The Bachelor Matt James Recap 03/08/21: Season 25 Episode 9 “Fantasy Suites”

The Bachelor Matt James Recap 03/08/21: Season 25 Episode 9 "Fantasy Suites"

The Bachelor 2020 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, March 8, 2021, season 25 episode 9 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 25 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, It’s time for fantasy suites! Matt and his three remaining women each enjoy romantic and perfectly tailored one-on-one dates, all of which lead to the big question: Are they ready to spend the night together?

But before he can truly consider moving forward in a relationship, Matt must first address the one that has previously held him back. Will an honest conversation be enough to guide him on his quest to find love?

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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In tonight’s The Bachelor episode, Michelle felt she was on the right track with Matt. Hometowns went well. She also told Matt that she was falling in love with him and their relationship has progressed from there. She now feels she’s ready to take the next step with him. She’s ready to spend the night with him. Michelle was thinking of the Fantasy Suites and she wasn’t the only one.

The other two ladies vying for Matt’s affections were also thinking about the Fantasy Suites. All three of them wanted to show Matt that they were serious about wanting to be with him and the best way to do that was to utilize the overnight dates. The Date Card was later dropped off at the house. It named Michelle and so she took that as a good sign that Matt was more serious about her than he was about the other two women.

Matt was excited as well. He couldn’t wait for the overnights because he could see himself marrying any of the three remaining women and so before he had his date – he reached out to the one person he needed to speak with. He contacted his dad and his dad came to see him. Matt had needed to talk to his father in person because something was troubling him.

He told his dad that he wants to get married and to have a family and that he feels his past with his father is something holding him back. His parents made a lot of mistakes. His father wasn’t a constant presence in his life and Matt had needed him. He needed a father. He needed a man to be there to show him how to be a man and so he was finally addressing this with his dad.

His dad also didn’t have that growing up. Matt’s grandfather died when his dad was five and so his dad used that as an excuse for why he wasn’t there for Matt. Only Matt didn’t want excuses. He was going on an emotional journey with the show and it was making him realize things he dismissed before. He dismissed his father’s previous actions.

His parent’s breaking up was the best thing for his mom because his father put her in an untenable situation and so Matt will always think of his mother as being strong while his father was just the guy that showed up to buy pizza. He wasn’t there for Matt emotionally. Matt wants to fix that now. He believes he has to fix it if he wants to truly pursue things with any of the women and his father just wasn’t getting him.

The older man didn’t seem to understand Matt’s emotional turmoil. Matt did his best to explain himself and what he was feeling and he even told his father that he wasn’t holding grudges. He forgives his dad. He told him that he forgives him and that reassured his father.

His father did tell Matt that he was going to try to be there for Matt. He couldn’t do anything other than to try because his father hadn’t seen the problem before now and so this one conversation wasn’t going to magically fix everything, but it was a step in the right direction. Matt was glad to have had this frank conversation with his father. He thinks it will lead to more conversations in the future and that’s what he wants more than anything.

Matt doesn’t want to be a man like his father. He wants to be a better man than that and “The Bachelor” was helping him do it. Matt later went on his date with Michelle. He arranged for them to have a Spa day. It was going to be Pennsylvania Dutch Spa day. They dipped their toes in the mud and they bathed in milk. Michelle also got the opportunity to rub down Matt with butter.

The two also talked and Michelle brought up how much relationships need work. She grew up watching her own parents and they’ve been married for over thirty years. Michelle takes inspiration from them. She understands that falling in love and working to stay in love are two separate things. She discussed them with Matt and Matt liked what she was saying.

Matt wants what Michelle’s parents have as well. He wants to be a family man and he doesn’t want it to end as his own parents’ marriage had. Matt wants what Michelle wants. Michelle built him a picture of what their lives could be like together and Matt was loving it. Matt also talked to Michelle about his father.

He mentioned how he confronted his dad about the past and how he’s always felt his past with his father is what prevented him from seeking commitment. Matt doesn’t want that to stand in his way anymore. He wants to move past it and he thinks he can do that with Michelle because he liked their conversation. He liked that he was able to open up to her like he hasn’t done with anyone else.

Matt was vulnerable with Michelle. Michelle felt she should be vulnerable as well and so she told Matt that she loved him. He didn’t say it back. He did however kiss her and the two moved on to the bedroom. Unfortunately, the other two women that Matt was dating could guess what was happening. Rachael was especially emotional.

