She was blocked with John Holiday. Holiday who works as an opera singer and Kelly is always going on about how much she wants an opera singer. Kelly was blocked, John and Gwen were the only ones available, and Blake was stirring up trouble from the sidelines. Blake tried to psych Holiday out. It didn’t work and Holiday chose Team John.