Blue Bloods Recap 10/22/21: Season 12 Episode 4 “True Blue”

Blue Bloods Recap 10/22/21: Season 12 Episode 4 "True Blue"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, October 15, 2021, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 4 “True Blue,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Jamie faces backlash from fellow officers, when he partners with Erin and Anthony to investigate an underground bar the NYPD and FDNY use to hide their criminal indiscretions; Eddie’s partner considers leaving the force.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) riding along with one of his officers, they stop at a bar when they spot a man bringing another drunk man into his car; he mentions that his name is Kyle Dorsey (Joe Carroll) and he works in another precinct, but before Jamie leaves, they notice the car is leaking and the car has been involved in an accident. Jamie insists on calling it in and his friend punches Kyle, saying he had said he would handle it, so Jamie arrests him.’’Meanwhile, Eddie Reagan (Vanessa Ray) is walking with her partner, Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) observing all the people who are wearing various costumes and come upon a man who is assaulting a woman, she refuses help and spits on Rachel who calls for an ambulance to help her as Eddie arrests her assaillant.

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) walk into their crime scene where their victim is dead of a head wound but there are no cameras. In the meantime, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) walks into a room asking Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) is there is something wrong with his office and he shows him there is cellphone arrest from an hour ago, revealing that the press has the video as well, Media has agreed not to post is until Frank releases a comment, the officer is Brian Baker (Jarid Faubel) and they are sure Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) has no idea what happened).

Jamie learns from Kyle that Mark Adams (Chris Chirdon) was driving, he hit something, called him for help but didn’t say what he hit. Kyle didn’t take him home because his wife would have freaked out. Kyle reveals that there is a secret place to bring cops so they don’t jam up a good guy. He says that it is obvious Jamie is nothing like his sister Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) as he worked a case with her before and she knows when it is not a good time to jam up a good man over a bad moment.

Danny and Maria speak to the school principal, who admits that have removed all the cameras recently admitting that they have nothing on the case. Eddie wants to go out with Rachel for a drink, wanting to talk about what happened today, but Rachel says this is what they signed up for and asks her to back off.

Abigail comes to see Frank, saying something is going on as Frank encourages her to call her husband, saying Brian is okay but he crossed the line on his tour. She feels that somethings can be taken out of context and the language. She is surprised to know that Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) knows and the press has a copy as Frank tells her to take a day and gather her children from school.

Jamie goes to see Erin at her office, questioning her about Kyle. She learns about how he met Kyle and he is there for a summons and reveals that the bar Kyle was taking his friend to was a safe house for cops and everyone knows. Erin says it is above her pay grand and Jamie hopes that Anthony Abetemarco (Steven R. Schirripa) wound know.

The medical examiner Megan Carson (Leigh Ann Larkin) reveals that there are signs of a struggle but pending a police investigation she will not rule it a homicide. She reveals that Kayla, the victim was 4 months pregnant too. Danny and Baez visit her mother, who is disappointed that she sent her mother to the school to keep her away from drugs and the sex trafficking; she is shocked to learn her daughter was 4 months pregnant but reveals that Kayla’s ex was Noah Barber (Chris Gray), but he was several years older than her daughter but she told her daughter to end it because he was too mature for her. He had the means to take her away from her mother if he wanted, more money than he could do with, saying rich white boy who could get in to the school if he wanted to.

Anthony tells Erin to forget about hearing about the bar but tells him about finding Kyle bringing Mark there. She pushes asking him if Kyle was a good cop and to stop stonewalling her. He says Kyle is too gongho and the job of being a cop is looking out for other cops over citizens. She encourages him to work with Jamie on this one.

Sid tells Frank that the video on Brian really shows what happens and he is going to be suspended without pay and IAB is going to investigate but Frank needs to issue a statement. His CO says he hasn’t been the same ever since he was shot 2 years ago, Frank upset that no one said anything.

Eddie tries to small talk with Rachel, wanting to talk about what happened in the park as Rachel tells her she will not get her out of this mood no matter how long she tries. Rachel says if her mood bothers her so much, she should look into getting a new partner.

Danny and Baez meet with Noah, who claims to have an alibi, saying he didn’t want Kayla dead as Danny surprises him with the news that she was pregnant. He is happy to take a paternity test but decides to shut up as he says he has seen enough pod casts to know when to be quiet. He suggests they check out her mentor David Anderson (Ty Jones) as he was way too involved in her life and he is the one who made sure he got kicked out of the school. He keeps insisting he was not racist as his girlfriend was black.

Baez says the paternity test proves he is not the father as both Danny and Baez feel Noah could be right about Mr Anderson as he may have wanted to kill her because that baby would have destroyed him and his career.

