Big Sky Recap 04/20/21: Season 1 Episode 12 “No Better Than Dogs”

Big Sky Recap 04/20/21: Season 1 Episode 12 "No Better Than Dogs"

Tonight on ABC their new thriller by David E. Kelley, Big Sky airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 20, 2021 episode and we have your Big Sky recap below.  On tonight’s Big Sky season 1 episode 12 ‘No Better Than Dogs,’ as per the ABC synopsis, “Cassie and Jenny each face a dangerous attempt to run them out of town while Jerrie has a close encounter with a dangerous threat of her own.

Back at the ranch, Blake returns home, where he receives anything but a warm welcome. This ain’t your typical family reunion.

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In tonight’s episode of Big Sky, the episode begins with Jenny, she had fallen into a pit full of dead animals and Rand is standing on the top of the pit, threatening her with an ax. She pulls out her gun and tells him to put the ax down, she is going to walk out of there. He doesn’t think she will shoot, and she fires near his foot.

Jenny loses her footing and Rand jumps in the pit on top of her, we hear another gunshot go off. It is John Wayne, he tells Rand to get off of her, he says he was only having fun. Jenny tells him that his psycho brother attacked her. John Wayne says he was protecting the farm, she was trespassing. She says she is there to help Blake, she wants to see the caretakers cabin, maybe there is something there to back him up.

Cassie is in the squad car with deputy Al Gregor, she has her cell phone and is recording everything on the business line. He stops in a wooded area and tells her this is where it stops. When he opens her door, she manages to get out a run, but he catches her and hits her on the head with a rock.

Jenny asks John Wayne if he saw Blake or Rosie the night the attack happened, he says no. He drove her out to the caretaker’s cabin and tells her to go inside and take a look.

Jerrie and Mark Lindor are in the office, she plays the recording for him of Cassie and tells him that she and Jenny are not picking up their cell phones. Mark is going to go try to find them, he tells Jerrie to stay put.

Inside the caretaker’s cabin, John Wayne joins Jenny, she tells him to go find something to do, she is trying to work there. She goes inside a bedroom, there are bloodstains on the mattress. She finds a bottle of alcohol under a bed, then she hears John Wayne leave.

Jerrie goes out to a country bar, she takes the mic and goes on stage to sing. Jerrie looks in her element until she sees a man lurking near a post and she thinks it is Ronald in disguise.

Jenny is finally in her truck and driving down the road, she tries to call Cassie again and it goes right to voice mail. She pulls over when she sees a truck on the side of the road, it is burned inside.

Blake walks into the barn on the farm, Cheyenne is there. She tells him that she doesn’t believe that he did that to Rosie, and she loves him. He tells her that she should go, east, west, it doesn’t matter. And, if she doesn’t go soon, chances she never will. She says maybe she is scared that she is going to miss something there. She says the first thing she looks at in the morning when she wakes up is the poster he gave her of the white lion.

She thinks how powerful he is, but then she thinks about the poachers and how they would try to kill him. Then she tells him that they were there that night, with Rosie, she seen them coming late and the next day they tried to make a big show about finding her.

Mark goes to see sheriff Wagy. Meanwhile, Cassie is waking up from her ordeal, she is in jail. Mark tells Wagy that he is there to get Cassie, he says she had suspected DUI, resisting arrest, and maybe assaulting an officer. The governor calls Wagy regarding Cassie.

At the Kleinsasser house, everyone is sitting at the table together for breakfast. Rand punches Cheyenne, she stabs him with a fork and Host tells her to apologize, she needs to know her place. Horst announces that John Wayne will be taking over the ranch. His wife asks what about Blake, but Blake says he doesn’t want it. Horst says they all need to make sure that nobody else gets in their business.

After breakfast, Horst and the boys are on horseback on the ranch. Blake tells him he didn’t hurt Rosie. Horst tells Blake that he broke his mother’s heart when he left. Blake asks him if he wants to know why he left, remember his name – Horst interrupts and says he told him to forget about that. Put it in a box, put the box in a hole, and forget where you put it and the green grass grows all the way around. Horst tells him that he knows he did it to protect Rand, the same way he protects him and anyone of them. Blake says there is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t think about what they did, what he made him do. Blake says Rand is not right, he has never been right.

