The Voice Recap 03/30/20: Season 18 Episode 7 “The Battles Part 2”

The Voice Recap 03/30/20: Season 18 Episode 7 "The Battles Part 2"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, March 30, 2020, season 18 episode 7 “The Battles Part 2,” and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 18 episode 7 “The Battles Part 2,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The “Battle Rounds” continue as the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses.

Jonas Brothers (Team Nick), Dua Lipa (Team Kelly), Ella Mai (Team Legend) and Bebe Rexha (Team Blake) prepare their artists to go head-to-head in the hopes of advancing to the “Knockout Rounds.” Each coach has one steal and in a new twist, one save, that will enter their saved artist into a Four-Way Knockout.

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Team Blake’s Toneisha Harris and Jacob Daniel Murphy are being mentored by Bebe Rexha. Toneisha was going to audition back in 2011 but her son was diagnosed with leukemia and she canceled. This is her second chance. Jacob is Filipino, Mexican and Irish, and comes from a military family, but he is the artistic one. Jacob and Toneisha are singing, “Good as Hell,” by Lizzo.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “That was so good Blake. I was up on my feet from the very beginning. Jacob, you are a firecracker, I had no idea, you went toe to toe with Toneisha, you just nailed that. The vibe of both of you on stage, being sarcastic and playing off each other, was so awesome. One of my favorite battles.” John: “I just want to recognize Toneisha and Jacob doing so well despite having Blake for a coach. As much hindrance that comes from Blake, you can both sing. Jacob, you are a lovely voice, I feel bad that only Blake turned around for you in the blinds. Sometimes we don’t hear it right. Toneisha was a four-chair turn up here. The level of skill vocally says you could be as far as the finale. My vote would be for Toneisha.”

Nick: “Blake, I am surprised that you know this song. Jacob, you were truly battling it out and I love that. I am blown away. Toneisha I can’t say enough about your voice and the joy I feel when I listen to it, you are just incredible.” Blake: ‘This is horrible, cause it was so great. First of all, because the connection that you two have made, is what made this such a great musical moment, I really do believe that. Toneisha it is phenomenal, to be able to point at the note you are singing and go, oh yeah I hear it. You truly are a phenomenon. Jacob the way you control the stage and the audience, you are the reason this is a great battle.

Battle Winner: Toneisha Harris

Team Kelly’s Gigi Hess and Micah Iverson are being mentored by Dua Lipa. Micah grew up in Tokyo, Japan and began singing in college, which prepared him for the big stage. Gigi works at a preschool, she loves teaching little children. Gigi and Micah are singing, “Someone You Loved,” by Lewis Capaldi.

Coaches Comments: Blake: “Clearly you had an effect on the audience. Every time I thought I had it figured out who was winning this battle, somebody else would have a big moment. Gigi, you hit some notes that soared, they had an incredible pitch. Then Micah came back with his notes like that. It really went back and forth for me, but maybe Gigi because I didn’t expect it.” John: “I thought you both were really good, I love your chemistry together, I thought it was really just a heartfelt performance. It is a little more in Micah’s pocket because I like your chest range, it was perfect. And Gigi, you were incredible, you have a clear voice. I can only base it on what I heard today, I am leaning towards Micah.” Nick: “This is an incredibly hard song to sing, keep that in mind. I think you are both really talented with a lot of potentials. Micah, you had a bit more confidence and you were a bit more sure.” Kelly: “Gigi you have brokenness that is really beautiful. Micah, I love your falsetto, it is like you are on the verge of tears.”

Battle Winner: Micah Iverson

Team John’s Mandi Castillo and CammWess are being mentored by Ella Mai. Ella can’t believe that just a few months ago she was doing construction and now she is on The Voice. She is very close with her mom, last year she donated a kidney to her. CammWess grew up with basketball being his first love, but he shifted to music to have this opportunity. John Legend is one of his big inspirations. Mandi and CammWess are singing, “Senorita,” by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

Coaches Comments: Nick: “CammWess and Mandy, fantastic performance. That was a perfect song, you have grown a lot since the blinds and it is no surprise under the coaching of John, and I am really impressed. If I were making the call right now, Mandy you know I am a great fan and a believer in you, but CammWess I am really blown away by your performance, it was incredible.” Kelly: “I loved that, I mean I was standing up and dancing with you. I have a really big crush on Mandy, I love you, the fact that you float with different languages was tactful and classy, and the head voice was really solid. And CammWess, you did a stellar job and were holding down the more difficult parts at times. Man, I have such a crush on Mandy, I like Mandy.”

