Animal Kingdom Recap 08/08/21: Season 5 Episode 5 “Family Business”

Animal Kingdom Recap 08/08/21: Season 5 Episode 5 "Family Business"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom returns with an all-new Sunday, August 8, 2021 episode and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 5  called, “Family Business,” as per the TNT synopsis, “As Deran and J compete for control of the family, Pamela presents the Codys with a risky proposition; Pope processes an extra loss by exploding in violence; Craig does business with Frankie.”

Tonight’s episode of Animal Kingdom looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live Animal Kingdom recap at 9:00 PM ET! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of season 4 of Animal Kingdom.

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In tonight’s Animal Kingdom episode, Pope is walking along the ocean when he happens upon a Christian group getting baptized. One of the people recognizes Pope, he is a former inmate. He tells Pope that Angela passed away a couple of days ago, Pope is beside himself, someone beat her to death and he heard Shane might have done it. Pope asks if Shane is staying with his sister, the guy tells him not to go there.

Pamela calls Deran and tells her that she is going to stop by the house today and have her family today, he tries to brush her off, but she tells him to be there, she is there around 11, she will bring lunch.

Renn is back, Craig tells her it has been tough taking care of the baby. She goes on to tell him that she is thinking of selling real estate, he tells her that she is hot, she will be good at and it will be good for her. Renn tells her that Pamela is dropping by the house, he leaves.

Young Smurf is at a diner and hears some cops including Jerry, when they leave she gets some info from the waitress, Jerry’s wife just took off and his mom has cancer.

Craig, Deran, and J meet at the house, Craig says this is wrong, they should have 24 hours’ notice, Pamela shouldn’t just show up. Deran thinks she wants to work something out, that is why she is coming. Craig asks where Pope is, he hasn’t shown up yet. Pamela arrives with her son Phoenix and her granddaughter Lark. They do introductions. Pamela asks the brothers to help Phoenix carry lunch into “her” house.

Pamela tells them that she is going to take a quick look around, she tells them to have a bit while she is gone. Deran watches Pamela and Lark look over the house, he doesn’t like that they are making plans. Pope shows up and he is in no mood. Pamela asks him if he remembers her, he looks confused, but he says he remembers her. Pamela calls herself Auntie Birdie and says Pheonix used to babysit Pope and Julia when they were small.

Pamela has a proposal, she says Smurf did well for herself. There is a job she needs to be done and she believes they have the skills to do it. There is an individual that has something of great value to Pamela, and she wants them to get it from him. It’s safe, and this is the opportunity she is offering, there won’t be another. She says she will give them Smurf’s assets in return.

J says they can contest the will, Lark says they will never win. The brothers just want to know what is in the safe. Phoenix says twenty years ago he was drunk and got into a fight, two died, he killed and man and Marion, and now he is being blackmailed. Lark tells them that if they go to court they will lose and Pamela is not a patient woman, she won’t ask again.

Pamela finds Pope in a bedroom, she says it has been a long time. He tells her that she still smells the same. She says she is sorry about Julia, he says she od’d. She says it must have been hard on Smurf, he says his mother didn’t give a shit about any of them, especially Julia.

Pamela tells the brothers that they have 24 hours to decide, if it is a no, she wants them out of the house by the end of the week, it is their choice.

Deran thinks they should scout the location, but J is against it. Deran says this is the way they are going to get this shit back.

Young Smurf comes up with a plan for her, the kids, and Jake to steal a red firebird from a hotel valet by pretending that her mother is a guest there. They go joyriding, the kids are scared. They get clocked by the police. Smurf says it’s ok, game on. Smurf tells Jake she is going to do all the talking. Smurf gets out of the car to get her ID, Jerry is the one that pulled her over, she offers him some cash to help his mother in return for letting her go.

Pope tracks down the Shane guy and when he sees Pope he starts to run. Pope catches up to him and beats him up down by the beach, then nearly drowns him in the water.

Deran and J scout out the place with Phoenix. It’s never empty, it’s a skateboard clubhouse with all the kids that Marion took off the streets. Phoenix says that Marion helped raised him, taught him a lot. Deran tells Pheonix that they will be in touch.

Craig goes for a meeting with Frankie, they may do some business together. Craig shows him some jewelry, the guy tells him to give him three days and he will get a price on it. They leave and Frankie says J is the one who approached her about the fence, so why is he there. Frankie and Craig make out. Smurf gives the kids some money for their part in the job, Jake tells her that she shouldn’t be doing that. Later, when Smurf and Jake are alone, he asks her what they are doing. She tells him to relax. She tells him that he can always go home.

J, Craig, and Deran meet to discuss the job. Deran asks J if he sold his condo, he says no. Pope walks in and right past them, he goes inside the house.

At home, Craig tells Renna about the job, she tells him it sounds easy. She tells him that she has to make a run and get the formula, she can’t breastfeed because she smoked. Craig says he is not supposed to have the formula, she has to get her priorities in check.

Pope is packing up things when Deran walks in, Pope says he has to go. Deran says they scouted the job and they need him. Deran sees his hands and asks whose blood it is. Pope says he can’t stay there, he is forgetting things, he doesn’t remember, he gets confused. He says he was found knocking on doors looking for Julia, he hears Smurf’s voice everywhere, he sees her. He says he can’t stay. Deran tells him that he can go if he wants to, he has had their backs for so long, now they have his. Pope says he doesn’t think he can come back.

Deran tells J that Pope left.