Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, January 4 – Drugged Ava Hallucinates – Allie & Charlie Strange Run-In – Jack & Gwen Showdown

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Monday, January 4 – Drugged Ava Hallucinates – Allie & Charlie Strange Run-In – Jack & Gwen Showdown

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Monday, January 4, tease that Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) will push Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) to realize the jig is up. If Charlie isn’t going to kill Ava, she may not see a way out of this for him. Ava will insist that Charlie can’t keep her held hostage in his apartment forever.

That’s when Charlie will admit Ava’s right; he can’t keep his mother locked away since she’ll really cramp his style! Charlie wants freedom to pursue a relationship with Claire Brady (Isabel Durant), so the current arrangement isn’t going to work for much longer.

However, Charlie will have sinister plans that involve locking Ava up somewhere else. He’ll reveal that Ava’s headed to a mental institution and that he’s been drugging her. Days spoilers say Charlie will promise that Ava’s going to start hallucinating soon.

Ava will probably argue that Charlie’s scheme will never work, but he’ll disagree. Charlie will think that once Ava’s seeing things that aren’t real, who’s going to believe her crazy story? Charlie’s goal will be to make Ava look like a total nut job who’s making up horrible accusations about him.

Of course, Charlie has to wait for the drugs to kick in first, so he’ll leave Ava alone and head out for a while. While Charlie’s in town, he’ll cross paths with Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold).

Allie will probably check on Charlie since he claimed he wasn’t feeling well at the Christmas Eve gathering. Charlie may nervously suggest it was no big deal – just a little flu or something.

In reality, Charlie will be an anxious mess as he worries Allie might identify him. The last thing Charlie needs is for Allie to realize he was the one who attacked her in London.

Nevertheless, Allie will maintain that she’s seen Charlie somewhere before. Allie just won’t be able to shake the feeling that she knows Charlie somehow.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Allie will become a bit unsettled by this feeling on Monday. Allie will have a realization of some sort, but it doesn’t look like all the pieces will click into place just yet. It’s possible Allie will remember seeing Charlie at the club that night or something along those lines.

Whatever the case, it sounds like Allie will begin to believe there’s more to the story with Charlie – and she’ll be determined to find out all the facts later in the week.

Until then, Days of Our Lives spoilers say Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) will demand answers from Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien). Jack will wonder why Gwen has this stash of newspaper clippings about his family and what her game is.

Gwen will face accusations about plotting against the Deveraux clan, but what will Gwen’s response be? It looks like Gwen will keep things as cryptic as possible for now.

Gwen isn’t quite ready to reveal exactly why she’s targeting Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) and her family. Instead, Gwen might suggest Jack will find out everything he needs to know when the time comes.

As for Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), he’ll blow his top since he just found Abigail with shirtless Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash) in the bedroom.

Chad will once again jump to the wrong conclusion, but Abigail will set the record straight about Jake sleeping with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), not her. Abigail will make certain Chad knows she’s never crossed any sleazy lines with Jake.

Chad will be grossed out by Kate landing in his brother’s bed, but he’ll like that idea better than his own wife landing there. However, this also means Chad will realize the depths of his screwup. Chad will think back to how steamy things got at the Salem Inn with Gwen and know this is bad…REALLY bad!

Abigail will be ready to confront Gwen next, so Monday’s cliffhanger may involve Abby cornering her in the DiMera mansion’s living room. Tuesday’s DOOL episode will bring a fierce faceoff between Abigail and Gwen, so stay tuned! We’ll provide updates as other Days news becomes available.

It sounds like some great stuff’s coming up as Gwen’s chaos continues. CDL will have tons of other scorching Days of Our Lives spoilers, news and updates to read up on, so make us your go-to DOOL source.