7 Little Johnstons Premiere Recap 05/25/21: Season 9 Episode 1 “Holiday Hangover”

7 Little Johnstons Premiere Recap 05/25/21: Season 9 Episode 1 "Holiday Hangover"

Tonight on TLC America’s largest know little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 25, 2021, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 9 Episode 1 “Holiday Hangover,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Jonah is the first Johnston to turn 21 and it’s Christmas time in the household.

Trent and Amber try to make the holiday merry; the adult kids living at home are causing tension in the family.

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in tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons episode, it is Jonah’s 21st birthday. The family throws a party under their newly finished pavilion. The family is all doing well. Jonah is working part-time and as soon as he gets a full-time job he has 3 months to find an apartment. Emma and Alex just finished as freshmen in high school. Anna and Elizabeth are also doing well with school.

At the party, the family has hired a mixologist to make cocktails and mocktails. They all discuss what their favorites cocktails would be. Jonah really enjoys himself. He finishes the night early after drinking a little too much.

3 Days Later – The family gets ready for Christmas. As they break out the decorations they find Trent’s clog shoes and start making fun of him. They discuss learning to clog together. Trent thinks they need to do a Tie Tok. Amber thinks they need clothing that matches. They joke they could dress as elves. Just then, Trent falls. They all laugh.

The family heads to meet a clog expert. Sarah teaches them about the downbeat and footwork. Sarah then helps them put a routine together. The family has fun.

Later, the family sits and talks, discussing Anna’s new job as a substitute teacher. She has been at a high school for the last couple of days. She would rather work at daycare full time but she keeps substitute teaching to make her mom happy. Since she has been back from college they have been butting heads again.

Now that Jonah has been given the green light to leave Elizabeth wants to move too. She is already refurbishing furniture. She and Anna have rented a storage unit to put their things in. During all of this talk, Anna gets mad at Amber and lays into her. She tells her mom she doesn’t care what she thinks. Amber tells her she can leave. This is partly why Elizabeth is moving out. The fights are too much. It is affecting everyone.

The next day, Anna and Trent talk about her moving out. Trent tries to talk to her about having a steady income. She doesn’t need to rush to move. None of them do. Anna shares that she and Amber’s relationship is strained and this is why she wants to leave. Telling Amber about all of this is a waste of time to Anne. Trent tells her she needs to talk to her mom. She is determined to not talk to her mom and rent a house with a friend.

Amber and Trent talk that night. Amber thinks it is a fine idea that Anna moves out. This could be their last Christmas together. Trent seems upset while Amber appears to be fine.

On Christmas morning, the family wakes up and opens their gifts. The morning is great. Everyone loves their gifts. They then make their Tik Tok video but get into a fight because Alex walked on the floor in his clogs. Amber and Trent were not happy. The kids felt like this spoiled the mood.