Bachelor in Paradise Recap 09/06/21: Season 7 Episode 6

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 09/06/21: Season 7 Episode 6

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Tuesday, September 6, 2021, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 6 as per the ABC synopsis, “Joe comes face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart.

Natasha and Brendan start to move in the right direction, but just as Natasha feels the spark heat up, another familiar face makes her appearance.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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In tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode, the episode begins with Joe’s ex arriving on the island, she calls him “butt head” and asks him to talk. Demi says the possibilities are endless here now that Kendall is back and if she were Serena, she would be worried. Demi wishes she was a fly on the wall. Kendall tells Joe that she is ok, she is not awful but she is ok. He says he is ok too and honestly, he thought it would be cool to be here, a couple of hours in he was ready to leave because of the memories of them.

She says there are conversations that need to happen that they have been avoiding. Meanwhile, Serena thinks it is a powerful thing that Joe fell in love with Kendall on the island and it is worrisome. Kendall tells Joe that she misses him and her life with him and what sucks is that they didn’t break up because they didn’t love each other, they broke up because of logistics. She really loves him and hopes he still has a love for her.

Wells looks over at Joe and Kendall and he thinks that they could get back together because they were together for two years, and he feels bad for Serena. It’s not ideal for Serena that Kendall is there and it is getting into her head and freaking her out.

Joe goes on to say to Kendall that they have history, there are a lot of memories on the beach. It wasn’t hard for him to come to the island, but when he got there it brought up all the memories and he wasn’t prepared for that. She goes on to say it is hard for her to have him be her everything and fast forward to now. He says they broke up, they fought, they had their differences. He came back to LA and he wanted her to move to Chicago, in the city where he grew up, but she wouldn’t try.

She says she didn’t want to live in Chicago, she didn’t change her mind and he was hoping that she would. Emotionally, she says the closure is difficult for her right now. He says he likes where he is at with Serena, but it is still pretty early on. Joe knows Kendall still loves him, but he doesn’t know if he still loves her. He has something going on with Serena that he doesn’t just want to throw away.

Joe goes to speak to Serena and tells her that Kendall acted like she was coming back for him, but then she said she was coming back for closure so she could date here. He says it sounded like both, there is a lot there. He thinks they are going to have to have more conversations and it is going to be weird. When he came into this experience he told himself that he was over her, and he doesn’t want to mislead her in case he’s not, but he is and he doesn’t want to ruin her chances here if this gets too messy and she feels uncomfortable.

This is where he is at, he doesn’t know what is going to happen, but she is his main priority. She says she kind of believes him that he is over Kendall. She says she doesn’t know, she doesn’t want to look over and see him and Kendall reuniting their love, she just wants him to be honest with her. She says it sucks and she feels so vulnerable in getting hurt now.

Noah had a stopping point with Abigail, he knows he has feelings for her. He speaks to Joe about it, he says Abigail feels that he pulled back. Noah sits down to speak to Abigail. He tells her that he wants to keep pursuing her. She says she thought she messed it up, but she cares about him and wants to continue trying to see where things go. Noah is feeling good, he is going to give his rose to Abigail, he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity.

Mari is thinking about her feelings for Kenny, she still has feelings and misses him, even though he made out with Demi and then went on a date with Tia. She is afraid to talk to him but she knows what she wants and plans on going after it. Mari finds Kenny and takes him away for a talk, she tells him that she wants to touch base, she still really likes him and it has been a hard past few days seeing him with other people.

She has feelings for him and she thinks she needed to see that to solidify where she is at, and she hates everything that happened, she feels like they were so strong and were going so well, she regrets it. She tells him that if he feels something for her still, she would be open to it. Meanwhile, Demi is sick of the Mari situation, she doesn’t like playing games and it is driving her crazy. Kenny tells Mari that he didn’t like how he felt. Mari explains that she felt so strongly about him that she was scared. Kenny says let’s talk tomorrow at some point, he had fun with Tia and he has to respect that.

Kenny goes to speak to Demi and she is upset that he had fun on his date with Tia. Then he tells her that Mari just wanted to clear the air. Demi says this is not cool and she doesn’t like this. She asks him what is going to happen now. She tells him that he is in a real pickle then she asks him if he wants to go to the boom boom room and he turns her down.

