Welcome to Plathville Recap 12/22/20: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Open Road”

Welcome to Plathville 12/22/20: Season 2 Episode 7 "The Open Road"

Tonight on TLC their reality show Welcome To Plathville airs with an all-new Tuesday, December 22, 2020, episode and have your Welcome to Plathville recap below.  On tonight’s Welcome to Plathville season 2 episode 7 called “The Open Road,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Lydia confides in Kim about her secret crush. Ethan jets off to Los Angeles to meet up with Olivia for a much-needed vacation away from Cairo, Georgia. Then, Lydia is in for some surprises when she joins Moriah for a girls’ night.”

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Olivia and Ethan are on a picnic with Micah and Moriah, they are really the only two siblings that they can spend time with. Olivia and Ethan show off their tattoos. Ethan says he wasn’t on board at first, but he liked the design and decided to do it. Micah is happy to see that Ethan got the tattoo. Olivia shows them all a video they did when they were younger.

Ethan loved seeing the video, but it makes him really miss his siblings that he can’t see right now. When you are growing up together you don’t ever think there is a moment where you won’t be seeing each other at least once a week. And, it angers that his parents use his siblings as collateral. He would love to tell his parents, he has a growing frustration that his siblings were the only friends that he was allowed to have grown up and now he can’t see them.

At the Plath family home, Lydia has something to talk to her mom about. She tells her that several years ago, she started to have a crush on a boy. She shows her little notes that he has sent her. For a while, she was really anxious. There were specific things that she asked God to show her, and she doesn’t think it is his will that she be with him.

Her mom tells her that she is still young. Lydia says that she thinks that she has to wait for the right man. She and her mom have a really good relationship, so it makes it good that she can speak to her. She tells her that she doesn’t have to follow the path that she and her father took. She says she had four ex-boyfriends at the wedding and her dad thought a fight was going to break out.

Micah is taking Ethan to the airport this morning, he is going to LA. This past year has been tough for Ethan and Olivia, this trip will give them a break and give them time to focus on each other. Ethan tells Micah is looking for the trip, but he doesn’t like new or different things. Micah is hoping that the trip with be good for Ethan. Micah drops Ethan at the airport.

Moriah and Lydia are together at Moriah and Micah’s place. Moriah tries to encourage her to have a fashion show with her, with clothes that she has never worn. Lydia is apprehensive, she doesn’t have the same “I ran out of fabric” style that Moriah as. The second outfit, Lydia doesn’t even want to come out because she finds it too short and with no sleeves. Moriah thinks it is important for Lydia to find her own identity outside the family. Micah walks in and he thinks Lydia looks really good in Moriah’s clothes. Most of Moriah’s clothes were like no way, except for one polka dot dress. Micah is confident that Lydia will eventually find her way.

This is Ethan’s first time in LA, so he rents a convertible to pick up Olivia. He smells weed, he says he will never smoke it, she asks what if he smoked it with her, he says no way.

Lydia sees some of the pictures that Micah has posed for and she is shocked, especially the one of him in a Speedo. Lydia loved that Micah came in, she missed him, but she is uncomfortable about some of his photos. When he leaves, Moriah puts purple lipstick on Lydia. Then, Moriah asks Lydia if she spoke to her parents about the boy. Lydia says she prayed about it, and after she found the peace that it wasn’t the right thing to do, she told her mother about it. Moriah says that is good because he has a new girlfriend. Lydia has so much peace that it is over. Moriah tells Lydia that she doesn’t need a guy to do anything for her. Lydia really enjoys being with Moriah, even though they are so different.

Olivia and Ethan are still in LA, they find a little Japanese restaurant and decide to stay for dinner. He makes a sexual joke at dinner and Olivia is surprised. Ethan has never used chopsticks before, he made them into a female anatomy lesson, and Ethan has fun with it. His parents never spoke to them about their bodies, or sex, or puberty.

Micah is working out and motivated, he just wants to keep going. Meanwhile, Olivia and Etan are heading to Joshua Tree. Ethan doesn’t like to be in LA, but he loves sharing new experiences with Olivia. They arrive at Joshua Tree and they offer a couples massage. Olivia is into it, Ethan not so much. Time for the massages. Ethan takes off his shirt and finds it very odd to get a massage. Ethan keeps asking questions and Olivia is just trying to enjoy himself and wishes that Ethan would just be quiet. In the end, they both enjoy the massage.