90 Day Fiancé Recap 01/24/21: Season 8 Episode 8 “Unsure and Insecure”

90 Day Fiancé Recap 01/24/21: Season 8 Episode 8 "Unsure and Insecure"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé premiere with an all-new Sunday, January 24, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé season 8 episode 8 “Unsure and Insecure,” as per the TLC Synopsis “In Belize, Stephanie tests Ryan. Natalie faces Mike’s mom.

Julia gives Brandon an ultimatum. Jovi’s drinking interrupts Yara’s big news. Andrew has another idea to get Amira into the U.S.

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Stephanie and her fiancé Ryan are not in a great or even good place. The two are fighting more than ever and their fights couldn’t be fixed with a mere visit this time. They haven’t seen each other in ten months because of the pandemic. Both of their countries experienced something like a lockdown and it also prevented Ryan from having his final interview for the fiancé visa. The government buildings in Belize were shut down.

They didn’t process any visas or anything like it in a while. Ryan has no clue when he’ll be able to do his interview or be approved, but things have since eased up with the restrictions in Belize and Stephanie was hoping that would be enough to gain entry. She wants to visit Ryan and she’s willing to risk everything to do it.

Stephanie packed up luxury goods. She was traveling to Belize with several high-end watches which were a gift for Ryan and she was also coming with an engagement ring. It was the ring her father gave her mother. Stephanie always envisioned getting engaged with that ring and so she’s traveling with it so that she and Ryan can make things official. The two were already engaged.

They just did things without a ring and Stephanie wanted to correct that on her next visit. That is if she’s allowed to visit. Stephanie is traveling to Belize and she has no idea what’s waiting for her. She could easily be turned away at the airport if her Covid tests don’t come through. And then there’s Mike and Natalie.

Mike and Natalie have no chance of working out. Their relationship was doomed to fail because it was forever two steps forward and one step back with them. They occasionally had progressed, but it was so slow that it could be mistaken for being dead. Mike and Natalie also weren’t happy with the state of their relationship. Mike still wanted to take time to get to know Natalie again and she meanwhile wants to rush things.

She wants the engagement ring. She wants Mike to kick out his uncle. She wants them to live their lives on her terms and Mike doesn’t want that. He was unhappy with Natalie’s endless list of demands. He didn’t want to be a vegetarian or be caught up in working out. He didn’t believe in healthy living and that’s her life.

Natalie and Mike couldn’t agree on anything. They were more going ahead with their relationship because they were forced to thanks to the visa. Natalie’s fiancé visa is good for ninety days. She either has to get married in that time frame or she gets deported once the time is up. Natalie doesn’t want to go back to Ukraine. She wants to stay in the US and she wants to stay there on her terms. Natalie thinks she can change Mike.

She can’t and eventually, she will realize this. She’ll probably realize this on the plane back to Ukraine. And while Natalie’s relationship with Mike is slowly failing, Yara receives some unfortunate news.

Yara is pregnant. She was experiencing feelings of nauseousness and tiredness and she told her good friend back in Ukraine. Her friend told her to get a pregnancy test. She said Yara’s symptoms sounded like she was pregnant and so Yara decided to do as her friend suggested. She went to the drug store. She bought a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

She’s pregnant. This isn’t the first pregnancy she’s had with Jovi. The two of them were pregnant once before and it sadly ended in a miscarriage. She lost her baby and she was told by her doctor that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again. And so Yara believed him, she didn’t think she could get pregnant as easily as before.

Yara still took precautions with Jovi. They still used contraception and so this latest pregnancy was not planned. If anything, it upset Yara because she didn’t want to have a baby so soon. She wanted to live in the US for a while and she even discussed getting a job first. She didn’t want to be stuck home with a baby. She also didn’t want to be stuck there while Jovi went to work every day and he got to have a life.

Jovi wasn’t around when Yara did the pregnancy test. He had to travel for work and he wasn’t going to be back for a few more days. Yara told her friend that she was going to wait until Jovi was back to tell him because she didn’t think it was right to tell him over the phone. And boy is Jovi going to be surprised.

Over in Washington, Mike’s mother came for a visit. His mother knew about their fight that happened towards the end of Mike’s vacation in Ukraine and so she knows what Natalie did. She knows that Natalie threw her ring at Mike because she claimed she didn’t love him. The fact things have changed since then doesn’t mean it changed for the better and so Mike’s mother decided to see where things stand now.

She knows that both Mike and Natalie wanted to give their relationship a second chance. She, therefore, didn’t come in ready to yell at Natalie for her past behavior and she instead decided to joke about grandchildren. Mike’s family couldn’t wait for him to have children of his own.

Natalie doesn’t want kids right now. She believes that children should be brought up in a healthy environment where there aren’t fights and where both parents are on the same page. Natalie doesn’t currently have that with Mike. The two fight all the time because Natalie would do or say something that pushes Mike away and yet Natalie thinks it’s Mike that pushes her away. She even told his mother that Mike leaves her guessing.

