TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined Recap 05/11/20: Season 1 Episode 4 “It’ All Relative”

TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined Recap 05/11/20: Season 1 Episode 4 "It' All Relative"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined airs with an all-new Monday, May 11, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé Self-Quarantined days recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé Self-Quarantined season 1 episode 4 “It’ All Relative,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Russ struggles with his grandmother’s death. Karen and Thomas have a full house.

Michael and Juliana quarantine with his ex-wife and her new husband. Ben and Akiny’s wedding is on hold, while Patrick reaches out to Myriam in Paris.

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With the current pandemic going on, the couples are all loving together and filming their daily lives without a crew.

Russ and Pao are in quarantine with their son Axl. At first, it was nice to be in quarantine but now it is tough with the baby. Russ has taken several trips. Pao wants him to understand how hard it is to be with Axl 24/7. They fight about who has been waking up and making breakfast.

Russ has been working out of the house while Pao has too as a personal trainer and nutritionist. They get the sad news that a member of Russ’ family has died. He is very angry and sad. But trying to stay positive.

They put Axl to bed and try a yoga challenge together. They do pretty well, laughing as they go.

Karen is on to her second week in quarantine. She puts on her make-up. She joins Thomas in the kitchen. They are working on shipping essentials to those in need. Karen shares that she has two of her adult children back in her home. At first, it was nice until messes were made.

Karen goes outside each night to think and relax. She has also been creating victory gardens to feed the family. She loves nature. She has also been doing Tai Chi with her daughter. Her daughter thinks she is crazy.

Karen wants to check their bug out bags. These are bags she has collected in case of an emergency. They can grab the bags and go. Her kids think she is bugging out. They check on Chantel and Pedro by video. Chantel shares that Pedro spends all day on the computer.

Karen and the family head out to have a campfire. They. Feel they are blessed and have it all given the circumstances.

Ben and Akyini are still waiting for her visa so she can come to the US. She is currently in Kenya with her mom, dad, and sisters. She shows her village and talks about the 7 pm curfew. Meanwhile, Ben has been exposed to friends with the coronavirus. He hasn’t been able to see his son. He has been working from home and can only talk to Akyini once a week by video. He reminds her that they were supposed to be married by now. But the virus has ruined that.

Akyini feels rushed. She wants to take 90 days. She makes him get. Up and do a dance by video. She laughs when he is bad. Later, he heads to be tested for the virus. He finds out he is negative and can now feel good he won’t infect others.

Michael and Juliana are on day 29 in Connecticut with a full house of family. Sean and Sarah are living with the couple. Sarah and Michael are exes. The kids are also there. There are a lot of dirty dishes and no privacy.

Juliana has put signs everywhere to control the mess. Sometimes they sing and play drums. It is also hard to make sure the kids are doing their homework. Juliana video chats with her friends. They drink and dance, having fun.

The stress hasn’t stopped though. Sarah has Discover she has bread cancer. She will have radiation and possibly chemo. Her labs are backed up. Sean is trying to deal, but he feels detached. This whole thing has been bizarre for them but lucky to have each other.

Patrick is in Las Vegas and has been in quarantine for 3 weeks. He has been out of work but spending time with his son. He has been doing his thing as a DJ online. He is sad he can’t see his daughter who is in Kentucky. At night, he talks with Myriam at night. She is in Paris. They have been friends for years. He stopped pursuing her after he found out she had a boyfriend. But she has since shared that she is single. He is excited!

Myriam lives with her parents. Everything is closed in Paris. If you have to go out you have to have paperwork. She cannot wait for all of this to be over. Patrick wants to see her as soon as they can travel.