The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Friday, September 25 – Alyssa’s Arizona Detour – Sharon’s Scary Slipup – Adam’s Last Resort

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Friday, September 25 – Alyssa’s Arizona Detour – Sharon’s Scary Slipup – Adam’s Last Resort

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers review for Friday, September 25, teases that some twists and turns are on the way. At Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan), they discuss how Connor Newman’s (Judah Mackey) upstairs packing up his things for boarding school. Chelsea and Adam are going to miss Connor, but they know it’s better if he’s far away from what’s brewing.

In Friday’s Y&R episode, talk turns to Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) conversation with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and how Billy’s out for blood. Adam’s managed to slow things down, but he needs more than a temporary fix.

A text comes in from Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz), so Adam assumes this is about Vegas since that could blow up and destroy Chance’s life, too.

At The Grand Phoenix, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) confirms with Chance that Adam’s willing to meet. Abby thinks she should talk to Victoria and see what she knows, but Chance doesn’t want Abby getting dragged into this. “We’re a team,” Abby insists. “And FYI, I wasn’t asking your permission.”

At the coffeehouse, Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) gives Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) advice on how to use the Crimson Lights accounting software. Faith’s seen Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) use it and they use the same spreadsheet in school.

Mariah learns Faith’s giving Sharon space before her surgery and senses that her little sis could use some support.

After they sit down, Faith’s distracted by her phone as Mariah tries to talk to her. Once Faith admits she’s on a cancer website reading up on Sharon’s surgery, Mariah suggests they call Sharon’s doctor so Faith can ask questions.

Faith points out Sharon doesn’t like talking about the surgery, so Mariah suggests Sharon’s an awesome mom who wants to protect her and Faith’s an awesome daughter, too.

Over at Sharon’s place on Friday’s Young and the Restless episode, she talks to Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) about her online support group and the lotion she needs to reorder. Rey notes that he’s already done it, so Sharon acknowledges that he takes such good care of her.

As Rey grabs his keys, he mentions the errands he’s running and wants to complete Sharon’s list, too. Sharon thinks she can just have it delivered, but he notes that the delivery guy won’t surprise Sharon with flowers or the truffles she likes – or if he does, Rey’s going to have questions for him.

Sharon thinks Rey’s sweet and frets about lashing out at Mariah before. Rey argues that Mariah’s fine and that Sharon has to stop putting so much pressure on herself. He advises Sharon to take a nap while he’s out and leaves Sharon looking pensive on the sofa.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria rants on the phone. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) appears in the doorway and listens in as Victoria refuses to take the high road. This reckoning is a long time coming.

Victoria adds that they should keep the schedule the same and will make sure Johnny Abbott (Holden and Ryan Hare) gets to his practice.

Once Victoria hangs up, Nikki asks what that was about. She heard enough to know Victoria and Billy are scheming, so she pushes Victoria to admit who they’re going after. Victoria comes clean about it being Adam, so Nikki flips out over Adam’s karma having blowback on Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

Victoria suggests that wouldn’t be happening if Victor hadn’t always tried to cover for Adam and made him the priority. She’s unbothered by Victor getting caught up in this. “It’s a little thing called consequences,” Victoria insists. Nikki protests as Victoria says she’s got somewhere to be and exits.

At Society, Chance tells Abby that he’s been stalling about accepting the GCPD job because of the tight spot he’s in with Adam. Abby doesn’t think Chance should have to put his life on hold. Chance’s thankful to have Abby on his side.

At Chancellor Communications, Nikki tells Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) she was in the building to visit someone who used to work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki makes small talk, and Lily apologizes for being scattered due to a business trip she just got back from.

After Nikki brings up Billy and Victoria’s new project, Lily guesses she has some catching up to do since she’s been out of town.

Back at Society, Adam’s apologetic about cutting things short in his last discussion with Chance. They talk about Alyssa Montalvo (Maria DiDomenico), so Adam swears he didn’t have her kidnapped or harmed in any way. Chance believes Adam since he had a fellow agent track Alyssa down to make sure she’s already.

When Adam asks if Chance might reveal where she is, Chance insists there’s “not a chance in hell” and wonders why he should trust Adam. Victoria appears nearby as Adam notes that he doesn’t need Chance to tell him since he already knows. Alyssa is in Kingman, Arizona. Adam planted a bogus lead to send her there and track it down.

Bobby is Adam’s associate – or his “fixer” as Chance points out. Bobby claimed to have info on the missing man’s death and fed Alyssa enough details to make the story sound credible. Chance realizes Bobby will be a no-show for the meeting.

Adam was just trying to buy time so he could reach out to the Vegas widow and convince her it would be a mistake to go public. It’d mean giving up the lavish life this woman’s grown accustomed to on Adam’s dime. Not to mention her husband was a “very bad man” who wanted Chance dead.

