Tyler Christopher’s Heartbreaking Mother’s Day Statement – Days of Our Lives & General Hospital Star’s Expression of Love & Hope

Tyler Christopher’s Heartbreaking Mother’s Day Statement - Days of Our Lives & General Hospital Star's Expression of Love & Hope

Tyler Christopher, who portrayed Stefan DiMera on Days of Our Lives and Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital, posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page (which has since been removed) on Sunday paying tribute to his mom who passed away four years ago. This Mother’s Day, the popular soap star shared some touching words about the holiday and about his mother, as well as his current life situation.

“Happy Mother’s Day mom!” Tyler wrote. “We haven’t celebrated this day in over 4 years since you passed. But today? We do.” Tyler then wrote about his two children who are shown in the accompanying video happily riding in a boat and having a great time. Tyler wrote that his daughter has grown and that his kids make him laugh all the time, and he praised his wife Brienne as well.

Then things turned serious, as Tyler explained that his kids would have had a difficult time had they relied only on him. “Because mom? Since I so arrogantly rejected your help at 17, I’ve been struggling ever since. I came to visit your gravesite today because I wanted to share a couple things I’ve never said in my life…I’m sorry for using your mental health disease to minimize my own.”

Tyler continued: “At 17, you knew I was bipolar and tried to get me proper medication. I went to your doctor and he gave me lithium. I, however, resented it. I thought I was too good for ridiculous medication like you. I didn’t need that crap. I threw it away. I…am…so…sorry. My life has been over challenging ever since.”

Tyler went on to explain that most people with untreated bipolar disorder are also addicts, and he stated, “The only way I could treat my bipolar depression was with alcohol. It brought me out of impending doom and made life somewhat serviceable. Only problem is that chronic alcohol use is not sustainable behavior.”

Tyler continued: “It WILL take away all of your sound decision making and deem it near impossible to gain it back. How do I know? Because it’s causing me my marriage and time with my children.” Tyler went on to explain that he chose to treat his bipolar disorder with addiction, and that it’s costing him his family.

Despite the heavy nature of the post at this point, Tyler ended on a more positive note, saying, “Now for the first time in 30 years I’m treating my disease with what you tried to get me to take. I pray it works. Happy Mother’s Day again, mom. I’ll get it right this time. Happy Mother’s Day Brienne. I’m fighting hard every day.”

Tyler’s fans have been reaching out to him steadily since he made the post, offering their words of encouragement and support. For example, one person commented: “I’m sure your Mom understands. Wishing you all the best to get yourself well.”

And someone else replied: “Takes a lot of courage and a will to LIVE not just survive to speak your truth. Much love and respect.”

Finally, someone said: “That took a lot of courage to admit to the world that you have been suffering for so long. You have my greatest respect. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you on screen once more.”

We certainly wish Tyler the best and continued good health. Stick with CDL for all your soap-related news, spoilers, and daily updates.