TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Recap 07/26/20: Season 5 Episode 7 “The Best Mistake Of My Life”

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Recap 07/26/20: Season 5 Episode 7 "The Best Mistake Of My Life"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, July 26, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 7 “The Best Mistake Of My Life,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Drama erupts when Colt and Debbie meet Jess’ family. Meanwhile, Angela refuses to act as a Nigerian woman, and Larissa is betrayed by Eric.

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Elizabeth’s family were beginning to trickle into Moldova. First to arrive was Elizabeth’s father Chuck and her brother Charlie. The guys were met at the airport by Elizabeth and Andrei and unfortunately, the guys didn’t have their luggage. Their luggage seems to have been misplaced. It was a rough start for Chuck and Charlie and so they were looking forward to what Elizabeth had planned. Elizabeth’s mother-in-law had wanted to welcome them to the country with a home-cooked meal. Elizabeth and Andrei took them to Andrei’s house. The car ride over there was awkward because Elizabeth’s family had a lot of questions.

They wanted to know if barbeque was available. They wanted to know if Amazon delivered over there and they basically had a lot of American-esque questions. They wanted to know how Moldova compared to the United States of America. But once the questions started flowing, the guys decided to get more information on Andrei. Andrei revealed to them that he was a detective in Moldova. He also left his country and his family to start over in a new country. Both Chuck and Charlie wanted to know why. They asked him about it and Andrei was very evasive. He refused to answer their questions about what kind of trouble he was in and so Elizabeth’s family was worried.

Chuck and Charlie couldn’t wait to meet Andrei’s family because they felt the man’s family would be more honest with them. Also, meeting the in-laws was Debbie. Debbie went with Colt and Jess to meet Jess’s family. Jess had told them before the meeting that her family is crazy. They definitely lived up to that moniker because they were very loud and passionate. Debbie didn’t like Jess’s father. She thought he was weird after he kissed her on the cheek several times. Debbie also wanted to hear, just like Jess’s father, the details about Colt’s relationship with Jess. Jess hadn’t known how long Colt was married for or how long after the divorce that they meant.

Jess found out the first time after her father asked her to relay the question to Colt. Colt said that he was married for six months and that he met Jess six months after his divorce. He also had to answer the most important question of all. What were his intentions with Jess? Jess’s family wanted to know because they hadn’t liked how Colt was going through Brazilian girls. Her family wanted to know that Colt has more respect for Jess and that he was serious about dating her. Like maybe he considered a future with her. Jess and Colt have been playfully talking about marriage and kids and so Jess wasn’t surprised when Colt spoke up.

Michael was still in trouble. His fiancé hadn’t liked him hanging around women even if they were women friends because she got easily jealous and so Michael was already in the doghouse when he made more trouble for himself. Michael wanted Angela to cook dinner for his family. It was traditional in his culture for the wife to cook a meal for her in-laws and that’s what Michael wanted Angela to do for his family. He asked/told her that she had to welcome his family. He thought Angela would bend on the subject and she refused to. She reminded him that she wasn’t Nigerian. She was an American and she wasn’t going to be waiting for anyone. Not him or his family.

Michael and Angela have been arguing like this since she landed. They’ve also been going back and forth on whether or not they were going to be married. It was after these fights that Angela usually told Michael that he should marry someone else if he wanted the traditional Nigerian wife. Angela and Michael argued about cooking his family a meal and Angela eventually told Michael that he should cook the meal. Michael tried to convince her differently. He tried to get her enthusiastic about ingredients and all it did was annoy her. And one ingredient had actually made her sick because Angela has never seen a goat’s head before.

Then there was Larissa. Larissa was kicked out of her friend Carmen’s house because Carmen found Larissa got back together with Eric and Carmen hadn’t wanted to be around any more drama. Carmen kicked her out. Larissa was left without a place to stay so she called Eric. Eric is her boyfriend and he agreed that she could move in with him. Eric has a roommate. It’s unclear if he ran this decision pass the roommate but the roommate met her when Larissa moved in and Larissa will be staying in Eric’s room while she gets her own room prepared for herself. Her room will be the first chance that Larissa will have gotten to redecorate.

Larissa couldn’t redecorate when she was with Colt and Debbie. Debbie hadn’t wanted to change anything and her son would usually take her side. Larissa couldn’t redo a single thing. She was stuck in someone else’s home and she couldn’t turn it into her own. Thankfully, things are different at Eric’s place. Larissa will have her own room and she could make it feel like home. Larissa also revealed she was a nerd on the inside. She liked the RPG game and she said not many people knew that because they took her at face value. They tend to think she’s just sexy. They never really get to her and Larissa has a lot going on.

Asuelu and Kalani came back. They appeared together for the first time after what happened in California and they finally discussed their fight. Asuelu lost it on his wife and his mother-in-law because they both agreed the children shouldn’t be going to Samoa with an outbreak of the measles there. Asuelu lost his temper. He only cared about going back home because he missed his family and so Asuelu didn’t want to hear their reasons. He just wrote them. He was so dismissive of them that his father-in-law had to step in. Low told Asuelu to never be disrespectful to his family again. He also warned Asuelu that he was running out of chances.

