The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Friday, October 2 – Quickie Summer & Kyle Marriage – Victor’s Stolen Gem Hunt

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Friday, October 2 – Quickie Summer & Kyle Marriage – Victor’s Stolen Gem Hunt

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Friday, October 2, teases that the drama surrounding the Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) story will heat up. At Society, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) tells Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) that Adam’s impervious to anyone’s suffering but his own – and that makes him the very definition of a sociopath.

Ashley’s sorry about any pain this causes Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and knows there could be blowback for Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), but she’s not sorry about the consequences for Adam. He had it coming as far as Ashley’s concerned.

Jack changes the subject to Dina Mergeron’s (Marla Adams) home movie and brings up the necklace in it. After Ashley learns they believe the emerald was made for an Italian princess, there’s a flash of recognition in Ashley’s eyes. She knows it’s the teardrop of love. Ashley thinks Victor mentioned it to her a long time ago.

After Ashley points out that the timing isn’t great, Jack argues that Victor’s always embroiled in some crisis. He wants to get to the bottom of this while Dina’s still alive.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) thinks the title says it all – Adam’s a monster. Billy feels like this is who Adam is, but Adam argues that he was a young boy protecting his blind mother. After Adam recaps the Kansas story, he insists he was a child and didn’t know what he was doing.

Billy feels like Adam’s soul is dark and he’s so sick of Adam never being held accountable for anything. Victor’s been covering up Adam’s crimes for years. “You ran over my daughter like a dog and he knew!” Billy shouts. “He used it against you to keep you in line! I mean that is a coldblooded bastard, but so are you.”

Billy wanted the world to know who Adam is and what he’s capable of, but Adam intends to force a retraction and sue Chance Comm into oblivion. Billy says they’re working on part two of this story since the well of Adam’s transgressions never runs dry.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) rants about Victor’s “sad fantasy” that he can save Adam. Victor defends the cover-up when Adam was a boy, but Victoria thinks Victor couldn’t handle the guilt of Hope Wilson taking his son away from him.

Victoria argues she didn’t know the blowback would be this bad, but Victor doesn’t believe her. He thinks Victoria wanted him to pay. Victoria thinks Victor’s too focused on his damaged son, so Victor says Victoria’s lucky she’s his daughter because NO ONE talks to him like this.

On Friday’s Young and the Restless episode, Victor warns that the company could indeed fail. If that happens, Victor intends to demote Victoria and strip her of everything. Victoria looks rattled as Victor stomps off.

At Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) place, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) updates Sharon on the investigation. Sharon frets about Adam, but Rey admits Victor is the focus for now. After Rey suggests Sharon knew about Adam killing someone as a child, Sharon says Rey knows she can’t discuss it.

Rey contends that everything is all out there in the open. He rants about how Adam should be in prison a dozen times over, but he can tell Sharon has a different perspective. Sharon points out that the story was published by a man who hates Adam, but Rey thinks facts are facts.

Sharon acknowledges Adam’s misdeeds, but she traces it all back to his childhood trauma. The cover-up had a profound effect on Adam and caused him to act out according to Sharon. “Do you still believe after all this time that Adam can be redeemed?” Rey asks.

Sharon still believes there’s good in Adam, but Rey thinks her capacity for forgiveness will come back to haunt her.

In their suite at The Grand Phoenix, Summer Newman (Hunter King) talks to Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) about wearing her engagement ring. They don’t have to hide it now. Kyle thinks Summer deserves a big wedding, but Summer suggests she doesn’t need one and has felt married to Kyle in her heart for quite some time.

Summer adds that the ceremony would just be for other people, so Kyle wonders why not elope then. That idea shocks Summer, who asks why they’d want to run away together in the middle of the night like it’s something they’re ashamed of.

Kyle contends that he just means a nice getaway where no one will suspect anything. Nobody will stand in their way. Summer worries this is about protecting Lola Rosales’ (Sasha Calle) feelings, but Lola never even crossed Kyle’s mind. He’ll be proud to make Summer his wife and just feels like what Summer said about not needing a big wedding makes sense.

Summer guesses there’s no reason to wait and agrees to a road trip. She tells Kyle to surprise her with the destination and makes plans to meet up with him later. “Eloping!” Summer says in a singsong voice as she leaves. Kyle’s grinning like a fool, but Summer pauses outside the door and looks a bit shaken.

Downstairs in the lobby, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) is on the phone telling Marta she needs to raise the funds immediately. She wants everything in her stock portfolio sold and knows this isn’t the right time to liquidate.

When Phyllis bought Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) out of the hotel, she had no idea this massive tax bill would be coming so soon.

Phyllis gets off the phone quickly when she spots Summer, who admits she’s going on a trip with Kyle. That leads to Phyllis asking if this is for business, so Summer lies that it is. Phyllis wonders when they’ll be back, but Summer isn’t sure.

