’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 05/30/21: Season 6 Episode 6 “Fear and Loathing”

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Recap 05/30/21: Season 6 Episode 6 "Fear and Loathing"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, May 30, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 6 episode 6 “Fear and Loathing,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Brandon lays down the law with Julia. Kalani seeks legal counsel. Angela considers another surgery. Natalie stands her ground with Mike’s mum. Andrei jeopardizes his new job. Tiffany reaches out to her dad with a big ask.

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In tonight’s tonight 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever after, Mike and his new wife arrived recently at his mother’s house. The three of them were probably thinking the trip would be smooth and that everyone would get along but there was tension. There was tension between Natalie the wife and Trish the mother. The mother thought Natalie was selfish. Natalie doesn’t help around the house and she doesn’t work.

Natalie wanted to wait until her desired profession was available and it currently wasn’t because of the pandemic. Natalie also didn’t want to work until her desired profession became available. She didn’t want to be a translator and she doesn’t want to work around the house. She does nothing all day long. It was Mike who came home after a long day to clean up and he mentioned this to his mother. Which further aggravated her.

Trish said something to Mike. She told him that Natalie does nothing all day and he agreed with her. Mike and Natalie have had their issues. They almost didn’t get married because they fought too much and he hadn’t been sure about marrying her. Mike also seems to have some current frustration with her because otherwise, he would have defended her to his mother. Mike didn’t say anything to his wife’s defense and so his mother kept going to Natalie to get a job. Trish said Natalie couldn’t wait until television and movies to open up for her. Natalie worked as an actress in Ukraine. She wanted to work as an actress here and she couldn’t do that because she was an unknown face to American audiences and she also doesn’t speak clear English.

Her accent is quite strong. She could probably get a job as a walk-on or as someone in the background and she hasn’t sought that out yet. Maybe it’s her location. She was stuck out in the wilderness on the ranch without Mike and so maybe she needs to find an alternate route to travel to downtown. But while she waits for such an opportunity, it doesn’t look good to Trish that Natalie doesn’t work at all.

The mother-in-law would settle if Natalie worked inside the home or if she was an interpreter which would allow her to work from home and so Natalie not working is a choice. A choice that Trish doesn’t understand. Trish is coming to think that Natalie only married her son to get to America and conversations with Natalie aren’t helping.

Natalie was also getting upset because she knew her mother-in-law thought she was with Mike for money. She may not know English very well but she knows that her mother-in-law was insinuating something about her character and she didn’t like it. Natalie was fending questions from her in-laws right as Ronald was getting some good news. Ronald’s visa has been approved.

He can now move to the next stage and that was the interview stage. Ronald and Tiffany were in a good place. They were both happy about this news and so the one thing they were worried about was Tiffany’s father. Tiffany needed her father to co-sign the visa with her. Her father doesn’t know much about Ronald. He only knows the Ronald from the wedding day and so Tiffany hasn’t told him about everything else. And that meant Ronald’s record.

Then there was Angela. Angela recently had weight-loss surgery and she was in a lot of pain. Angela was leaning on her best friend Jojo during this time. Jojo helped Angela to the bathroom. She would wipe for Angela and so Angela was going to miss her when JoJo eventually goes home. She was still in a lot of pain. She couldn’t drink sodas and just having gas was painful. Only Angela wants more surgeries. Angela was feeling bad after she had her boobs done and Michael didn’t like it. Michael liked her having large breasts. He felt her current size wasn’t big enough for him and so he wasn’t supportive when he saw the end result but Angela doesn’t want more surgeries on her chest. Her next surgery is going to be a facelift.

Angela’s friend JoJo doesn’t want her rushing into a facelift. Just because her face might sag once she’s losing the weight and JoJo was also concerned that Angela’s previous surgeries were rushed. Angela was just supposed to get the weight-loss surgery at first. She later changed her mind to add on more surgeries and now she was talking about having another. JoJo wants her to slow down.

She wants her best friend to give herself time to heal and maybe Angela will listen to her once she’s doing things for herself again. Jojo took time off to help. She has to go back to work now and it’s going to get a lot harder on Angela. Angela will probably slow down on the surgeries once the true costs of her previous surgeries kick in.

Elizabeth meanwhile was enjoying yoga with her sister Jenn. She had needed time to relax and she had wanted someone to vent to. Elizabeth was stressed. She was working and she was also taking care of her daughter Ellie. Andrei expects her to do both of those things without help. Elizabeth wants a nanny or at least a babysitter and Andrei shoot those down because he said it’s not a part of his culture.

Back in Moldova, his mother works and she takes care of the house. Andrei figures if she can do it then so could Elizabeth and so he failed to understand that Elizabeth needs help. It’s okay to ask for help. If Andrei wasn’t going to let other people do it then maybe he should be helping more. He was the stay-at-home dad before. He knows how to help with the baby now.

Except for Andrei still thinks it’s Elizabeth’s job. He got himself a little job for her and now he’s back to acting like a Moldovan man. He believes he works and that Elizabeth’s first concern should be the baby, but Elizabeth needs help and so her sister told her to hire someone behind Andrei’s back. She said nannies are perfectly acceptable in America. Elizabeth does need help and so she considered hiring someone.