Asuelu took this threat seriously. It made him realize that he was treating his wife horribly and so he tried to fix things with her. He brought up their fight. He apologized for it for the first time and he and Kalani are working on repairing the relationship. Asuleu also asked for another favor. He finally gave up on the idea of taking his two small children to Samoa and so now he wants to take them to Washington. Its where his mother lives with one of his half-sisters. Asuelu half-sisters were both American citizens because they were born on a US territory overseas and Asuelu has never really gotten the chance to know them.

Asuelu wants to change that. He was also excited about seeing his mom again in person and so later that day Asuelu video-chatted with his mother and sister. He and Kalani wanted to tell them that he was going to visiting his mother. He even asked her if there was anything he could bring and she told him money. All she wanted was money. She wanted about a thousand dollars and that didn’t fly with Kalani. Kalani has never allowed Asuleu to send the actual amount that his family demanded. She thinks they ask for ridiculous amounts and she didn’t like how they kept asking. It was apparently a part of their culture to send money back.

They didn’t understand that Asuelu didn’t have money like that. He was working a part-time job and he was also supporting his own family. Asuelu tried to tell his mother that he could possibly give her five hundred. It was still a large amount and unfortunately, his family didn’t want to accept anything less than a thousand dollars. Asuelu’s sister told him he needed to worry about his family more than himself. Asuelu tried to use his wife as an excuse for why he couldn’t send the money and Kalani hadn’t liked that. Kalani didn’t like taking the full blame. She thought Asuelu should stand up to his family on his own and so she once again disappointed in him.

Back in Brazil, Colt did as expected. He said he was very serious about Jess and Jess’s family gave him their approval. It was all going so great until Debbie spoke up. Debbie thought Jess and Colt were rushing into things and she asked Jess’s family if any of them thought the same. No one else did. It also upset Jess. Jess tried to tell Debbie that she has that special feeling for Colt and that she didn’t need Colt for anything. She didn’t even need him for a green card. Jess saw the real reason why Debbie didn’t want her around. She knew that Debbie thought she was only in it for the green card and so she asked Debbie if she ever had that feeling.

Debbie said, “yes, she has”. She said she felt that way with Colt’s father and so Jess asked her how long did Debbie know her husband before they got married. Debbie answered back that it was six months. Which Jess said sounded a bit fast. Jess tried to tell Debbie that it was the same for her and Colt, but Debbie refused to hear it. Debbie added how she had lived with her husband before they got married. She lived with him for six months and so her dates were either a little off or she literally moved in with her boyfriend after the first date. Anyways, things moved pretty fast for Debbie herself so she was in no position to judge.

Jess got so upset that she lost her temper with Debbie. Debbie got offended and Colt sent her back to the hotel by herself. Colt did not go with her. He wanted to stay and speak with Jess’s family some more. So, that’s when Debbie truly got upset. Debbie was furious that her son didn’t come back with her to the hotel. She mentioned the next morning when she saw him and she also told him that Jess losing her temper as she did was a sign. Debbie has been trying to connect Jess with Larissa this whole trip. She’s been making snide remarks. She’s been insinuating things and so Jess called her out on her crap. And Debbie couldn’t handle it nor was Colt taking her usual manipulations.

Colt didn’t go back to the hotel with his mom. He stayed with Jess and he came in the next morning with hair that basically said he just had sex. Colt’s closeness with his mother is creepy. He even thought she was jealous of him with Jess and so for a while, he was thinking rationally. Then what some of Debbie said had started to get to him. Colt later went out with Jess. They went to the beach and Colt told Jess that she couldn’t disrespect his mother. He also asked her to stop calling him a “baby boy” because he says he’s a man. He told Jess that he only lives with Debbie because she has no one else. He asked Jess what would she do if her father was sick and she said her father would live with her while she takes care of him. And Colt used that money “a-ha” like there could be a connection between that scenario and what’s really happening with his mother.

Paul and Karine meanwhile moved into their new place. They were renting a tiny house that was on a trailer park yard and Karine much preferred the tiny house over a traditional trailer. The trailer was just too tight for her. The tiny house was at least cuter on the outside because it has its own porch. It was cuter on the inside as well and so Karine was finally happy with the place. She moved in with the baby. They were leaving behind hotel life and they left just in time. Paul’s mother only paid for the first week. The next few weeks were what Paul paid for and he doesn’t have a job yet. He’s still looking for one.

Over in Nigeria, Michael cooked his family some food. His mother hadn’t really wanted and so Angela used her option. Angela dished out pizza to her in-laws. They loved it and she, therefore, won her argument with Michael. She had told him that his family would be fine with pizza. He hadn’t wanted to believe and look at what happened.

And back in the States, Larissa found out that Eric was talking to a girl when they were broken up and so she called the girl to find out what happened between her and Eric. She called the girl. She found out that this girl isn’t interested in Eric in the slightest because Eric bashed Larissa to everyone. This even includes his own parents. Eric told everyone that Larissa is crazy and he talked to Colt when they were broken up. They talked about Larissa. They talked about what Larissa did in bed and Eric spoke of Larissa like he hates her. He did all of this during their breakup and so maybe that was why he was acting so out of character, but Larissa was heartbroken and she didn’t know what she was going to say to him.