S.W.A.T. Recap 10/08/21: Season 5 Episode 2 “Madrugada”

S.W.A.T. Recap 10/08/21: Season 5 Episode 2 "Madrugada"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Friday, October 8, 2021, episode, and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below. On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 5 episode 2 called “Madrugada,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Still in Mexico, Hondo teams up with a local cop for a dangerous rescue mission, only to find himself with a target on his back. Also, back in Los Angeles, Hicks considers disbanding the team for good.

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SWAT begins tonight with Christina Alonso (Lina Esco) and Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) cheerfully returning to SWAT, asking who missed them. Luca feels he lost touch with everyone while they were in Germany for 3 months; him reminding her they are home. Jim Street (Alex Russell) happily hugs Luca, who admits that liver donation surgery kicked his ass saying his mom is doing well and she looks healthier than she has in years. Chris is glad everything is working out. Victor Tan (David Lim) greets them but informs them he is running under Donovan Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), under 50 Squad; he confesses there have been rumors that their squad may not be reforming and that Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) is gone. He isn’t back from his personal time, he ghosted but is rumored to be in Mexico.

David “Deacon’ Kay (Jay Harrington) is training SWAT at the gun range where Chris and Luca find him. They confront him about 20 Squad and how he stepped back and is working with the new recruits. Luca feels he can fill in and run the show until Hondo returns; as Hondo has been demoted. Deacon is refusing to take the position without talking to Hondo, especially since they treated him so poorly. He feels Hondo is never coming back.

In Mexico, Charro (Jose Marie Aguila) follows Hondo, just after learning he is LAPD and SWAT. He is determined to get Delfina (Val Dorantes) back but he needs Charro to help him get her back from Arthur Novak (Timothy V. Murphy). He reminds him they need intel, even though weapons are nice, and asks Charro to follow him as to where they can start obtaining info.

Arthur orders AJ (Luke Cook) not to be so rough with Delfina who attempts to scream and escape from her room. She admits she knows about the silver and how much their land is really worth and her mother will never sell. She says he and his psycho son will never get a penny from her family. Gabriel (Ricardo Abarca) is upset that they kidnapped Delfina and is advised not to finish his sentence when he gives Arthur an ultimatum. He is told to go home and compose himself. AJ puts her back in her room, locking her up.

Hondo and Charro wait as he ignores another call from Deacon. They spot a very drunk Gabriel walking through the market and Charro asks to speak to him, with Hondo cornering him. They reveal that they know Novak has kidnapped Delfina and AJ doesn’t take his eyes of Delfina, who loves torturing her. Gabriel admits AJ killed Miguel after he found out there was silver on the land; he only cares about getting rich. Hondo doesn’t buy the story but Gabriel buys into the rouse as Hondo tells him to show them the proof, which is the hammer AJ used to kill Miguel and he produces it.

Charro gives the weapon to his boss, telling him it is the weapon used to murder Miguel Reyes and they want a warrant to arrest Aj at his father’s property and they have Delfina as a hostage. His boss tells him to bring the evidence to Mexico City, Hondo gets the gist of the conversation as Charro tells him he should be ashamed of being police and storms off. Hondo observes the other officers in the building.

Rocker finds Tan, who wants him to scrub the rig again, also informing him that the rest of the 20 squads is being split up tomorrow. He can’t believe that they are truly ending. Rocker says they admired 20 squads and Tan is a great officer as he will be rocking with the 50 families for real. Hicks welcomes Luca back, apologizing about the team. He says the city found more cash and feels that Luca is more qualified for the role of running all of the swats someday and he says no right away. He only wants to get behind the wheel of black betty with 20 squads. Hicks tells him that 20 squads are done and the offer won’t be on the table long.

The street is happy to be cleared for the field but now 20 squads are blown away. He is sorry about not talking to Chris the last month she was away. He confesses they shared an amazing kiss and it did require to follow-up. She says they never talked about it as he wants to give them a real shot and she thinks nothing has changed but he feels that this time tomorrow they could be on different teams. He doesn’t want to pretend they don’t have feelings for each other. She is concerned that he isn’t the one who would be judged for having feelings for a colleague but needs time to figure out how to do things right.

Charro feels like a fool putting on the badge as Hondo says he felt the same way and that is why he left LA. He feels he can only fight the system for so long. He reveals that he saw Charro at the precinct today and he is so much more than all the officers at the PD put together. Charro and Hondo grab whatever weapons they have and work together to scope out the compound; Hondo feeling they could make a SWAT officer out of him yet. Before they can carry on their conversation, they notice Gabriel walk onto the compound.

Gabriel tells the guards that AJ wants to meet with everyone immediately and he will take overwatch. He pulls Delfina out of her room. She is furious with him, refusing to go anywhere; saying he may not have been the one who killed her father but he is the one who told Nivak about the silver and that is what got him killed. Gabriel pleads with her as Hondo covers them, asking Charro to help. Aj shoots and kills AJ, and before Delfina can escape Aj jumps on top of her. Hondo is able to kill AJ when is about to stab her, but another guard grabs her. Arthur finds his son, shot dead, and looks around the compound as Hondo says they need to get out of there ASAP.

