Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Tuesday, January 12 – Allie’s Mission Ruined – Charlie Manipulates Claire, Shawn Intervenes

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Update: Tuesday, January 12 – Allie’s Mission Ruined – Charlie Manipulates Claire, Shawn Intervenes

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers update for Tuesday, January 12, teases that Charlie Dale (Mike Manning) won’t have much to say to Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold), who just confronted him at the Salem PD.

Allie now suspects Charlie is her real attacker, so she’ll put plenty of pressure on him and hope she can confirm the truth.

However, it looks like Charlie will continue to deny any guilt as he awaits his attorney’s arrival. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Allie will get pretty fierce with Charlie, but he’ll probably point out that she already accused Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams).

Charlie may act like Allie’s not so sure of anything at this point. He’ll be nervous deep down, but he’ll try not to let Allie see him sweat!

Meanwhile, Ava Vitali’s (Tamara Braun) latest vision of armed Charlie will fade. She’ll settle down and see that Charlie isn’t really there, so that’ll give Tripp a chance to ask more questions. Ava’s obviously still having some mental issues due to the drugs Charlie gave her, but she’ll do her best to think back.

Tripp wants to know everything there is to know about Charlie, so Ava may admit she pushed Charlie to follow his half-brother in London. Ava may offer some missing puzzle pieces to explain why Charlie would’ve been at Allie’s flat that night.

When Ava once again apologizes for deceiving Tripp, he’ll cut her some slack. Ava’s been through a full-blown nightmare thanks to Charlie, so Tripp will just want his mom to concentrate on her recovery.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ava will recall Charlie’s rape admission, which she planned to tell Tripp about before she was kidnapped. Once Tripp has all the info he needs, he’ll leave Ava to rest while he deals with Charlie.

Nicole Brady (Arianne Zucker) will make her way to see Ava afterward, but it looks like Ava will still be in bad shape. Ava will struggle to make sense of what’s real and what’s not, but Nicole will offer her sincere support.

Nicole will reconnect with Ava and make sure she knows she’s got a friend when she needs one.

Ava should fill Nicole in on Charlie’s assault confession as well, so Nicole will realize Charlie’s indeed the guilty party. Nicole will just hope things can get resolved quickly for both Allie and Tripp’s sake.

Next, Belle Brady (Martha Madison) and Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) will be in a state of bliss following a romantic honeymoon. Shawn and Belle have no idea what’s waiting for them back in Salem!

Days of Our Lives spoilers say John Black (Drake Hogestyn) will reveal the findings of the investigation in “Philly.” Thanks to Angelo Vitali’s (Angelo Tiffe) clues, John and Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) were able to zero in on Charlie as Tripp’s half-brother and Allie’s attacker.

Belle and Shawn will be stunned when they realize Claire Brady’s (Isabel Durant) boyfriend has been lying this whole time. Of course, no one will be more surprised than Claire herself!

Claire will freak over all the accusations against Charlie, including the ones regarding Ava’s abduction and time in captivity.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Claire will be in disbelief, so she’ll decide to grill Charlie herself. DOOL fans can expect Claire to take Charlie’s hand and look him in the eyes. She’ll want Charlie to tell her the truth, but she’ll hope the truth involves some sort of confusion.

Claire just won’t want to accept that her doting beau could be behind Allie’s attack and his own mother’s kidnapping. Charlie may or may not admit that Tripp is his half-brother, but he’ll definitely deny the assault and anything else too heinous to explain.

While Claire’s listening to Charlie pile on the deception, Shawn will burst in. Days spoilers say Shawn will insist Claire needs to get away from Charlie NOW. After Shawn takes Claire by the arm and leads her out, Claire may defend Charlie briefly. Nevertheless, it’ll become harder and harder for Claire to stay on Charlie’s side.

Claire will come to grips with Charlie’s guilt in the coming episodes, but it’ll be a long time before Claire gets over the crushing heartbreak! As other Days news and updates emerge, we’ll keep you posted.

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