General Hospital Spoilers: Chase’s Deathbed Wedding Wish – Willow’s Tough Decision as Antidote Supply Cut Off?

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase’s Deathbed Wedding Wish – Willow’s Tough Decision as Antidote Supply Cut Off?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) may make a deathbed wedding wish and leave Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) with a tough decision to make after the antidote supply is cut off.

GH fans know Peter August (Wes Ramsey) has been willing to hand over some doses so far, but there’s no guarantee he’ll keep providing them.

Peter warned Anna that Chase would die if she told Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) or anyone else the truth. It’s critical for Anna to keep Finn’s knowledge a secret, but something tells us she won’t be able to forever.

If Peter realizes Anna has broken the rules, he might become uncooperative and decide to let Chase die to teach her a lesson.

Of course, there are other ways Peter’s plot could go wrong. Peter has put the fake version of Chloe Jennings (Kimberly J. Brown) in charge of handling the vials, but what happens if Chloe is a klutz and drops the whole tray?

Suddenly, Chase would be out of hope. His last lifeline would literally be shattered if all those vials were to break in an instant. Peter might not be able to get more in time to save Chase – not that he’d care all that much since he’s a cruel menace to society.

Regardless, Chase’s life is in the hands of someone who wouldn’t mind if he died in the slightest. Peter is using Chase as leverage and nothing more.

If Chase becomes less than useful or Peter feels his death would have more of an impact in the long run, things may not turn out well for this struggling patient.

We’ve established that there’s also room for error in Peter’s scheme, so this is a bad situation any way you slice it. Chase often gets the wrong idea about his life with Willow when he has delirious spells.

In one of them, Chase thought he was married to Willow – and he’d certainly like to be someday.

What happens if Chase fears someday may be too late? Chase might feel like the end is near and propose a deathbed wedding as his final wish. He might beg Willow to give him wedded bliss in his last days.

General Hospital spoilers say Finn will battle growing concerns about Chase’s condition during the week of May 17-21, so there are signs that Chase will indeed get worse. Willow may also start to worry that Chase genuinely isn’t going to survive.

Naturally, Finn might find a cure another way if Peter doesn’t come through. That could leave the door open for a rushed “Chillow” marriage to stick and complicate things if that’s how GH writers want to take things.

Whatever the case, this kind of story seems like the perfect setup for a deathbed wedding. Even if Willow couldn’t go through with it in the end, it’d bring some drama if Chase at least pushed for this as a final request.

As other news emerges, we’ll bring you updates. It sounds like some hot drama’s brewing no matter what, so stay tuned. CDL will have other terrific General Hospital spoilers, updates and news for you, so drop by frequently.

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