Anthony meets with Erin and Jamie, explaining everything Mark was doing the night he was drunk and driving; a felony that he was driving under the influence with three children in the car. Anthony says he will speak to him as Erin says he better because she is ready to jump.

Danny apologizes to Noah, asking for proof that Mr Anderson had a relationship with Kayla. He wonders if he had other relationships with other girls, he mentions Nadia Atonov (Ellie Ricker) that left the school the previous year. Jamie and Anthony speak to Kyle who asks them to let it go as Mark is a good guy. Jamie wants to know who is going to have his son and godsons back, or the other kids back.

Abigail is furious with Frank, feeling her husband didn’t need the public shaming he got. Frank did what he needed to do and she knows it. Abigail sits down, confessing that Brian asked her for a separation as she reveals that her job has always been an issue in their marriage, her rising in the ranks and he didn’t. Frank reminds her that he has no one to blame but himself as she frets that he almost died from that shooting, making her wonder what that means, saying he was back on the job within three months but she tried to get him into therapy; something Frank wishes she would have told him.

Danny thanks Nadia for coming in for an interview, her admitting she was never a friend was Kayla as Baez tells her that Kayla had a relationship with Mr Anderson, showing her the love letters her wrote her. Nadia grabs the letters, calling Danny a liar, saying they are trying to trick her. Danny pushes her, saying that its obvious Mr Anderson was having an inappropriate relationship with her but she bolts out of the room, saying she cannot help them.

Eddie is in the locker room as Rachel says she is glad she is there so she can say goodbye to her. Rachel is taking a leave for good as she put her papers in, feeling she ran out of gas. Rachel says that not even Eddie can change her mind but she encourages Rachel to see the commissioner when she is there as Rachel says she doesn’t regret ever coming back on the job but she will sleep soundly knowing that Eddie is still on the job. Eddie promises to have her six wherever she goes and the two hug.

Frank finds Brian at a bar, feeling that the perp he collared looked like his shooter and even though it isn’t an excuse he should act like that. Frank keeps reminding him “if there is a next time”, asking him if he is day drinking, toasting his freedom from his wife and his kids and when he says no Frank congratulates him on at least that part of his brain working. He reminds him that there is only a handful of cops who have returned to the job after what he has been through and he should make them proud of there is a next time.

Anthony goes to Mark Adams’ home, telling his wife that Mark is putting her and their son in danger. She tells him he doesn’t need to worry as he is out with Kyle and slams the door in his face.

Danny and Baez get a call that Nadia has Anderson at gun point and they want to speak to them, they rush out of the precinct. Danny and Baez arrive to see several officers and the ESU surrounding the area wehre Nadi has Anderson down on his knees. Danny tells her he cannot help her has she shouts that Anderson had told her he loved her and vice versa. She wants him to admit, and he reveals that he had sex with Nadia and with Kayla as Danny asks her to take it easy. She explains that they got into a fight and Kayla fell, there was so much blood and she is sorry. Baez comes in and cuffs Anderson as Danny arrests Nadia; they both are under arrest since Nadia was under age when he slept with her.

Jamie and Anthony are at the bar, where they are told that Kyle and Mark are not there. Anthony tells him to bring them into the back and Jamie sees both the men fightin in a cage in the back. Anthony explains to Jamie that only one of them can stop the fight as Kyle is angry that he puts the children at risk and continues to beat him as Mark is screaming on the ground; both Anthony and Jamie watch shaking their heads.

Frank comes to see Abigail at her desk, asking if her and the kids are okay, She reveals that Brian asked if he can come home, and he needs to be needed and needs to get help. Frank admits he didn’t ask someone to talk to him, wondering if they are good and Abigail says they are.

At family dinner, they discuss the best costumes they have ever seen; joking about the chili they are eating. Jamie tells the family about the cop bar he went to, learning he is the only one who didn’t know about the bar until a couple days ago. Frank explains how back in the day things were pretty bad between the FDNY and the NYPD, they say it is a place where the bravest and finest can go without smearing their good name. Eddie breaks the awkwardness, asking again what is in the chili; everyone laughs.

Abigail asks Frank if he has a moment and Rachel walks in to see him. He wishes it didn’t come to this, explaining that he knows everything. Rachel says she came to say she was sorry and this was not his fault. He thanks her and it is much appreciated. He reminds her that she has a year to change her mind and asks him not to talk her out of it and he promises he won’t as he did that once already but has a favor to ask. He wants her in a year from today to get in touch with him to just catch up if she doesn’t want to return. She says she will do it gladly and he thanks her for her service, both saluting each other. He wishes her good luck as she leaves his office.