Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/21/21: Season 18 Episode 4 “With A Little Help From My Friends”

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 10/21/21: Season 18 Episode 4 "With A Little Help From My Friends"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with an all-new Thursday, October 21, 2021, season 18 episode 4 and we have your Grey’s Anatomy recap below. On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 4 called “With A Little Help From My Friends,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Richard recruits Meredith and Bailey to help him launch a new program. Meanwhile, Addison’s patient has complications from a procedure, and Jo helps a woman who goes into premature labor.”

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Grey’s Anatomy begins tonight with Dr Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) insisting his wife trust him on what he is about to do with his students. Dr Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) is making out with Dr Nico Kim (Alex Landi) when Dr Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot) pounds on the door and tells him to look at his phone where there is a message saying that Webber is back as director of the residency program as Dr Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will be splitting her time between the residency and research. He panics when he realizes he was supposed to be in the skills lab 15 minutes earlier.

Dr Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) finds Dr Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) tending to her patient, returning from the airport because her patient started seizing and placed her into an induced coma. She needs Amelia’s help to figure out why her landmark surgery patient is circling the drain. Meanwhile, Dr Owen Hunt (Kevin mcKidd) takes Noah Young (Johnny Rey Diaz) to a VA meeting where they want to know every diagnosis; Owen is welcomed as he hopes he can link their symptoms to what is going on. The Sgt who is leading the meeting collapses and Owen shouts out for someone to call 9-11.

Dr Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) finds Dr Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) trying to cope with a screaming baby who is teething. She says she hasn’t slept and she could drop dead, asking if Hayes has any tips on teething, and he suggests ear plugs. They are interrupted by a man who drove onto the sidewalk with a woman who is moaning; he learns she is pregnant but in premature labor so Hayes takes baby Luna to the daycare while Jo attends to her patient.

Dr Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) learns from Meredith that she is leaving for Minnesota in the evening and only goes for a couple days a week and is still her chief of general. Bailey finds out that Richard cleared everyone’s surgical schedule and leads them into the skills room where Richard announces to the class that each one of them is going to perform a lap/coly from start to finish on their own and today they will be attending. Bailey tells Meredith she cannot go to Minnesota as it is clear Richard has lost his mind.

Owen rides with the Sgt in the ambulance as Noah reveals that Roy has the same thing as him; Owen orders Noah to stay in the lobby and he will give him an update as soon as he can. Meanwhile, Dr Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) and Jo inform their patient, Nikki that she is dialated and having her baby today. Her boyfriend of one month is upset that she never told him she was pregnant but she thought he knew. Suddenly her chest starts to hurt and they ask her boyfriend to get him some ice chips for her.

Richard speaks to Bailey and Meredith that this generation of residents want to work smarter, not harder. She objects to it but Meredith agrees with Richard, admitting she has been saying this for a long time. All 3 doctors agree to do it.

Megan finds Hayes, needing a consult from him on a 14 yr old soccer player. Roy is in the scanner, saying that Noah is the closest thing he has to a son, watched him grow up, get married and have Danny. Owen admits he hasn’t met his wife, Heather yet. Dr Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill) sees on the scans that Roy has lung cancer and with his fibrosis, it may as well be terminal; Roy knows its not good.

Addison is stressed out as Amelia is asking questions, saying they are going to fix this patient. Her sisters pleaded with her not to get involved in this study but she did anyways and she cannot lose this uterus or fail; so Amelia says she will help. Megan returns to Hayes, telling him the patient she was talking about is in room 4 and she wants him to be very straight with her and the patient, who is her son.

Meredith assures Bailey that the surgeries are going to be fine as she frets that they are human beings and they are placing them in the hands of children with scalpels; Meredith reminds her that was them once upon a time. Each resident takes a procedure, with Richard, Meredith and Bailey swapping out each time; everything moving fairly smooth.

Jo is frustrated that Nikki’s boyfriend is leaving. He says they only met online a month ago and he is not ready to be a father and feels this is a pretty big lie. She takes the phone and he leaves. Hayes comes out to Megan, saying she is not losing her mind, asking about her son’s medical history, but he was born in Syria and raised in Iraq. Hayes didn’t know that her and her brother both served. She wants Hayes to keep all this between the two of them because if Owen finds out, he will freak out.

Owen and Winston come to see Roy, where Noah is sitting. They reveal there is a tumor on his lung and although it is in the early stages he is in trouble because of his fibrosis. Winston says they can try to move the mass, which could buy him some more time but he doesn’t recommend it. Noah suggests he send someone else to Washington, but Roy feels if he falls in Washington, it might help their case, besides he has spent his whole life fighting and he’s not stopping now.

Amelia confesses to Addison the reason she left Dr Atticus Lincoln (Chris Cormack), where he was gaslighting her into marriage. Addison feels if she looked at it the other way, the proposal could have been a beautiful romantic thing. Amelia admits they were drowning in children and everyday she was there she thought about doing drugs and went to virtual meetings as she was hanging by a thread and Link wasn’t and he started proposing all the time and everytime she said no. He wanted more children and she didn’t. Addison admitting she drank so much red wine she thought she was going to check into rehab; going very dark in thoughts, daydreaming about going to sleep and never waking up and that comforted her. Amelia thanks her as she felt that way too. The scans are up, interrupting their chat.

