Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Friday, September 24 Update – Ciara’s Pregnancy Challenge – John Tricked – Doug’s Setback

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Friday, September 24 Update – Ciara’s Pregnancy Challenge – John Tricked – Doug’s Setback

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers update for Friday, September 24, teases that Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal) will face a pregnancy challenge while John Black (Drake Hogestyn) gets tricked by the devil. Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) will also face a sad setback, so here’s what DOOL fans can expect.

At the pub, Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) will join Abe Carver (James Reynolds) for a night out with Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans).

It looks like there’ll be a moment where Paulina’s uncomfortable, so there could be some lingering distrust over the Price Town debacle.

Then again, there might be some confusion that makes Paulina fear the secret of Lani Price-Grant’s (Sal Stowers) parentage is in jeopardy. Whatever the case, it won’t end up being a big deal.

Abe will deliver some amazing news, so he may hint about an engagement coming soon – though Abe and Paulina haven’t made it official just yet.

Steve and Kayla will definitely show their support for Abe’s relationship on Friday’s DOOL episode.

It’s been a long time since Kayla and Steve have seen Abe this happy, so she’ll be excited for him to build a future with Paulina.

Unfortunately, Paulina is hiding the fact that Abe isn’t Lani’s true father. She also happens to be Lani’s biological mother, so there’ll be a double whammy of secrets that’ll explode down the road.

In the meantime, Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) will spend some time hanging out with Johnny DiMera (Carson Boatman) at the DiMera mansion.

Johnny invited Chanel over to watch The Exorcist, so they should have a chance to discuss the movie over drinks and perhaps talk a bit more about Johnny’s own film, too.

Days spoilers say Chanel will find herself increasingly drawn to Johnny and his passion, so he’ll love this opportunity to grow closer.

As for Ben and Ciara Brady, they’ll have some close moments of their own as their honeymoon presses on.

Ben will enjoy romancing Ciara in their New Orleans hotel suite, but he’ll have something to get off his chest.

Days spoilers say Ben will admit there’s another reason he’s hesitant to start a family with Ciara – and it involves Ben’s necktie killer history.

Ben will fear his past could become their baby’s future if he or she shares the same troubling genes.

However, Ciara won’t think that’s anything for Ben to worry about. She’ll have total faith that their child will grow up to have a huge heart like the one Ben has now.

Since Ben will have some doubts, Ciara’s challenge will be to help him work through them. She’ll become more patient and will understand if Ben needs to wait on their next step.

Ben will have a nightmare that highlights his concerns in the coming episodes, so this won’t be resolved anytime soon.

Back in Salem, Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will keep fretting over Doug – especially since his doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with him.

Sadly, Julie will make an inadvertent blunder that makes Doug’s condition worse instead of better.

Doug will face some difficulties when it comes to communicating that he was possessed – and now Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) is the one the devil has chosen to inhabit.

John may think Marlena’s acting a bit odd, but his mind won’t go to a possessed area just yet. The devil will do a pretty good job of playing the part and manipulating John in Marlena’s body.

John will mostly concentrate on his fears about Johnny’s movie and the possession scenes in it.

John won’t want to invest in Johnny’s flick and won’t think it should get made at all. The more John thinks about it, the more worried he’ll be about potentially summoning the devil somehow.

Possessed Marlena might suggest John’s overreacting and raining on Johnny’s parade, but John will still believe Johnny would be better off picking another story to tell.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say John will become more suspicious of Marlena as time goes on, so the devil’s disguise can only fool him for so long.

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