General Hospital Spoilers: GH Monday Sneak Peek, June 21 – Ryan’s Teddy Bear Message Scares Ava – Avery’s Stuffed Animal Speaks

General Hospital spoilers reveal that a new sneak peek for the Monday, June 21 episode shows Ryan Chamberlain’s (Jon Lindstrom) disturbing teddy bear message, so his voice will spook Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) through Avery Corinthos’ (Ava and Grace Scarola) stuffed animal.

Ava and Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) will be unsettled all over again after Avery shows off the teddy bear and gives it a squeeze. In Ryan’s familiar and ominous tone, he’ll tell Ava that he can’t wait to be a family.

Of course, Ava and Nikolas will immediately know this is yet another message from the stalker who’s hunting them down around every corner. They moved in a Metro Court suite in hopes of letting the danger die down after their last shocker at Wyndemere.

It was a move made for Nikolas, Ava and Avery’s protection, but this could prove there’s nowhere to hide! Ryan supposedly has locked-in syndrome, which leaves him unable to move or speak despite his brain activity.

GH fans have seen signs that Ryan is faking that syndrome, but he’s still not the one behind this threat – at least not on his own.

There’s someone else who’s using the fact that Ryan creeps Ava out to his advantage. That someone is likely Spencer Cassadine since we know a recast is set to debut in the coming weeks.

Spencer has never approved of his father’s marriage to Ava, so this may be his elaborate attempt to break them up.

General Hospital viewers will recall that someone mysterious called that Metro Court bartender, who swiped the key card from Nikolas’ new suite – no doubt to put this teddy bear phase of the plan in motion.

The plan will work in a sense of rocking Ava to the cure, especially since this threat will get so close to Avery.

Before Avery trots out with her stuffed animal, Nikolas will admit to enjoying this time at the hotel with Ava and her daughter. It’ll feel like they’re truly their own little family once they’re no longer at the giant Wyndemere house.

This will serve as an opportunity for Nikolas, Ava and Avery to bond in much closer quarters than usual.

Unfortunately, Avery will pop up to reveal that her bear can talk and that’s when the mood will turn distressing.

The recorded Ryan message inside this toy will alert Ava and Nikolas to danger, so they’ll fret over where Avery got this stuffed animal and what the stalker plans to do next.

As other news emerges, we’ll pass along updates. General Hospital spoilers say some exciting scenes are brewing on Monday, June 21, so stay tuned! CDL will have all the hottest GH spoilers, updates and news you’re looking for, so stick with us.

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