Big Sky Recap 05/11/21: Season 1 Episode 15 “Bitter Roots”

Big Sky Recap 05/11/21: Season 1 Episode 15 "Bitter Roots"

Tonight on ABC their new thriller by David E. Kelley, Big Sky airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 11, 2021 episode and we have your Big Sky recap below.  On tonight’s Big Sky season 1 episode 15 ‘Bitter Roots,’ as per the ABC synopsis, “When Scarlet gets an alarming call that her sister is missing, Ronald realizes just how twisted his situation has become and must decide his next move.

Meanwhile, Cassie, Jenny, Gil, and Rosie find themselves in a whole mess of trouble on the ranch, forced to face off against the worst of the Kleinsasser bunch. But this team is tough and even the strongest family trees can fall.

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In tonight’s Big Sky episode, the episode begins with Arthur, Scarlett’s daughter, Phoebe, sees him burying something and he says it is a deer. He tells her that this will be their secret, she asks him why it has to be a secret. He explains that if they keep it a secret, nobody will dig it. He tells her to shut her eyes and say a prayer. Arthur has a huge rock over her head, she turns around and asks him what he is doing, he says it is a marker – but he looked like he was going to smash her head open.

Gil, Jenny, and Cassie see a pickup come up in the dark, he tells them to get out of there. Horst is in the pickup, he asks Gil if he got lost on the way to the funeral and laughs. Horst tells him to get into the pickup for old time’s sake. Gil says what if he doesn’t, Horst shows him his gun. Gil gets inside and Horst asks if he all of a sudden decided to trespass to look at some toxic goop. Gil says he wanted to see if they are leaking.

Horst tells him that it is none of his business. Horst says it is his land and he can do whatever he wants with it, he is doing the county a favor. Gil tells him that it wasn’t Blake who did that to Rosie, it was Rand and JW that did it – they beat it her and made it look like Blake did it. They wanted Blake out of the way so JW could take over the ranch. Horst says that doesn’t make any sense.

Margaret is in the kitchen, Cheyenne walks in and says somebody is on the ranch. She tells her to be strong, if she is afraid of them, then they have already won. She asks her if she wants to be free of the men. Margaret says this is the end, every night she lays in bed and sees a shadow and every night it is bigger, one night it is going to eat her up. It ate a spider and it is going to swallow everything up. Cheyenne says she is done being a good girl and standing by watching them ruin things. Margaret says they are going to kill her too, Cheyenne says not if she kills them first.

Scarlett is frantic when Phoebe and Arthur come back, she didn’t know where her daughter was.

Cassie and Jenny are still running through the woods, they decide to split up. Jenny is jumped by Rand and knocked out. Then he sees Cassie and starts to speed up to run over her. Cassie starts shooting, the pickup swerves, she dodges and gets hit by the tail end of the pickup.

Rosie finds Cassie laying in the dirt, she shakes her until she wakes up. Cassie says Rand hi her with the truck. Rosie tells her that her dad didn’t come home. Cassie has her gun, Rosie has a shotgun. They start walking and find the pickup turned over, there is blood, but Rand is not there. Meanwhile, Margaret tells Cheyenne that Rand didn’t come home last night, they have to call the sheriff. Cheyenne says they found Jenny and Gil on the ranch. Cheyenne says they have t turn them against each other.

Jenny is in a horse trailer, Horst and JW show up and Horst tells her to join them for breakfast.

In the woods, Scarlett gets a call, she has served. Mark Lindor is on the phone, he tells her that he is a US Marshall and her sister Mary is missing, they want her to come in and answer some questions. Scarlett hangs up, Arthur asks her who that was and she says nobody.

Jenny is in the Kleinsasser home, she tells Horst she doesn’t like his hospitality and wants to leave now. He asks her to have a seat, she sits down. He shouts to Margaret for coffee, for two. He asks Jenny want she wants. She says she wants them to pay, for Blake, Rosie, and whoever else they screwed. Then she says she saw the body in the barrel and she knows there is more. He tells her that she is overstating things just a tad.

This is his land and he can do anything he wants, he can put her in a barrel and put a lid on it and no law enforcement is going to save her, he will just say he hasn’t seen her, people get lost around here all the time. Cheyenne walks in, she tells Horst that Jenny is coming with her. Cheyenne tells Jenny to get up, they are going. All of a sudden, bullets fly, JW is there.

Rosie and Cassie are still following the trail of blood, but it is tampering off. In the distance, they see a cabin.

Jerrie has been trying to pink Scarlett’s cell again, but she is out of range. Jerrie has a signal, Mark says he is going, Jerrie wants to go, he says no, out of the questions, he can’t live with himself if something happens to her. Jerrie says she knows him, Mark tells her that no matter what happens today, the pain she is feeling will never go away.

