General Hospital Spoilers: Sam’s New Romance with Cameron Mathison’s Character – Fresh Love & Exciting Story?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam’s New Romance with Cameron Mathison’s Character - Fresh Love & Exciting Story?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) could use a new love interest and a different romantic path. GH fans know Sam and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) broke up, so the show seems determined to take these two in other directions when it comes to their love lives.

Jason is clearly growing closer to Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) – and it’s arguably working out well since they have nice chemistry and bring something interesting to the table.

However, you could also argue that’s not the case for Sam and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

Dante and Sam are fine as friends, but there’s just not any kind of sizzle going on. The fact that Sam and Dante share siblings isn’t helping!

They almost feel like family in a way, so it’s just too weird and doesn’t feel right to pair them up romantically.

With that in mind, Sam really needs a new man or a former flame to reunite with besides Jason. Either option would work if it gets Sam away from this dud pairing with Dante and frees her up for some other storylines.

What about putting Sam with Cameron Mathison’s character, who’s set to hit Port Charles down the road? There’s no word on who Mathison will be playing just yet, but General Hospital spoilers confirm he’s joining the cast – and it looks like he’ll sticking around for a while.

Mathison could easily be a new love interest for Sam whether he’s a completely new character or perhaps a recast of a familiar fan favorite.

If Mathison ends up playing a new version of Drew Cain (last played by Billy Miller), then GH writers could reunite Sam and Drew.

After Jason first reentered the picture, Sam’s romance with Drew was cut short and was never really given a fair chance.

This could be an opportunity to let Sam explore things with Drew now that she’s decided life with dangerous Jason isn’t for her.

Sam is choosing to put her family’s safety first, so Drew would be more appealing now.

If Drew returns from the dead, he could become part of Aurora Media again while he rebuilds his relationship with Sam. Of course, Drew could also reconnect with Scout Cain (Ella Ramaciera) and grow closer to Sam through the family angle.

There’d be plenty of ways for Sam and Drew to fall for each other once more.

On the other hand, maybe Mathison will portray a different recast or someone who’s brand-new to PC. That’d still allow Sam to move on from Jason and even Dante.

Sam deserves a romance she can thrive in, so pairing her up with Mathison’s character would be worth a shot.

Do you think Kelly Monaco and Cameron Mathison would work well together in a new story? Could sparks fly for Sam and Mathison’s character? We’ll keep bringing you updates as other GH news pops up.

General Hospital spoilers say some exciting things are in store for Sam, so let’s hope that includes another love interest eventually!

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