Blake: “Mandy we all expected you to come out and kill it and you did. Your voice is effortless. CammWess, your voice and your presence on stage is like, is he shy or just super cool. By the end, I was sold on what you were doing so I would probably go with CammWess on this one.” John: “You are both fantastic singers and I really enjoy you both so much. Mandy, when you sing those high notes with such clarity and exactly the way it is supposed to sound, you have a great voice for pop music. That is exciting for me. CammWess, you actually more than any singer that performed on this show, you remind me of me because you do a lot of similar phrasing and some of the runs you do and I like that about you. I am back and forth on who to pick.”

Battle Winner: Mandy Castillo

Kelly steals CammWess

Team Blake’s Kailey Abel and Cam Spinks are being mentored by Bebe Rexha. Kailey’s family does foster care and they adopted her little brother last year. Her dad is a pastor, she is from Oklahoma. Cam is from Alabama, he grew up on a farm where everything is slow and everyone knows everyone. He owns a real estate company with his brother and father. Kailey and Cam are singing, “What Ifs,” by Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina.

Coaches Comments: John: “That was fun, Kailey you were on fire up there, I loved your energy it was captivating. Cam, you were probably like how I am going to match that energy because she is giving it all. Maybe I would learn a little bit to Cam as a vocalist but I enjoy watching Kailey, I really do.” Nick: “That was a really tough song to sing. The fun part for me about this performance is that Kailey you were kind of like the pace car in a sense, but Cam kept coming up from behind and it was really special to watch. While I love Cam’s voice and I want to hear more of it, Kailey I think your passion is going to take you far in this competition.”

Kelly: “Kailey I really love your passion and I love everywhere you chose to go vocally it was interesting and cool. Cam, you had me at the belt buckle, the boots and the hat. I like the cowboy. I thought this was a really odd song that you probably hadn’t sung before and maybe won’t in the future. I thought you nailed the song, but it was a little more in Kailey’s wheelhouse. I’ve been with Cam since the blinds and you rejected me, Kailey, I think I would go with Cam. I am a fan of the cowboy.” Blake: “I love hearing all about the song selection and I agree with you Kelly, what I did was weird. The song was completely not what we do, both of you stepped up to the plate and did the work, I am happy about that.”

Battle Winner: Cam Spinks

Team Nick’s Anders Drerup and Tate Brusa are mentored by the Jonas Brothers. Tate started singing when he was a little kid, he damaged his vocal cords a bit and ended up with the raspy voice. Recently he has started producing his own stuff. Anders has spent most of his career singing playing classic rock and rock & roll, he has played in five continents now. Anders and Tate are singing, “Circles,” by Post Malone.

Coaches Comments: Kelly: “I love that song. Anders you have a big voice, there is so much power and it’s so nice. Tate, you are just sixteen, ad that rasp, you are so cute. I’m a little worried about you for the finale, I cannot lie. Your voices are so different, together it was a little chaotic for me, but individually you both have really solid voices. I am a little more inclined to lean towards Tate.” Blake: “It is not that often that I agree with Kelly, because she rarely makes sense. You two were not meant to sing harmony together. Anders your voice is so clear and so strong. Tate, you have that rawness about you, and even though we will never know what happened to that puppy because of you, would probably go with Tate on this one.”

John: “I agree with what everyone has been saying, you should not go on the road as a traveling duo, but you both were really excellent. Anders, I think you are a more gifted vocalist, you can probably sing very many different genres. Tate has a more limited range but has a more interesting tone. I would lead towards Anders, I would trust that his power in his vocal skill would carry him. I think it is extremely close.” Nick: “I thought you were both great, I agree that you were perhaps not meant as a duo but that it is not what we are doing on this show. I am telling the other coaches to chill out. Anders, this song was uncomfortable for you, but you did your thing. Tate you have such are for your craft at such a young age and I see a little bit of myself in you. This is a tough decision.”

Battle Winner: Tate Brusa

Team John’s Darious Lyles and Nelson Cade III are being mentored by Ella Mai. Nelson was a four-chair turn, he didn’t grow up in a musical family. His day today is about getting his voice heard and recently he got to perform with Stevie Wonder. Darious lost his two adopted parents in the last few years and recently reconnected with his biological mom. Darious and Nelson are singing, “Come Together.”

Coaches Comments: Nick: “You were both so great, I don’t know who I would pick. I turned my chair for you last time Nelson, but Darius you blew me away. Well done.” Kelly: “You made it interesting, you made it fun and that is what the whole point is to have a voice that moves people. Nelson, you have this really cool rasp that I love about your voice. But Darius you have this really solid way of saying that I knew that every note you were going to sing on point. I am going to have to go with Nelson.”

Blake: “This is a tough one for John because I do feel like you two are similar, your sound, your stage presence, your hates. I would go with Darius.” John: “I was so proud, every note we talked about in rehearsal was addressed perfectly, it was just one of the most entertaining performances we will see in this round, this is such a classic song that everyone knows. There is some pressure that comes with that but you both embraced it, it was fantastic. This is really difficult for me.”

Battle Winner: Darius Lyles

John saves Nelson Cade III