When Phyllis asks if they’re going somewhere fun, Summer suggests you can have fun anywhere with the right attitude.

Phyllis is clearly getting suspicious and asks for the nearest city, so Summer comes up with Nashville on the fly. “What kind of stuff are you doing for Jabot in Tennessee?” Phyllis wonders. Things keep heading downhill as Summer babbles about scouting out a new boutique location.

Phyllis finally wants to know why Summer’s acting so weird. Summer suggests maybe it’s because she’s still upset about Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) reaction. She doesn’t think Phyllis stepped up all that much for her and doesn’t want to feel ashamed of her engagement.

Phyllis just wants to be certain this next step for Summer is the right one. She’s not sure Kyle has it in him to love Summer the way she should be loved. Summer says wasn’t sure either, but now she is or else she wouldn’t be doing this.

When the time comes, Phyllis hopes Summer will plan another wedding to Kyle. Later on Friday’s Y&R episode, Summer meets up with Kyle and assures him she’s “so ready.” The next time they see GC, they’ll be a happily married couple – at least according to Summer’s prediction!

At Crimson Lights, Sharon sits down with Adam. He hates what this is doing to Faith and wishes he could’ve prevented it. Sharon worries about Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) and knows Adam needs help dealing with everything.

Adam’s amazed that Sharon would even talk to him, but Sharon knows his heart.

Even so, Sharon’s going in for more surgery and will need time for her recovery. She still can’t be Adam’s therapist, which Adam understands. They talk about how it wouldn’t be fair to Rey either, but Sharon assures Adam that he can still count on her as a friend.

Jack makes his way to see Victor and brings up the mystery he’s trying to unravel. He insists this is about the teardrop of love necklace. “Oh, that does ring a bell,” Victor says.

He recalls John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) telling him the story of how he bought the necklace on the black market when Dina was pregnant with Jack. The necklace was stolen around the time Dina left for Paris.

Victor later took an interest in this necklace and wanted to buy it for Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). “You wanted to buy a stolen necklace?” Jack asks. Victor points out that John already bought it on the black market! It turns out Victor spent a lot of money on his search, which took nearly a year.

Victor remembers the gem was purchased in a private transaction. It was some type of phantom, holding company called Bohdi. Jack’s grateful and suggests that for what it’s worth, he thinks Victor did the right thing trying to protect Adam. At Chance Comm, Ashley visits Billy and hopes he hasn’t traded one addiction for another.

At Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) and Elena Dawson’s (Brytni Sarpy) penthouse, Elena’s on the sofa dreaming about Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) descending the stairs. Devon comments on how beautiful Amanda is and how proud he is of her career.

Elena freaks as she realizes Devon’s building the life he’s always wanted with Amanda.

“I’ve wanted you from the second I saw you,” Devon tells Amanda in the dream. “You never leave my mind, my dreams or my heart.” Soon after, Devon wakes Elena up and asks if she’s OK.

He urges Elena to open up about her dream, but she downplays it and insists she’s fine. After Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) calls to summon Elena to the clinic, Elena rushes off and leaves Devon perplexed.

At the clinic, there’s a lull after a flood of patients. Elena admits to Nate she’s grateful to be there since it means she doesn’t have to think about Amanda – or think about Devon thinking about Amanda.

Suddenly, there’s a commotion outside the exam room, so Elena and Nate go check it out. Jared (Michael Maclane) – the young man they previously helped – has collapsed on the floor.

Moments later, Jared’s on the exam table. “Jared, what did you take?! How much?!” Elena shouts. She urges Jared to stay with them. Nate works his doctor magic until Jared comes around following his overdose. After Jared admits he needs help, Elena promises they’ll see that he gets it.

Devon finds Amanda at Society and they confess their minds have been working overtime. Amanda gets that the twin truth has stirred up tons of emotions for Devon, but he stops her from trying to apologize. This does bring up a lot about the past, but Devon notes this doesn’t change his present.

Back at the clinic, Jared’s been taken to the hospital via ambulance. Nate reassures Elena as things take a shocking turn. When Elena heads back in the exam room, Nate follows and licks his lips.

They share looks of lust while steamy music plays. Nate wonders if Elena would rather be alone and starts to leave, but she stops him. After Elena and Nate lean in for a kiss, we see their shadows falling back for passion.

In Phyllis’ suite, she rants about Abby and has a meltdown over the possibility of failing. “I don’t fail! I never fail! People love this hotel, I built this hotel, people want to stay at this hotel, this is my hotel… This is MY hotel!” Phyllis insists.

Soon after, Phyllis calls Victoria and suggests she needs to hear something “pretty extraordinary.”

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