Jessenia says that paradise’s head is turned upside down. Kenny and Mari are talking about getting back together, Demi is upset. Natasha and Brendan finally kissed and she can see it going beyond paradise. Joe and Serena are still together but it is awkward with Kendall in the background. Meanwhile, Natasha is very happy about her relationship with Brandan and can see them have a future together after paradise. Just then, Pieper walks in and she is there to see Brendan, she is nervous and excited. Two weeks ago there was a rumor that there was something going on between Pieper back home with Brendan just before he came there. Brendan told Natasha that it was casual and she believed him.

Pieper has a date card, “welcome to paradise, choose someone who you think you have a spark with.” She asks Brendan and he says yes, no hesitation. Brendan asks Natasha if they can talk. He tells her that he has a connection with Pieper and with her, and he wants to explore both. She asks him why he would come there if he had a strong connection with Pieper. He says it has been super casual and this gives him time to have meaningful conversations with her.

What they have is what they have, there are two ways this can go. He is basically telling her that he wants to see if there is a connection with Peiper, if he is he is done with her, and if there is not then he will return to her. He whispers something in her ear and gets up and leaves. Natasha has worked really hard to be the understanding person in a relationship, but if he doesn’t come back and say he wants things to continue with them it is going to be hard.

Another bomb has been dropped in paradise. Demi is really worried for Natasha, but Joe thinks it is good, it will give Natasha validation.

Pieper and Brendan are on their date they go to dinner. Pieper is happy to see Brendan and looking forward to their time together. She tells him that she didn’t know what she would be walking into, but she is not there for drama, she is there for him, she wants to pick up where they left off. He says a lot of girls were interested in talking to him, and he wants to be honest with her.

Natasha and he got to know each other on the first day, had some really good conversations, they have both given each other roses, but he didn’t make any promises to her but he didn’t make any to her either. She tells him that she feels that he is downplaying what they had before paradise. She says she wouldn’t have flown all the way there if she didn’t think they had something together.

Kenny and Natasha are talking, she tells him that she thought she was going in the right direction with Brandan. Tammy feels bad for Natasha, she is the one that convinced her that Brendan’s relationship with Pieper was casual. Back to Pieper, she tells Brandan that she needs the real him. He says he doesn’t know what she means. He says he can’t have a girlfriend entering this journey, it doesn’t look good. He was navigating this journey in a way that he could be there while she was there because he didn’t want to be sent home.

So, what he is saying is that he was playing Natasha, ouch! He says she knows how he feels about her, the optics might look weird, but they have to have each other’s back, it is him and her and they will be in the position that they want to be in. He leans in and kisses her and she is happy that he has cleared the air. Pieper plans on having a good time with Brendan from here on out.

The next day, Brendan is sitting at a table near Pieper and he is so handsy and lovey with her, everything is thinking their relationship was really strong. The Rose Ceremony is tomorrow and now Natasha has to scramble. Natasha sees that Brendan is in a relationship with Pieper, maybe she is stupid or naïve, but she is going to find out the truth.

Natasha goes right over to Pieper and Brendan, she asks Pieper to talk. Natasha asks her how her date was, she says good, she is clued into the situation from Brendan’s perspective. Natasha says that she needs clarity because Brendan spent time with her from day one. People told her that he was in a relationship with Pieper. Pieper says they met two months ago, she saw him right before he flew to paradise, they hung out ten times before. Natasha says that is not the picture that he painted.

Meanwhile, Brendan is saying that Natasha had zero prospects and she was lucky he spent time with her. Natasha says she felt like Pieper came here for Brendan and they planned all this. Pieper reveals that she did think that they were a couple. Natasha says she feels like a casualty in Brendan’s convoluted plan. Pieper returns to Brendan and says they will both laugh about this one day.

Natasha sits down with Brendan and tells him that her whole paradise experience has been about him. He says there could have been a potential to move from their friendship, she says it was not a friendship. He claims that he told her that he did not have feelings on a romantic level, she says he didn’t say it. He tells her that she has selective hearing and she starts laughing.

She tells him that if he was honest with her, she would have explored other people, he lied to her. She calls him a liar again. Natasha realizes that she should have taken a step back when she heard about Pieper, she tells him to stop acting as he cares.

In private, Brendan and Pieper talk about their plan to come on to Paradise, it was all premeditated to get clout and social media followers.