Magnum P.I. Premiere Recap 10/01/21 Season 4 Episode 1 “Island Vibes”

Magnum P.I. Premiere Recap 10/01/21 Season 4 Episode 1 "Island Vibes"

Tonight on CBS their reboot of the classic series Magnum P.I. airs with an all-new Friday, October 1, 2021, episode and we have your Magnum P.I. recap below. On tonight’s Magnum P.I. season 4 episode 1 Premiere “Island Vibes,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Magnum is tasked with finding a single mum being hunted by two very dangerous gangs; while Higgins is abroad with Ethan, a misstep forces her to assist an old employer.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with, Robin Masters has a new book. The new book is inspired by both Magnum and Higgins. They even hook up in the book. Higgins naturally hated the book. But not for the hookup. She hates how she comes across and she doesn’t believe she’s as cold or aloof as her character in the book. Ethan assured her that the character only inherited the best of her and he apologized again for being unable to see her in Kenya. Higgins was there. She expected to spend time with him and their plans fell through however she didn’t come back to Hawaii. She was still in Kenya She was away and there was no one to call off the dogs on Magnum. He now has to run for his life. Magnum though he didn’t need Higgins until he did.

Magnum has been caught up in his new relationship. The one he was hiding from his friends and so it was a case that forced Magnum to call Higgins. He woke her up at three in the morning because of a single mother named Jenny Lu. Her parents called her work expecting to find her and they were told that she quit months ago. She’s just being going someplace that she didn’t want to tell anyone about. Magnum called Higgins because he wanted her to run the financials on Jenny, but he was already getting a good picture of that the more he investigated. Magnum later learned that Jenny volunteered at the rehab where she got sober and that she was there a few hours before she was due to come home.

Jenny volunteered as a mentor. She also covered the cost of a patient who couldn’t afford to stay on and so somehow Jenny came up with an additional five grand. Something she wouldn’t have just lying around because her last known job was a hotel maid. Jenny’s car was later found abandoned. There were signs that Jenny drove her car to the location and so Magnum went snooping around in the area to see what Jenny was up to. He found an underground casino area. There were dead bodies everywhere. Jenny’s belongings were found there and she was a card dealer back in Las Vegas. Jenny clearly worked the game. She had been in the building when the shooting happened and the only reason her body wasn’t found there as well was that she managed to escape.

There were signs of a broken-down door, opened window, and fresh marks on a large enough pipe to climb. Jenny’s wallet was found in the back room. Her ID was gone and the hitmen could have stolen it to get her address. Magnum notified Hawaii PD. Gordie came by with Detective Kaleo and they investigated the scene. They agreed with Magnum’s initial findings that Jenny got away. They put a police car outside of her parent’s house and they also tapped the phones in case she tried to call her parents or her daughter. Only the detectives have access to information that Magnum doesn’t and so they found out something before he did. They found out the guys that killed were hitmen who were hired to kill Jenny. They stalked Jenny. They followed her to the card game and they had no idea she would be in a room with heavily armed men.

There was a shootout. Jenny hid in a room and she escaped through the window. The pursuers went after her. She was their main target after all. They’ve been following her since making it to Hawaii and Magnum later learned why. Jenny had apparently certain secrets while she was in rehab. She shared how she witnessed a murder back in Las Vegas and that she never said anything or reported it. One of the people at the meeting had heard what Jenny said and they decided to use it. They tried to blackmail the shooter. The shooter never knew there was a witness so he hired two hitmen who killed the guy who tried to blackmail him and to kill Jenny as the sole witness to the murder. Gordie found the body of the dead blackmailer.

The guy had a motion-censor camera in the house that went off the moment the hitmen broke in. It showed his torture and eventual murder. It also revealed the why. It had been one of Jenny’s friends that betrayed and unfortunately, she couldn’t run away from the hitmen for long. They found her. They brought her to a deserted house. They were planning on torturing her to see who else she told when Magnum intervened. He came rushing in. He killed one of the hitmen and subdued the other. He also rescued Jenny. Jenny was returned to her family. They got justice for her friend and Magnum got to spend quality time with his new girlfriend. He and Kaleo have been dating in secret because she didn’t want anyone to think she was sleeping with someone she worked with. She said it would make them view her in a negative light.

The couple was keeping things a secret. Even from friends. But they weren’t the only ones with secrets. Higgins stole some vaccines for a village that needed it and that were supposed to go to a village before a warlord commandeer them. Higgins’s rescue mission has been a success. The vaccines got to where they needed to be and now the village was at risk. Higgins was called by MI6. They offered to smooth things over in exchange for her assisting them in Hawaii.