Hondo and Charro go to see Isabel (Pilar Padilla) who says Arthur can have the “rocks in the ground” because all she wants is her daughter back. Hondo feels she is right, but Charro knows that Isabel and Delfina will never be safe after Hondo killed AJ. Hondo says if he had his team behind him it could be different but he doesn’t. Charro feels Hondo needs to get out of the country as soon as he can, but Hondo doesn’t think he should have to clean up his mess.

Deacon, Luca, Tan, Chris, and Street talk about Hondo, and all feel he is not coming back; all feel woeful about what is coming next, but they are all getting a squad alert at the same time; they meet with Hicks and Rocker who informs them they are heading out to a bank robbery in East LA; Hicks is calling 50 and 20 squads, Rocker informing Tan that he goes with 20 squads as 50 squads can handle a man down. Deacon explains what their last right is like, tells them to fill the gaps and stay liquid and make Hondo proud.

Deacon and 20 Squad are worried about the kids that are inside, kids who were in a skate park but ran inside the abandoned mall that was used as a meth lab. They are trying to get the kids out safely before this becomes a hostage situation but things are already doing a bit awry when they breach and there is a shooter already taking aim at them. The team separate, Luca and Tan found a couple of teens explaining that there is another one out there. Chris and Street have a suspect in custody when unfortunately a shooter chases one of the teens up an escalator; Street jumps from one to the other, tackling the last suspect, shouting this was one hell of the last shift, causing Deacon to smile and nod.

Novak hires a team of 6 assassins to take down a man who he insists they “inflict intense pain” upon. Hondo calls him saying he is not going anywhere as Isabel will give him the deed as long as she gets Delfina back. Novak tells him where to be, saying Isabel has to be there but part of the deal is he wants Miguel’s hand to be given over. Hondo admits he knows this is a trap to Charro but he is willing to walk into it.

Chris comes to Street’s house, who invites her in when she says she just needs someone to talk to. She confesses she will miss being on his team and she is sorry about giving him an answer. She knows everyone on the team was looking ahead but she is fighting hard about everything she had and she doesn’t know what she has ahead. She only kept in touch with only him when she was in Germany. She didn’t need 20 squads when she was away. He is the one thing she is getting more sure of. She feels this is so typical as they need to go on a date before they figure out what they are doing or if they are getting new teams and roles; he promises that as soon as they know he is going to ask her out again; she agrees.

Arthur has Delfina as Hondo reminds Charro that he may have private military working with him but Hondo has Charro. Charro says this town is his home and he needs to protect these people. Hondo is ready and as Novak checks his watch, Hondo approaches them. He didn’t bring Isabel nor the deed. Hondo refuses to take his eyes off Delfina saying Isabel and the deed are in his car. Novak tells him that no one ends up on this side of the world by accident, and as his men approach Hondo’s car, he asks Novak if he really wants to know who he is. The men yell and the car explodes, gunfire is everywhere as Novak grabs Delfina,

Hondo gives chase into the ruins, slowly taking out the gunmen one by one. Charro having his back, there is one man plus Arthur left. The assassin continues to shoot at Charro, but Delfina helps and kicks him repeatedly, running away from him. Charro finds her, offering his hand. Hondo still rushes around on the ground looking for Arthur. He shouts that too many people have died and Novak doesn’t want to be part of that. Novak feels he has no right to judge him after he killed his son and Hondo has no right to say his name. Just as Novak is about to take the shot, Hondo turns and shoots him in the shoulder; Arthur asks Hondo not to kill him and Hondo informs him that if he was aiming to kill him, he would already be dead. Charro calls out Hondo’s name, who tells him, “He is all yours officer!” and Charro arrests him as Delfina watches with cold eyes.

Hondo watches as Charro sweetly gives Delfina his jacket as Chief Barrera (David Arauza) comes to the van. He looks at Charro and admits they cannot have men like this corrupting their town. He allows the FEDs to take him. Charro is happy as Hondo questions his sudden change of heart. Charro explains that the people are fed up with men like Novak and he had no choice without losing the support of the whole town. Hondo feels the whole world is full of people like him as Charro thinks the world needs people like them to follow. Hondo wants him to keep the town safe as he brings Delfina home to her mother, who rushes into Isabel’s arms.

Hondo walks with Delfina who is happy to see all the workers are back. He is smiling when he hears that Charro is willing to keep an eye on the farm, commenting to Delfina that he doesn’t think the farm is the only thing Charro has his eyes on. She giggles, saying it takes the whole family to run the farm and her mother deserves to rest. She feels her father died keeping this place and until it is necessary she will run this place. He is leaving, feeling he got what he needed as she thanks him for everything. She asks him what he does back home, only saying he helps people.

Back in LA, Hicks wants final approval for the team’s assignments. He feels he led them well. Deacon knows he can lead them well but in the past 4 years, he knows he can lead well and he feels he is needed with the recruits and there is no 20 squad without Hondo. Hicks reveals Hondo isn’t returning any of his calls, making Deacon question why that is. Deacon informs him that Deacon always had his back and even said at one point if they ever fired Hicks, they would have to fire Hondo too and he leaves saying he will tell the team their new assignments.

Everyone is once again talking about their new positions; Deacon arriving, saying wherever they end up always remember what Hondo said… treat them like family. Just then, Hondo walks in; saying it is time to get back to work, a huge group hug ensues, him asking how his team is as Street and Chris exchange looks.