This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap 01/14/20: Season 4 Episode 10 “Light and Shadows”

This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap 01/14/20: Season 4 Episode 10 "Light and Shadows"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 14, 2020, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 4 episode 10 called, “Light and Shadows,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Kevin searches for romance. Kate meets Toby’s Crossfit friends. Randall travels to LA to be with Rebecca.”

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Kate is home with Toby, she asks if they are ok. She says she is fine, to which he responds that the daggers in her eyes tell him a different story. Kate asks him about the text from his cross-fit buddy, he says he was just venting. The buddy’s name is Cara, and Toby says they are just friends, she has nothing to worry about.

Kate says ok, she wants to get past this for their beautiful son.

Kevin goes on date, after a date with no success. Randall finds a Neurologist as the family is ringing in the New Year.

We go back to Jack and Rebecca were younger, they talk about her dad’s big birthday party coming up. Jack says he wouldn’t miss it. Rebecca asks him if he wants to stay at her place, he says no. As Jack is walking in, the landlord tells him that he is two weeks late on rent.

Back to the present day, Miguel, Rebecca, and Randall are sitting in the doctor’s office. Miguel asks Randall about how is it going in the office. Randall says it is busy but he is happy to be there. Dr. Whittaker comes out, she tells them that she is going to do a test to assess Rebecca’s memory and language skills. Randall would like the results the same day, the doctor says ok.

Kate is shopping with Kevin, she tells him that she wants to through him a cross-fit birthday to show how much she supports him. Madison walks in, she found some pineapple lights for the party. Next, Kate and Kevin go for coffee. Kevin tells Kate that he is quitting this whole matchmaking thing, it’s up to the universe now. Then Kevin turns around and sees a woman eyeing him. Kevin stays in the café to talk to the girl, Kate goes home. The girl’s name is Lizzy.

Back up again to Jack and Rebecca, they are out to dinner. Rebecca tells him that his mom is driving her crazy about her dad’s birthday. Jack looks upset, he tells Rebecca that he thinks hey should take a break. They are too different, she dines at country clubs and he can’t afford the pepperoni on the pizza. He says he is a part-time mechanic and she doesn’t deserve that. Jack pays the bill, tells Rebecca he can’t afford a tip.

Rebecca is being tested, Miguel and Randall are waiting outside. Miguel says that for the record, he is perfectly capable to take Rebecca to the doctor. Randall says with all due respect, he spent one day with his mom and he could see something was wrong. Miguel tells Randall he is just trying to be some kind of hero. Randall gets up and walks away.

Kevin is still in the café with Lizzy. She tells Kevin that she is from out of town, Chicago.

It is Toby’s party, everyone is in the house and going to surprise him. Kate tells one of his cross-fit buddies that she hopes he is surprised, he says him too, then mentions that he hasn’t seen him in two weeks, he changed gyms. Toby walks in.

Kevin surprises Lizzy on her last day there, he brings her to the Hollywood Bowl. Lizzy tells him that she is starting to feel like Cinderella. John Legend comes out on stage, he tells Lizzy the song is dedicated to her.

Back to Rebecca and Jack, Rebecca is home, Jack broke up with her.

At the doctor’s, the test is over. Rebecca talks to Randall about when he was small, she would tiptoe into his room when he was little, play Joanie Mitchell and rock him while they watched the sunrise together and wish time would stand still. Rebecca gets a call, the doctor has the results and wants Randall and Miguel in the room with her when she tells her.

Back to Rebecca, she is at her father’s party. Her mother tries to console her for Jack breaking up with her. Then she turns it around saying it was scary for them to see her with Jack because he can’t provide for her. She goes on to say that she thinks her father got into Jack’s head when they were at golf, he told Jack that he wasn’t good enough for her. Rebecca gets up to leave, her mother tells her that if Jack is her man, make sure he gives her an amazing love story, one for the ages.

At the doctor’s office, Rebecca is told that she has mild cognitive impairment, it means that there are changes in her understanding of things. The doctor says that before they put a name to it, she would like to take blood tests and an MRI. If things deteriorate, she could lose even more of her memory.

Everyone is gone from Toby’s party. Kate asks him why he left the gym two weeks ago. Toby says she was right about Cara, she tried to kiss him and he stopped it. He didn’t tell Kate because he was wrong and he didn’t want to give them another reason to fight. Kate tells him that she feels him pulling away and that he would rather be anywhere but at home with her and Jack. Toby says this is not about her, he loves her and Jack. The tension she is feeling when he is home when she looks at their son she has joy in her eyes when he looks at their son he is sad. Sad that he will never see the ocean, sad that he will never know what they look like or watch Star Wars with them.

Kate picks up Jack and tells Toby that she booked the three of them for a retreat, families with blind children. She thought it sounded like a great thing to do for their family, she walks away.

Miguel tells Randall that he was right, Randall says that he didn’t want to be. Miguel says that he noticed little things.

Kevin asks Lizzy how he is ranking on her best date ever list. She says pretty good, but not better than her prom. Kevin leans in and kisses Lizzy, she pulls away and says she can’t do this – she is married. Kevin says great, he is her hall pass. Lizzy tells him that he is amazing, she is sorry, she must go.

Kate is in the kitchen with Jack, she notices something, Jack is reaching for the light near him. Kate and Toby are thrilled, the doctors did say he could possibly start to see lights and shadows.

Back to Rebecca and Jack, she shows up at his work and tells him that she doesn’t care where he works and he has to forget everything her father said, she is in love with him. Jack tells her he can’t believe she beat him to saying I love you.

Randall is back home, he checks in on the kids and the heads to his room and kisses Beth. Randall goes downstairs to get some water, he sees an intruder in the house.