General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, April 9 Recap – Josslyn Injured – Hummingbird Cake Clue – Poison Mug Mayhem

General Hospital Spoilers: Friday, April 9 Recap – Josslyn Injured – Hummingbird Cake Clue - Poison Mug Mayhem

General Hospital (GH) spoilers recap for Friday, April 9, reveals that Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) defended his willingness to make a deal with the devil.

Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) was wary of Nikolas’ involvement with Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), but Nikolas felt Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) safety had to come first.

Afterward, Nikolas met with Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) to talk about the importance of family.

Once Nikolas brought up the threat to Alexis, it didn’t take long for Martin to realize Cyrus must’ve offered an exchange: to keep Alexis safe as a trade for Florence Grey’s (Annie Abbott) whereabouts.

Nikolas hinted about finding a workaround, but Martin pointed out his mother was thriving where she was. During the conversation, Nikolas pumped Martin for info on Florence’s sweet tooth and found out Martin had someone make a hummingbird cake for her.

Over with Laura Collins (Genie Francis), she got a visit from Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and learned he now believed Peter August (Wes Ramsey) killed Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

Laura was confused about why Scott believed Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and was skeptical, but Scott stood his ground and intended to use the law to his advantage.

After Ava was summoned via text, she showed up to talk to Laura about Nikolas and Cyrus. Laura was hopeful that Ava could talk Nikolas out of Cyrus’ dangerous web. She also wanted Ava to promise she wouldn’t let Nikolas give into his worst impulses.

Once Ava was gone, Laura received a special delivery. She assumed the flower bouquet was from Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), but the card let her know it was from Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel).

Spencer wrote that he missed his grandmother and was eager to see her at his upcoming graduation.

Meanwhile, Ava reconvened with Nikolas and found out he’d used that hummingbird cake info to his advantage. Nikolas bragged about figuring out which Vermont bakery near Florence made that specialty. He grinned over how finding Florence would be a “piece of cake.”

At GH, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) was a patient there after making a risky move at volleyball practice and spraining her ankle. When questioned by Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher), Joss revealed that Southern Coastal University had waitlisted her.

Josslyn didn’t want Jax to talk to the dean and felt it was important to prove she belonged.

Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) informed Josslyn that she’d have to rest her ankle for two weeks, so Josslyn flipped out. She didn’t want to be rusty before her upcoming tournament. However, Liz warned that the surest way to not play was if Josslyn didn’t let her ankle heal.

At Pentonville, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) visited Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and complained about all the pressure she was facing on the outside.

Carly needed Jason and suggested giving up Florence, but Jason warned Cyrus’ mom was their only leverage. He was adamant about not making a deal.

Carly eventually got a text about Josslyn being in the ER, so she rushed to join Jax. When Carly spoke with her daughter, Joss didn’t mention being waitlisted. In a moment alone, Josslyn reiterated to Jax that she wanted to prove her worth by herself.

Carly wound up cornering Elizabeth to make another plea regarding Jason. She was grateful that Elizabeth let Jake Webber (Hudson West) visit and felt Liz should tell the cops if she believed in Jason’s innocence like his son.

At Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) house, Peter found Anna with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Peter offered them a chance at a fresh start and suggested it’d be in the best interest of their loved ones to take it.

Anna felt Peter was delivering a threat instead – and Valentin pushed Peter to go to prison and find the path to redemption.

However, Peter made it clear that they’d blown their shot and would have to live with that. Once Peter was gone, Valentin and Anna felt they had no choice but to act fast.

While Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) was at a restaurant for his family dinner, Peter spoke to a waiter outside and handed over a poison vial. It became clear that the waiter was doing this favor in exchange for making a parole officer problem go away.

After Peter declared that Finn should get a taste of his own medicine, the waiter went back inside to carry out his task.

Finn, Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney) and Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) had a long talk that took a turn from tense to hopeful.

When the waiter brought the coffee mugs – including Finn’s tainted one – they all joked about a story from the past. When Chase was a kid, they used to treat the lazy Susan like a beverage merry-go-round.

Chase and the others decided to put their mugs on for old time’s sake, so they put all four on and let it spin. That left General Hospital fans wondering who would get the poisoned mug. Gregory raised his mug up and toasted to the future – “whatever it holds.”

At Pentonville again, Scott showed up to let Jason know he was willing to help since it’s what Franco would want. Jason felt confident that Peter’s luck would soon run out.

After Anna called Peter back to her place on an urgent matter, he insisted it was too late to reconsider his offer. Suddenly, Valentin emerged and held a gun on Peter.

General Hospital spoilers say Peter’s hostage crisis is just getting started, so stay tuned! CDL will have tons of other great General Hospital spoilers, updates and news to read up on, so check back often.