She knows what Andrei’s reaction will be to that. He would claim that whoever she hired could be dangerous. He doesn’t like other people taking care of his baby and he has to work because his greed card is up for renewal. If Andrei doesn’t show he’s changed. Show that he’s now a working man then he could lose his green card and might be deported back to Moldova. And then what will happen because Andrei reportedly had genuine health concerns in Moldova.

Andrei claimed he had to leave the country or else they were going to kill him. So, he couldn’t get sent back and he has to show that he’s willing to work. Much like Julia. Julia works on the family farm and she does that because she wants to lessen Brandon’s burden but the two got into a fight and she’s been sleeping back in her old room.

The fight was a few days. The two of them went out to hang out with his friends and his friends have said a lot of iffy things to Julia. They told her how they hear about foreign women who date and marry American men just to get here and the way this friend said, it implied that Julia was like those women. Julia loves her husband. She didn’t marry him for a lifestyle or to get to America. Julia was from Russia and she doesn’t mind going back there.

Julia had no interest in politics. She will never get arrested for being a dissident and so Russia really was fine for her. Julia also didn’t like how friendly this female friend was being to Brandon. She felt the girl was rude and Brandon should have said something and the fact he didn’t was what caused Julia to rush out of the restaurant. She returned home. She went straight for the extra room and it was there Brandon found her. Brandon thought Julia was rude storming off like that. He had to make excuses to his friends and so he didn’t see why that one friend of his had been too much. He just thought Julia was being overly emotional. He returned home. He found Julia in her old bedroom and he asked if that’s where she wants to stay and so she let it rip.

She told him his friends were horrible. Brandon chose to believe his friends were normal and that Julia doesn’t see it because Julia doesn’t have any friends. Julia is new to America. She needs time before she can make friends. She also would like to feel comfortable around potential new friends and that’s not what Brandon’s friends were giving her. They were judging her. People who were open to knowing her wouldn’t have done that and so Brandon should be on her side. He claims he’s on her said all the while telling her what she could have done better. She could have taken him aside and told him that she wants to leave and he would have made excuses towards his friends. Brandon and Julia still disagree about the best way to handle everything and so maybe they should stick to their own rooms while this argument’s going.

Andrei’s work isn’t easy. He has to flip a house and Chuck told him to demolish it but no one cleared it past Charlie and so Charlie received a call from the neighbors claiming someone is demolishing his house. Charlie rushed from home to the house in question. He found Andrei demolishing everything and he told him to stop. Everything Andrei did had to be cleared past Charlie. It’s a family-run business and the family have to be contacted about their houses if Andrei plans on working on them. Charlie put an end to the demolishment. He told Andrei he couldn’t work on the house anymore and so that frustrated Andrei. Andrei doesn’t want to deal with his brother or sisters-in-law. He just wants to work with Chuck. He was hoping if he did a good job that Chunk will front the loan to him for a 100k.

Later, the tension increased between Natalie and Trish. Trish needed to do some grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and so she brought her son and daughter-in-law along with her to the butchers. The butchers was Natalie’s hell. She was surrounded by dead meat and as a vegetarian, she said she could respect people who eat meat but why couldn’t they respect her in this instance. Natalie stormed out of the butcher’s. She waited by the car and this brought her down even further in Trish’s mind because she said Natalie threw a tizzy fit. Mike then said, “I guess so”. Mike didn’t go outside to check on his wife and so he stayed with his mother and they continued to shop until they were done. They then came outside to find Natalie waiting by the car.

No one as in truly no one other than the cameraman had asked Natalie if she was okay. Her husband didn’t ask and neither did his mother. They just both seemed to be over it. But Angela wasn’t covering getting more plastic surgery. She still wants a fac lift and she wanted one in spite of now being on her own. Jojo left. Angela now has to take care of herself and she’s been doing admirably. She got a walker. The walker is where she puts her things instead of her bra nowadays and it helps her get around. Angela has been going to an organic juice bar. She loves drinking organic juice because they’re naturally sweet and she doesn’t have to worry about sodas. Angela was therefore in a good place for surgery. She wanted the fact lift and she spoke with her husband about it.

Michael was against surgery. He didn’t want her to have any more surgery because he didn’t want her to touch her face or to stop looking like his Angela. Angela spoke with a doctor. The doctor assured her she’ll still look like herself and he also assured Michael but then Michael asked how much it was. It was over twenty grand. Money that should have gone towards having a baby was now being spent on Angela’s face and so of course Michael was against it. Michael thought that was too much to spend on a procedure he doesn’t even want. Only Angela wants it. Angela said she would rather spend money on looking great because that way she wouldn’t be so insecure about her looks and she wouldn’t think Michael was checking out other women. And so she was going ahead with the surgery regardless of what Michael said.

Tiffany meanwhile met with her father. Her father hasn’t been a big part of her life because he sort of disappeared after he split with her mom and so now he’s back. He’s making an effort to be a part of her life. Tiffany doesn’t want to ruin her budding relationship with her father by keeping secrets. She met him for lunch. She told him that Ronald has been approved and she also told him she needed a co-sponsor. Tiffany addressed the risks. She told her father that they would be on the line financially if anything were to happen and he told her he’d do it, but then she told him about Ronald’s past. Ronald has a record and his past with gambling might be an issue.