General Hospital Spoilers: Is Roger Howarth Playing Vince Novak – New Character Tied to Major PC Mob Family?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Roger Howarth Playing Vince Novak – New Character Tied to Major PC Mob Family?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that everyone’s buzzing about an important role: Is Roger Howarth (ex-Franco Baldwin) playing Vincent “Vince” Novak, a new character tied to a major mob family in Port Charles? There’s no confirmation on who Howarth will portray just yet, but there are some crucial leaks and facts to keep in mind.

For starters, we know Howarth will NOT be reprising his role as Franco Baldwin. The show wanted to write Franco out, so that was the point of giving him such a gruesome sendoff. Franco will remain dead so that Howarth can begin a different role entirely.

GH spoilers also confirm that Howarth’s new character will be linked to an important family in PC. When you add that to the knowledge that a man named Vincent “Vince” Novak will pop up in some form, it’s led to speculation that Howarth might be part of the Novak clan.

Could Howarth make his debut as Vince, a crucial member of this well-known mob fam? There’s honestly some conflicting evidence, so let’s take a moment to go over it.

What appeared to be a leaked audition script for Vince surfaced back in April, but Howarth wouldn’t need to audition for a role created just for him.

That could mean someone else will end up playing Vince, who’s set to meet Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) eventually and raise suspicions with a request for Spin’s tech skills.

However, it’s also possible the show shifted gears and decided Howarth would be a good fit for the part. Plans change all the time behind the scenes, so you really never know what went into casting decisions.

A lot can happen before scenes finally hit the air, so we don’t want to rule Howarth out.

Of course, there are other factors to consider – like the fact that Howarth is set to bare his face and perhaps more according to SOD’s May preview.

Howarth is getting a memorable debut that makes it sound like he’ll be half-naked, so that seems like an odd choice for a guy connected to the mob.

We should also mention the speculation that Howarth’s character is perhaps the person who pushed Peter August (Wes Ramsey) down the staircase.

Would Vincent Novak have some major grudge against Peter? It’s not impossible if the writers create a backstory that fits, but things are just too unclear to call based on the evidence right now.

In other words, Roger Howarth could be playing Vince Novak, but there are no guarantees at this point based on how murky the details are.

The show obviously wants to keep a tight lid on this until Howarth actually airs again, so we’ll all be awaiting that shocking moment!

General Hospital spoilers say Roger Howarth fans are eager to see what the future holds, so stay tuned. CDL’s where you want to be for sizzling General Hospital spoilers, updates and news posts, so visit us often.