General Hospital Spoilers: Helena Cassadine Back from the Dead, Targets Ava – New Clues Point to Return of Nik’s Grandma?

General Hospital Spoilers: Helena Cassadine Back from the Dead, Targets Ava – New Clues Point to Return of Nik’s Grandma?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that there may be a huge twist brewing in Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and Ava Jerome Cassadine’s (Maura West) latest story. GH fans know Ava was sent a baffling and appalling “gift” for Valentine’s Day.

Ava received a dead roach, so Nikolas has vowed to get to the bottom of who sent it.

On Monday, Ava and Nikolas will debate how Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) might’ve pulled it off somehow. Since Nikolas and Ava believe Ryan’s locked-in syndrome is legit, they’ll be scratching their heads trying to make this puzzle fit. Unfortunately, Nikolas and Ava will be fixated on the wrong culprit.

In a recent interview with SOD, Marcus Coloma basically confirmed Ryan isn’t behind this package. “It reminds me of a game of chess in the sense that sometimes you’re so focused on that one piece, you don’t see the piece on the other side of the board that’s sitting there and threatening the entire game. I think that’s where Nikolas is at,” Coloma said.

There’s another new clue to consider, which is featured in a new sneak peek video that was posted on the GH section of the ABC website. Monday’s episode will bring another delivery to Ava and Nikolas’ table. This time it’ll be a note for Ava to read, which will have “Mrs. Cassadine” typed on the outside envelope.

The fact that it says “Mrs. Cassadine” instead of Ava seems like a jab at Ava and Nikolas’ marriage, so that’s important to keep in mind. This seems to be someone who’s not happy about Ava being married to Nikolas.

This lines up with what Coloma said about Nikolas not being able to see another threat as well. They’re setting up Ava being a target due to her Cassadine status.

That brings us to the actual note inside this envelope, which will contain a rather ominous message: “Secrets and cockroaches, those are the only two things that always survive…except for us.”

Since there have been some rumblings about Spencer Cassadine (last played by Nicolas Bechtel) possibly being recast, that’s led to speculation that he might be to blame for all this.

However, that doesn’t quite line up with this new message. The sender seems to be someone who’s believed to be dead. Why else include that “always survive” part?

Spencer is alive and well at boarding school, so he doesn’t really fit here. Furthermore, Spencer just doesn’t seem like someone who’d be “threatening the entire game” as Coloma suggested.

It’s hard to believe Spencer would be some massive threat to Nikolas and Ava’s marriage. If Nikolas is truly threatened by his teenage son, then Nik is a pretty weak Cassadine!

Maybe we should take Coloma’s advice and look at another chess piece – one that could truly threaten the entire game as he indicated. Could Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) be alive and targeting her grandson’s wife? Helena has gone after Nikolas’ love interests before and just might do it again.

Helena would perhaps fit all the criteria here: 1) targeting Ava because she’s “Mrs. Cassadine,” 2) a genuine threat to the good thing Ava and Nikolas have going and 3) currently believed to be dead.

General Hospital spoilers say a massive bombshell is brewing that no one in Port Charles will see coming. If Helena returns from the dead, then that would certainly be an unexpected bombshell.

Whatever the case, this eerie note is clearly setting up someone’s return – and it just might be the terrifying Helena Cassadine!

The timing would be perfect considering Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) sinister history is about to be publicly exposed, including Peter’s past with Helena. As other GH news and updates come in, we’ll keep you posted.

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