Mike’s mother must not have liked that because she asked Natalie if wasn’t her that left Mike in the dark when she gave back the ring. Natalie didn’t like that. She claimed that Mike got her back for it and the truth is their relationship is toxic. They’ve both done toxic things and it left the relationship unsalvageable.

Amira was wondering if her relationship with Andrew could work. Andrew pressured her into traveling to Mexico with emotional manipulation and he did that by telling her that if she loves him that she would go to Mexico in the middle of a pandemic. Like, there’s literally a pandemic killing people. Andrew shouldn’t be pressuring his fiancé to travel in such conditions and still, he did so because he swore everything would be fine.

He thought Mexico would allow her entry from France. He turned out to be wrong because Mexico claimed she didn’t have a passport and they gave her this paper that said this in the same envelope in which they returned her passport. Mexico basically lied to keep Amira out of their country.

No one wants to allow Europeans into their country right now. The coronavirus was running rampant in Europe and so it wasn’t even Mexico’s fault that they didn’t want these people. Amira had no chance of visiting Mexico. She was sent to Amsterdam and from there she made her own way home to France. Amira is now back home with her family. Her father blames the whole trip on Andrew and he told Amira that he doesn’t have a good feeling about him now.

He thinks Andrew is a bad choice for his daughter. He didn’t like the sound of emotional manipulation or that his daughter was detained in a prison-like setting. He and his family hadn’t been able to contact Amira while she was being detained and so it was a scary time for everyone.

Anything could have happened to Amira. She was lucky that all Mexico did was deport her and not arrest her. Her fiancé wasn’t even all that upset with her deportation. Andrew went all out with his vacation in Mexico and he did a bunch of stuff. He took out an AV and he rode around. He visited a steak restaurant where ordered a hug steak and had several cocktails. Andrew was having fun.

He was living it up in Mexico and then later telling Amira about it over facetime. Amira, as anyone could guess, was not happy about Andrew enjoying a vacation without her. She wished she was in Mexico with him and at the same time she was still angry about him pressuring her to go in the first place.

Stephanie’s trip to Belize went much smoother. Stephanie was actually allowed into the country and she got to see her fiancé Ryan. Ryan was happy to see her. The two kissed and made up. Stephanie gave him the gifts she bought for him. She also gave him some glow-in-dark condoms that she wanted to use with him and while she was there – she also checked his phone.

Stephanie went through Ryan’s phone. She went directly to his contacts and she started asking about the women’s names she saw. She wanted to know who they were. She wanted to know what their relationship with Ryan was and she wasn’t happy until Ryan began telling her that they were cousins. And that they were just talking.

Or so he claims anyway. Stephanie didn’t call these numbers and so she really has no idea whether or not they were cousins like Ryan claimed. She just took his word for it. She also gave him her parents’ ring and he didn’t propose right off. He told her he’s been planning for the event. He wants to woo her and then give her the ring. He doesn’t want her to see it coming.

Stephanie liked the idea because she too wants to be surprised and so things are good again. They’re good because Stephanie wants them to be good. Stephanie overlooked all the warning signs about her relationship with Ryan and her selective amnesia has also helped her to forget she slept with his cousin. A male cousin that he’s very close to.

Mike and Natalie meanwhile chose a date. They were helped in choosing a date because Natalie needed a date to tell her mother and her mother has to apply for a visa to visit for the wedding and so Mike’s mother convinced him to set a date for the wedding. Mike’s mother felt for Natalie. She understood how hard it is for Natalie to move to this country and start over away from family. Natalie was missing her mother. She needed a maternal figure and Mike’s mother stepped up to be it. And so they were at least getting along.

Jovi and Yara were fighting. The two got into a fight when Yara picked him up from the airport because Yara wasn’t expecting to find Jovi drinking alcohol and Jovi told Yara to shut up because he didn’t like being yelled at first thing in the morning. He also thought she shouldn’t judge him on drinking. He didn’t know at the time that his drinking was making her believe he wasn’t done partying and the two were about to have a baby.

Yara eventually came around to the idea of a baby. She was excited after the initial disappointment and she couldn’t wait to tell Jovi, but then she found him smelling of whiskey and now she doesn’t think he’s ready to become a father.

And Julia is ready to leave the farm. She hates living on the farm because she was a city girl at heart and so she finally told her fiancé Brandon that she wants to leave. She told him that if they didn’t leave, she would go back to Russia. She hates the farm.

She hates living under his parents’ roof and Brandon either had to give in to her demands to live on their own or they were over. She told Brandon what’s what. He didn’t like it because he thought she could adapt to the farm and so it wasn’t until he heard her ultimatum that he realized they had to live. Brandon agreed to move out of his parents’ place.