Cassie is in the truck with Mark, they are leaving the sheriff’s office. He tells her that he has something on Ronald, they put cameras near his mother’s grave. He showed up the other night, pulls out this blanket, curls up, and sleeps on her grave. He left him a note, something to mess with him, he put in for round-the-clock surveillance but it is going to take some time. They arrive at the motel, Cassie thanks him for the ride.

Jenny arrives in the motel, to find Cassie on the bed, she brought her a bag of ice and tells her that she is sorry for what happened to her. Jenny has the bottle she found in the caretaker’s cabin, she is going to get it tested, maybe Blake was drugged that night.

Arthur, aka Ronald, is playing with Scarlett’s daughter when she walks in, after reading the note she found in his pocket.

Jenny meets with Blake, she asks him what is going on – Cassie was abducted by the sheriff, and his brother Rand, chased her down with an ax. She goes on to say that something doesn’t make sense about that night. He says he appreciates her help, but she doesn’t know what his family is capable of, this is his to fix. John Wayne pulls up and tells Blake that dad wants to see him now. Blake turns to Jenny and tells her to promise him she will go.

Scarlett shows Arthur the note she found and there is another piece of paper from the bar where he went. He tells her that he can explain, she says if he lies, she is going to shock him with the taser. He tells her that he stopped by the bar, they had a karaoke night. She zaps him. About the note, he says there was this older woman. She zaps him again. He says he found the note, and he thinks things find you for a reason, so he picked it up. He thinks maybe he was meant to find that note. He says he thinks the note found him, just like he found her. She says she has a fragile heart, but she thinks she is finally in love with him.

At the Kleinsasser house, Cheyenne is in the kitchen with her mom and gives her two pills then she asks her why she lets Horst speak to her the way he does. She says Horst doesn’t mean anything by it. Cheyenne says that John Wayne getting the ranch is a disaster. And, when Horst dies, things are not going to change, they will be the same they are now. Her mother tells her that she should leave, there is nothing there for her. Cheyenne says she knows what is going on around there, she sees the trucks coming and going. Cheyenne says she is done with this and done with the pills. She goes to wash the pills down the sink and her mother bites her. The two start screaming at each other.

In the barn, Horst tells Blake they will get him out of this, but if those two investigators snoop around there, they are going to go after them. Blake tells him that if he goes after Jenny, he will tell everyone what is going on there. Horst laughs, he asks him if he is threatening him and call him a punk. Horst shouts at him and calls him a punk, Blake leaves the barn upset. Horst tells John Wayne to follow up and make sure he cools off. Blake gets in one of the vehicles and tells John Wayne he is going to go do what he should have a long time ago.

Jenny and Cassie show up at Rosie’s place, they got a ping off her cell phone, they are sure this is her place. All of a sudden, they hear a shotgun click, Rosie is behind them and asks them what they are doing there, she has the shotgun in her hands.

Inside the cabin, Jenny tells Rosie there are a lot of people in the town that don’t like them asking questions. Rosie says she heard they are looking for her, she doesn’t want to know why that family is bad news. She says the night she was attacked, one minute they were joking around, the next thing the night went black. When she woke up, she was beaten to hell. She was with Blake and he was the same old Blake that she remembered. She says she was at the cabin to look for an old saddle that her father left there. She has known Blake her whole life and this didn’t seem like something he would do. She started having these flashes, Rand was there, she is sure of it.

Blake is in the woods, he is digging a hole. He finds a belt buckle and on the back, it is engraved, Cole Danvers. John Wayne shows up and tells Blake to get out of there. Blake says Cole was a kid that showed up looking for work. John Wayne says he remembers, he stole a truck and ran off. Blake says that is not what happened.

Their dad woke him up that night, took him down to the cabin, and there he was, hit with a shovel, he said it was an accident. Blake says Rand killed him, he found a bloodied shirt in his room and he said he did because Cole was making fun of him. Rand swung the shovel at him. John Wayne tells Blake they need to bury him back up. Blake says it is over, burying this is not going to wash away what they’ve done. John Wayne hits Blake with the shovel, he falls over into the grave. Neither brother knows, that Cheyenne is in the woods nearby and she is watching the whole thing.