General Hospital Spoilers: Peter’s Not Dead – Body Vanishes, Liz & Finn Mystery?

General Hospital Spoilers: Peter's Not Dead – Body Vanishes, Liz & Finn Mystery?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) may not be dead, so his body could vanish and leave Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) a mystery to solve with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). Let’s consider the strange way things played out in the Thursday, June 3 episode.

Finn’s attack sent Peter hurling down the stairs, so Peter was soon bleeding from a severe head wound. Liz rushed to check Peter’s pulse and was quick to “think” Peter was gone.

However, Finn and Liz were both in panic mode. It’s entirely possible Peter had a faint pulse after all and was simply unconscious.

Elizabeth argued that there’d be an investigation if Finn came forward. She didn’t think Finn should be sitting in jail when he was Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) only shot at a cure.

Liz tried to get Finn out of the stairwell and argued that the police would find Peter soon, but Finn said he couldn’t just leave Peter there.

Later, Elizabeth assured Finn that the police would think Peter got away – that no one would ever know Peter was dead. How exactly did Finn and Liz make certain of that?

Since Liz was so sure the cops would find Peter in the stairwell before, her later comment implied that they moved his body somewhere.

Of course, that had to have been quite a feat considering they had all those stairs to climb up or down! Not to mention it would’ve been messy with blood gushing from Peter’s head.

None of this really adds up, but that may be why GH writers are being so vague. It could be a case where they want unanswered questions so that it’ll be easier to explain when Peter shows back up alive.

If Peter was stashed somewhere that Finn and Liz can go back to, they may realize that his body is missing eventually.

Perhaps Peter will regain consciousness despite how things seemed and make a break for it. We have to remember that Peter was desperate to flee from the authorities and find Baby Louise.

Plus, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) told Peter that he was a cheap imitation of his father, Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Maxie wanted to hurt Peter by pointing out that Faison was an evil genius while Peter was far from it.

This is the prime opportunity for Peter to rise from the dead and prove he’s just as conniving as his dear old dad.

It’s possible that Finn and Liz were somehow able to get Peter on that helicopter that had been circling the rooftop. If they were able to make a deal with the pilot, that might explain why Liz seems so sure Peter won’t be found.

Nevertheless, that’d make it even more likely that Peter might regain consciousness in the chopper and be flown somewhere for treatment. Peter could recover elsewhere and return on a vengeful mission.

Regardless, it’s just tough to believe Peter is dead under such shady circumstances. Something tells us Finn and Liz may be in for a huge surprise down the road!

We’ll pass along updates as other GH news comes in. General Hospital spoilers say some bombshells are on the way in Port Charles, so stay tuned. CDL will have other scorching General Hospital spoilers, news and updates for you, so stop by frequently.

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