Richard checks on Levi who is already finished his surgery, offering him to do a double feature and he is to go to OR 7 and Dr Khan is to assist him. Levi is very excited.

Owen allows all the veterans into his room, where Roy begins to talk about if he doesn’t make it but Noah insists he is going to make it and begins telling stories about Roy, who has no memory of it. Roy tells all of them, that he won’t forget all of them coming there for him.

Jo wonders if Nikki is having some anxiety as she is wondering where her boyfriend, Dustin is with the ice chips. She begins to cry when she realizes she is all alone and he left. Her friends thought she was crazy for having some random guy’s baby and how her parents are mad and she worries that there is no one to hold her hand so Jo offers to hold her hand, which makes her ask who is going to deliver the baby and Jo asks the nurse to page Dr DeLuca.

Dr Helm is having a problem with her surgery as the area is filling with blood and immediately calls for an attending panicking.

Amelia and Addison review their patients films and feel that the only logical thing causing the seizures is her body reacting to the anti rejection meds. Amelia thinks they can switch the medications as Addison says she loves her husband and son and needs to get home as she had arranged for the clinical trial team to monitor her. Amelia says she would but she will be going back and forth to Minnesota but Bailey can too but then they deserve credit when she publishes; Addison says she can’t say that like it is a small thing. It is risky, and if they have to remove the uterus, they will remove it, Addison says she needs to make sure this patient doesn’t die. This patient and helping her made Addison get out of bed but she needs to make the patient a priority. Amelia reminds her that her patient joined the study because she was so in love with her dead husband she was willing to risk her life to have his baby and that alone is reason enough to get up.

Owen talks to Roy as they prep him for surgery, promising to hold the people responsible for the fibrosis; Roy confessing that he was the one who ordered the burn pit on their base. He closes his eyes and sees that black smoke and he knows he committed the worst crime and at the end of the day, he deserves to die but everyone else deserves to live.

Bailey rushes into the OR where Helm informs her that the field filled up with blood as Bailey tells her she should have waited; ordering her to step aside if she wants this patient to live.

Owen and Winston feel the tissue is falling apart in their hands, Winston didn’t agree with it but if this gives him a few more months of life it is worth it. Roy begins to bleed out, as Owen says he has known the guy for 8 hours and knows he is not going to make things easy for them.

Richard has everyone clapping as he announces that the residents have done 13 surgeries today and saved all of them today. He reminds them to study hard, as tomorrow’s surgeries could be something harder.

Amelia and Addison wake up Tovah, informing her that there is still a chance and she didn’t reject the uterus. Addison asks Amelia to give her a moment to cry. In the meantime, Carina rushes in telling Jo she is an OB and not there to hold her hand. Jo talks to her saying that she is not alone as she will be holding her son soon and just the smell of his head will be worth all the fear. Jo gets her to push as the baby’s shoulder is caught behind her pelvic bone and Carina guides her through it. They lay the tiny baby boy on Nikki’s chest and Carina congratulates Wilson on a good job.

Hayes brings Megan into a private room, revealing there are issues with his heart. She worries that he has been so much more than any kid should be. She begins to cry as Hayes believes he is going to need surgery. Hayes wants to admit him as Megan talks about him being such a good kid beside everything this messed up world has given him. Megan says she will tell her brother, but she needs time to sit with this first. Hayes leaves a distraught Megan alone.

Owen talks to Noah about Roy’s prognosis. Noah tells Owen he is the first doctor who actually gave a crap and Owen promises he is in this will all of them. Roy’s alarms go off and he is ordered out of the room, but he won’t leave, begging Roy to hang in there and they close the curtains so Noah can’t see what is happening. They charge the paddles and shock Roy repeatedly.

Richard, Meredith, Bailey and Catherine celebrate as Meredith says he set the bar very high for himself as residents will expect more now. Bailey reminds him about what happened with Helm and they deserve to have them in their room. Richard reminds Bailey they are there for their patients as Meredith defends Richard, saying Helm proved the system worked, she called for help and one of them was immediately there.

Owen and Winston inform Noah that Roy didn’t make it; his lungs were just too far gone and the damage put too much stress on his heart. Owen offers to help Noah who doesn’t want his help, feeling Owen just made things a whole lot worse.

Addison tells Amelia that she almost left Jake 2 months into the pandemic and drove for 2 hours before she asked herself if she knew what she was doing. Amelia assures her that she didn’t leave because of drugs nor is she crazy, she just doesn’t want a ring nor does she want any more babies. He left her and didn’t want the life he offered and the sanest and kindest thing she could do was walk away. Addison says, “Look at you, Amelia Shepherd, all grown up!”

Hayes finds Owen in the locker room, who says he had a hard day and needs to go for a drink before he goes home to his wife and kids; Hayes agrees. Nico is pulled into a storage room by Levi who kisses him passionately as Nico calls him his “rockstar boyfriend”. Jo holds Luna outside the hospital, saying she needs to find the energy to walk to the car, which might be tomorrow. Bailey finds Helm sitting on the bench, knowing she is replaying the surgery over and over again in her head. Bailey reassures her that she has made mistakes in the OR before as has Meredith. She says she needs to feel awful because if she didn’t, she would be in the wrong line of work and that is how they become great. They say goodnight to each other.

Meredith walks into the hospital as Dr Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) is going home after performing surgery. She encourages him to get some rest as he asks about dinner that night; she agrees.