She said her worst fear is that Matt is sleeping with one of her rivals and she also added how even just the idea of it was ripping her apart. Rachael was practically in tears because she knew what was happening on that overnight date. Everyone knew. The cameras didn’t show it of course because that would be obscene and so it waited to cut back to Matt and Michelle as they woke up in each other’s arms.

The couple was all lovey-dovey with each other. They slept together and it seems to have cemented their relationship. They hadn’t even wanted to separate when the time came. They kissed all the way until Michelle went back to the house and returned to the house just so darn happy that it basically told the other women what happened. Rachael was not doing well.

She had just told Bri that nauseous thinking about the date and so seeing Michelle all happy like that had caused her heartbreak Racheal didn’t want to share her man. No one does! Bri was struggling too. Bri was battling being jealous and hurt with being in love and excited. She hadn’t liked knowing her worst fears were confirmed with Michelle and Matt’s overnight date and so did her best to split her feelings.

Bri didn’t show or tell Matt about how she felt. She later went on a date with him and she used the date as a chance to finally get closer to Matt. Bri does love him. She does want a future with him, but she knew she didn’t want to poison what they had by bringing up other women and so she chose to focus on the date. They went hiking which was a problem because Bri was not outdoorsy.

She also got worried when Matt asked her for her help in setting up a camping tent. She thought they were going to sleep outside and she panicked because she hadn’t wanted that for her overnight date. Matt played with her for a while. He waited until she asked him if they were really going to sleep outdoors before he told her that “no” this wasn’t their Fantasy Suite and the night got better from there.

Matt revealed he’s been thinking about Bri. He told her that he sees a certain and instantly thinks of telling her because he wants to share his life with her. He made her feel like he wants to be with her. He also told her about his conversation with his father. Matt shared everything with Bri and he added how she too was someone he could see himself spending his life with.

Matt was so confused over what he wants as well as what he was feeling that he confused the women. He spent the night with Bri. Bri loves him and she tells him she loves him. Matt didn’t say it back to her. He instead told her that he was ready for an engagement and that he saw how well she fits in her life after Hometowns. Matt even let her in close like he had with Michelle.

Bri returned to the house feeling so reassured that she happily discussed her date with other women. Both Bri and Michelle have had the chance to spend uninterrupted time with Matt and Racheal struggled with that. She cried after hearing Bri recount her date because she felt so insecure.

She had no idea what to do with her emotions and at the same time she wasn’t enthusiastic about her date with Matt. If anything, she dreaded it. She had wanted her date with Matt to live up to his dates with the other women and if it wasn’t going to happen – then she didn’t want it. Rachael went into her date full of self-doubt. She and Matt were doing ceramics with each other and the whole time she didn’t speak to him.

Rachael didn’t even look at Matt. She was still so upset from her earlier that she realized she needed to clear the air with him before they could move on and so she asked to speak to him alone. Away from the teacher. Rachael had needed some clarification. She wanted to know how Matt felt her about and she asked him. She asked him how he views her. She knows that she loves him and so hearing him say that he cares for her was just what she needed.

Matt said that he had been scared after they parachuted together. He had seen the way she landed and he said his mind went to a dark place. Matt didn’t tell any of the women that he loved them. Yet, he kissed all of them. He told them that he wants a future with them and Rachael was just happy that she didn’t question it or him.

Matt also brought up his father with her. He treated all three women the same. He discussed his father, his future, and their feelings for him. He never went beyond telling them he cares for them. He wasn’t leaning in one direction. He was doing his best to lean in all three and it didn’t help that he was intimate with all three. Matt was so confused. He went into the Rose Ceremony so unsure about the direction he was going to go and yet he pretended to care for all three.

Matt later gave his first rose to Michelle.

He gave his second rose to Rachael.

And so it’s Bri he’s sending home. The same Bri that spoke to him about not growing up with a father figure. The same Bri that he told he couldn’t wait to share his life with and so Matt later apologized to her. He had to after leading her on like that. Matt apologized to Bri and he tried to explain how it wasn’t just one thing here or there. He just didn’t feel for her as deeply as she felt for him, but then he shouldn’t have taken full advantage of that Fantasy Suite.