Adam thinks he got through to her, but he knows Alyssa’s figured out the dead end and will find out the widow has become unreachable. “Which means what exactly?” Chance wonders. As Victoria looks down on her phone and approaches the sitting area across the room, Adam suggests tabling the discussion.

Abby greets Victoria, who says she wanted to drop by and check on her sister. They shift gears to Chance, so Victoria notes that Chance claimed he never really talks to Adam. “And yet, there they are. Talking,” Victoria points out as she glares in Chance and Adam’s direction.

Abby brushes it off as Chance being polite and wonders why Victoria’s still trying to rattle Adam’s cage since she won. Victoria contends that Adam belongs IN a cage, but Abby thinks living well and running Newman is the best form of revenge.

Victoria thinks Abby sounds an awful lot like Victor and can’t fathom why Abby would be sticking up for Adam unless Chance put her up to it.

Abby defends Chance as a man of integrity and treats her like gold. She notes that Adam has friends and family who care about him, too. Plus, there are people who could get caught in the crossfire. Abby can tell something terrible is about to go down. Victoria realizes Abby’s gotten far closer to Chance than she thought.

After Abby stomps off, Chelsea shows up and lets Victoria know that she’s underestimating Adam. Nearby, Adam gets up to leave and receives a warning from Chance. If anything happens to Alyssa, Chance is going to come forward with the truth – all of it.

Once Adam and Chelsea are gone, Victoria speaks with Chance and notes that looked like an intense conversation. Chance admits it was since an old childhood friend of Adam’s went missing. Victoria suggests it’s good that Chance is unwilling to help Adam. “’Cause you don’t want any part of what’s coming,” Victoria says.

Back at Chance Comm, Nikki notes that Victoria dropped some hints about what she’s up to with Billy. She’s hoping Lily can reassure her. Is Nikki right to be worried? How bad will the fallout be? Lily argues that she’s running a business here. She doesn’t think Nikki can expect her to divulge proprietary information.

Nikki thinks this goes beyond business and is appalled that a woman as principled as Lily would get on board with this. Lily stays cagey, so Nikki brings up Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) and how he would disapprove. “Stand up and stop this!” Nikki insists.

Lily gets riled and notes that any decision she makes will be as co-head of this company – not as Neil’s daughter or Nikki’s family friend.

Nikki warns that Victor will fight back with everything he’s got if Billy’s plan moves forward. Victor won’t rest until he’s taken back Newman’s media division and ground Chance Comm into the dust.

At the cottage again, Rey’s back from his errands. Sharon praises Rey for how great he’s been. “If I recover – I mean…when I recover, you will be a major reason,” Sharon says, catching her scary slipup. “I never would’ve blamed you for walking away.”

Rey wonders why he’d do a thing like that and shuts down Sharon’s attempt to apologize about Adam again.

Rey suggests watching one of those home renovation shows Sharon likes. Sharon thinks Rey likes those shows as well. Rey thinks maybe they can travel and restore Victorian homes when he retires. Sharon is open to the idea and feels like they make a great team.

Later, Faith jokes with Sharon about how her favorite show should stand to be more exciting, but she’ll choose what they watch after Sharon’s better. Mariah joins Rey near the back of the room and points out that her sister the spy said there were good vibes between Rey and Sharon.

Mariah’s glad and doesn’t want anything weighing Sharon down before the surgery.

Rey confirms that Sharon’s taken steps to remove the biggest source of stress from her life. Mariah assumes Rey means Adam and is pleased. At Chancellor Communications, Lily calls Billy and insists they need to have a serious conversation.

Back at the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea that grandstanding isn’t Victoria’s style. He hates to admit it, but it may be time to make the call Adam didn’t want to make.

Once Abby reconvenes with Chance, they acknowledge that Victoria said essentially the same thing about how Chance should keep his distance from Adam. Something’s coming – and Chance can’t blame Victoria for seeking justice.

Everyone’s just trying to do the right thing, even Adam who thought that’s what he was doing when he saved Adam in Vegas.

Chance knew he was taking a risk when he covered for Adam, but now his life has changed and the risk’s far greater. He envisions a good job, a home, a couple of kids… Abby is thrown by the kids comment, but Chance insists he means in the future – just flashes of what his life could be like.

Right now, Chance’s focus is on the Adam mess. “Yeah, of course,” Abby says, seemingly a bit flustered.

As other Y&R news and updates emerge, we’ll keep you posted. The Young and the Restless spoilers say Chance and Abby’s romance could come with some speed bumps soon, so stay tuned. CDL’s your one-stop source for terrific Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news, so be sure to check back often.