Scarlett finally tells Arthur what the call was about, her sister Mary. She asks him if he loves her, do or die, he says yes. She says they have to get to Mary’s house and there is something there that they cannot find.

Cheyenne tells Horst that his sins are piling up. Cheyenne tells Horst that JW is the one who killed Blake, cracked his head open with a shovel, he is a coward. Horst tells JW that he is done calling the shots around there, they are lucky the feds don’t come in and take everything. Horst tells JW that his sister is right, then he whispers in JW’s ear and JW leaves. Horst tells Cheyenne that he has a job for her and he wants to see if she has what it takes. He gives her a gun.

Arthur, Scarlett, and Phoebe arrive at one of Scarlett’s co-worker’s houses, her name is Peg. Scarlett tells Phoebe that she is going to stay with Peg for a few hours, she and Arthur have some business to take care of.

Cassie and Rosie approach the cabin, there is blood on the doorway and Rand is inside and he is not in good shape. Rosie aims her gun, she tells Cassie that he has to pay for what he did. Margaret is at the doorway, she runs to Rand and says no. Rand dies in her arms.

JW is out on the ranch, he is walking, then he screams. He goes to get Jenny and tells her that if she wants to get out of here, this is how it is going to go. She says, as a question, I’m not going to get out of here am I?

Jerrie is still tracking Scarlett’s phone, Mark calls her and he tells her that the signal is headed towards the city, looks like they are headed to Mary’s house. When Denise is not paying attention, Jerrie grabs the keys and leaves.

Cheyenne found Gil, she points the gun at him.

Scarlett is in the rig with Arthur, she tells him that Steve was Phoebe’s father and she trusted him until she didn’t. He liked to do certain things to her, dirty things, bad things. She was so young she didn’t know any better. She was going to leave him but she got pregnant with Phoebe, so she stayed. But she fixed it, she stuck a screwdriver into his skull, she starts laughing. She says she wrapped his body in plastic, called her sister, and told her a story.

She says her sister held Steve over her entire life, she is not what he thinks she is, she is a bully. She tells him appearances can be deceiving, he can tell her anything, Ronald. Ronald slams the brakes, he tells her that he is not mad, he just doesn’t know what to say. She says when you are in love, there are no secrets. She showed him her raw heart, she asks him to show her his. She says she knows what he has done and she loves him just the same. He tries to attack her, but the two end up kissing. She says they can either keep pretending or be who they are. He says he doesn’t want to pretend anymore. She says then they have to get to that freezer, Phoebe can’t know what she did to his father.

Margaret goes into the bedroom and hugs Horst, she tells him that Rand is dead. She tells him that he is cancer in the house.

Back to Cheyenne, she still has the gun pointed at Gil, she puts it down and tells him to get out of there. She tells him to get out of there. Cassie and Rosie arrive, Cheyenne tells Cassie that she is going to have to trust her if she wants to save Jenny. Then we see Jenny, she is on the ground near the barrels, JW has her face down with a gun over her. Jenny takes control, knocks him over, and gets the gun. JW admits to killing his brother, Jenny shoots him in the leg. Cheyenne and Cassie are there, JW jumps Cheyenne, and to save her, they shoot JW.

Cassie tells Cheyenne that her father will call her, she says he won’t, she is all he has left. Cheyenne tells them to go, she is going to stay there for a while with him.

Scarlett and Ronald are outside Mary’s house and about to get ready to go inside. Meanwhile, the sheriff and deputy up at the gates of the Kleinsasser ranch. Cassie and Jenny are there. Cassie says it used to be that you could make a black woman disappear off the face of the earth, no questions asked. It’s that kind of world that made them who they are, what they are. Word of caution, you mess with one of us, the rest will rise up and bring them to their knees. She says she is going to tell the world exactly who they are.

The deputy tells Cassie that he saved her, he is not one of them. Sheriff Wagy ordered him to put her in the ground, she was not supposed to survive that night. Wagy raises his gun and aims it at his deputy, he tells him to get back in the car, he should have put her down when he told him to. They both leave, but Jenny taped the conversation.

At the Klensasser house, the sheriff’s vehicles arrive.

Scarlett is in Mary’s house, she says she is sorry she didn’t tell him that she collects dolls. They go down into the basement, Scarlett freaks out, the freezer is gone. Ronald says maybe she moved it. Scarlett panics, she says it is finally catching up to her. Ronald tells her to calm down.

Ronald hears a car pull up. Mark is outside, Jerrie arrives, he tells her to go home and she says she can’t. He reluctantly tells her to follow him and keep her distance, both of them have a gun. Ronald has his taser, Scarlett looks scared like he is going to use it on her. Mark kicks in the door and shouts, “Ronald Pergman.”